All Fees Sample Clauses

All Fees. All fees payable hereunder shall be paid on the dates due, in immediately available funds, to the Administrative Agent for distribution to the Persons entitled thereto. Fees (other than prepaid fees) paid shall not be refundable under any circumstances.
All Fees. All fees under this Section 5 are nonrefundable.
All Fees. All Fees shall be paid on the dates due, in immediately available funds in dollars, to the Administrative Agent for distribution, if and as appropriate, among the Lenders, except that the Cayman Borrower shall pay the Cayman Fronting Fees directly to the Issuing Bank and the US Borrower shall pay the US Fronting Fees directly to the Issuing Bank. Once paid, none of the Fees shall be refundable under any circumstances.
All Fees. Paid as Partial or Advance Payments by Licensee are non-refundable, except as provided herein. Deposit for damages will be refunded within one week after the rental date, provided no damages occur as determined by the “Club”.

Related to All Fees

  • L/C Fees Borrower shall pay to Agent for the account of each Lender in accordance with its Applicable Percentage an L/C fee (the “L/C Fee”) for each Letter of Credit equal to the Applicable Rate times the daily amount available to be drawn under such Letter of Credit. For purposes of computing the daily amount available to be drawn under any Letter of Credit, the amount of such Letter of Credit shall be determined in accordance with Section 1.06. L/C Fees shall be (A) due and payable on the first Business Day of each of April, July, October and January, in respect of the most recently-ended quarterly period (or portion thereof, in the case of the first payment), commencing with the first such date to occur after the issuance of such Letter of Credit, on the L/C Expiration Date and thereafter on demand and (B) computed on a quarterly basis in arrears. If there is any change in the Applicable Rate during any quarter, the daily amount available to be drawn under each Letter of Credit shall be computed and multiplied by the Applicable Rate separately for each period during such quarter that such Applicable Rate was in effect. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, upon the request of the Required Lenders, while any Event of Default exists, all L/C Fees shall accrue at the Default Rate.

  • ADS Fees The following ADS fees are payable under the terms of the Deposit Agreement: Service Rate By Whom Paid

  • Escrow Fees The fee of the Escrow Agent is a fee of $1,500, $750 of which shall be paid by the registrant at the opening of escrow and the remainder of which fee shall be paid after the close of the offering. In addition, all hard costs (wire fees, etc.) shall be deducted from disbursements.

  • Hourly Fees Fees for work performed by Consultant on an hourly basis shall not exceed the amounts shown on Exhibit B.

  • Referral Fees If the Client was introduced to Xxxxxx Advisors through a Solicitor, Xxxxxx Advisors may pay that Solicitor a referral fee in accordance with Rule 206(4)-3 of the Investment Advisors Act of 1940. The referral fee shall be paid solely from Xxxxxx Advisors Compensation as defined in this Agreement, and shall not result in any additional charge to the Client.

  • Monthly Fees Beginning on the Opening Date, you will pay to us for each month (or part of a month, including the final month you operate under this Agreement) a Monthly Royalty Fee and a Monthly Program Fee, each of which is set forth in the Rider. The amount of the Monthly Program Fee is subject to change by us. Any change may be established in the Standards, but any increase in the Monthly Program Fee will not exceed one percent (1%) of the Hotel’s Gross Rooms Revenue during the License Term.

  • Annual Fees The Funds shall pay to DSC the following Annual Fees (which are based on the aggregate average daily net assets of the Funds): Average Daily Net Assets Annual Fees First $30 billion of average daily net assets 0.0050% Next $10 billion of average daily net assets 0.0045% Next $10 billion of average daily net assets 0.0040% Over $50 billion of average daily net assets 0.0025% SCHEDULE D TO THE FUND ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATION OVERSIGHT AGREEMENT BETWEEN DELAWARE SERVICE COMPANY, INC. AND DELAWARE INVESTMENTS FAMILY OF FUNDS Dated October 1, 2007 LIST OF AUTHORIZED PRICING VENDORS:

  • Maintenance Fees All maintenance and similar fees in respect of any Purchased Assets that are due and payable prior to the Closing have been paid in full.

  • Payments; Fees Agent may, in its discretion, receive and retain any amounts payable to a Defaulting Lender under the Loan Documents, and a Defaulting Lender shall be deemed to have assigned to Agent such amounts until all Obligations owing to Agent, non-Defaulting Lenders and other Secured Parties have been paid in full. Agent may apply such amounts to the Defaulting Lender’s defaulted obligations, use the funds to Cash Collateralize such Lender’s Fronting Exposure, or readvance the amounts to Borrowers hereunder. A Lender shall not be entitled to receive any fees accruing hereunder during the period in which it is a Defaulting Lender, and the unfunded portion of its Commitment shall be disregarded for purposes of calculating the unused line fee under Section 3.2.1. If any LC Obligations owing to a Defaulted Lender are reallocated to other Lenders, fees attributable to such LC Obligations under Section 3.2.2 shall be paid to such Lenders. Agent shall be paid all fees attributable to LC Obligations that are not reallocated.

  • License Fees If so provided in the Prospectus, the Depositor may enter into a Licensing Agreement (the "Agreement") with a licensor (the "Licensor") described in the Prospectus in which the Trust(s), as consideration for the licenses granted by the Licensor for the right to use its trademarks and trade names, intellectual property rights or for the use of databases and research owned by the Licensor, will pay a fee set forth in the Agreement to the applicable Licensor or the Depositor to reimburse the Depositor for payment of the expenses. If the Agreement provides for an annual license fee computed in whole or part by reference to the average daily net asset value of the Trust assets, for purpose of calculating the accrual of estimated expenses such annual fee shall accrue at a daily rate and the Trustee is authorized to compute an estimated license fee payment (i) until the Depositor has informed the Trustee that there will be no further deposits of additional Securities, by reference to an estimate of the average daily net asset value of the Trust assets which the Depositor shall provide the Trustee, (ii) thereafter and during the calendar quarter in which the last business day of the period described in clause (i) occurs, by reference to the net asset value of the Trust assets as of such last business day, and (iii) during each subsequent calendar quarter, by reference to the net asset value of the Trust assets as of the last business day of the preceding calendar quarter. The Trustee shall adjust the net asset value (Trust Fund Evaluation) as of the dates specified in the preceding sentence to account for any variation between accrual of estimated license fee and the license fee payable pursuant to the Agreement, but such adjustment shall not affect calculations made prior thereto and no adjustment shall be made in respect thereof.