Five Percent Sample Clauses

Five Percent. (2) The actual gross sales from the operation of the existing outlet or location for the twelve-month period immediately following the opening of the new outlet or location.
Five Percent. (5%) of the gross receipts (as hereinafter defined) of the User arising during each annual period in excess of an amount ("the annual exemption amount") to be calculated (1) by determining the sum of (a) the then effective monthly fee and (b) .833% of the capital investment by the User in new buildings or new structures as such are defined in Section 17.8 hereof; and (2) multiplying said sum by a factor of two hundred forty (240); and
Five Percent. (5%) of Net Sales by Licnesee and Licensee's sublicensee(s) (or an Affiliate of Licensee) of Licensed Products and/or Licensed Process(es).
Five Percent. (5%) During each year of the Term following the Completion Date, the Company's compensation payments pursuant to this Section 7.1.1(a) shall not be less than $200,000.00 (two hundred thousand dollars). To the extent that the sum of all payments pursuant to this Section 7.1.1(a) with respect to any year is less than said minimum payment, then the Company's compensation payment to be made within forty-five (45) days of the last day of December of said year pursuant to Section 7.1.2 shall include an amount which brings the total amount paid with respect to said year up to said minimum payment.
Five Percent. (5%) Security Deposit (If Applicable) Late Payment Charge RENTAL AGREEMENT The owner of the Garage/Carport facility at Xxxxxxx Beach Moorage, Inc. (“ Facility”), on Hayden Island, a non-profit Oregon Corporation (“Landlord”), hereby rents to the Member(s) identified above (“Member”). And Member hereby rents from Landlord, the rental space (the “Premises”) specified in Section G above, which is located in the Facility, for consideration of the payment of rent and on the terms and conditions set forth in this Rental Agreement (“Agreement”).
Five Percent. On or after 11:00 a.m. and before 7:00 p.m.
Five Percent. Preferred Stockholders shall have a right of oversubscription such that if any Five Percent Preferred Stockholder fails to accept the Offer as to its or his full Pro Rata Fraction, the other Five Percent Preferred Stockholders shall, among them, have the right to purchase up to the balance of the Offered Shares not so purchased. Such right of oversubscription may be exercised by a Five Percent Preferred Stockholder by accepting the Offer as to more than its or his Pro Rata Fraction. If, as a result thereof, such oversubscriptions exceed the total number of Offered Shares available in respect of such oversubscription privilege, the oversubscribing Five Percent Preferred Stockholders shall be cut back with respect to their oversubscriptions so as to sell the Offered Shares as nearly as possible in accordance with their respective Pro Rata Fractions or as they may otherwise agree among themselves. In all instances, the Five Percent Preferred Stockholders shall have the right to purchase only such Offered Shares as are not purchased by the Company.