Employment Protection Sample Clauses

Employment Protection. A regular employee who is displaced from their job because of technological change will be considered to be laid off according to Article 13 (Layoff and Recall).
Employment Protection. (a) Actual vacancies that arise at the schools involved in a merger or the merged school, from the earlier of the announcement of a staff review or Gazette notices shall be filled with temporary appointments. However, if operational needs require, the employer may determine, in consultation with the union, that any such position may be made permanent. This moratorium applies until the completion of the reconfirmation/reassignment process and notice period, except as provided elsewhere in clause 10.3.
Employment Protection. APPENDIX T – WORKFORCE ADJUSTMENT (as per Common Issues) Increase in education allowance from $15,000 to $17,000 for indeterminate employees who are laid off during workforce adjustment process.
Employment Protection. A regular employee who is displaced from her job by virtue because of technological change will be considered to be laid off according to Article 13.
Employment Protection. The relationship between the Contractor and the Sub Contractor, as evidenced by this agreement, shall not be regarded as being a relationship which will give rise to any rights or responsibilities WHATSOEVER under employment protection legislation or under the statutory sick pay scheme or any other employment legislation.
Employment Protection. Section 69OI and 69OJ of the Employment Relations Xxx 0000 requires the Employer to provide employment protection for Employees affected by a proposal to sell, transfer or contract out all or any part of their business operations to a new Employer. If the proposal effects an Employees position specified in Schedule 1A of the Act, the Employee has the right to transfer to the new Employer on their existing terms and conditions. If the proposal affects an unspecified position, the Employer will endeavour to negotiate continued employment for staff affected by the proposal on the terms and conditions of this agreement with the new Employer. The Employer shall consult with the Employee affected by the proposal, providing sufficient information to allow meaningful consultation. The Employee’s suggestions or alternatives shall be considered before the Employer asks the Employee to choose whether to accept any alternative offer. Where the Employee elects not to transfer to the new Employer on the same or better terms and conditions, the Employee shall not be eligible for redundancy compensation.
Employment Protection. 29.1 In the event of restructuring (as defined in section 69OI of the Act), so that the work of some or all of the Pilots is to be performed for a new employer, the following provisions relating to the negotiations between the Company and the new employer shall apply. For clarity, these situations would also be classified as major change under clause 10 of this Agreement and those provisions would apply concurrently to the below process.
Employment Protection. Employment protection for the Employee shall be handled in accordance with the officially promulgated laws and regulations of China.