Management Committee definition

Management Committee means in the case of a Competition which is an unincorporated association, the management committee elected to manage the running of the Competition and where the Competition is incorporated it means the Board of Directors appointed in accordance with the articles of association of that company.
Management Committee means a committee made up of a senior executive from each of the Parties for the purpose of resolving Disputes under this Section and generally overseeing the relationship between the Parties contemplated by this Agreement. Neither Party shall seek, nor shall be entitled to seek, binding outside resolution of the Dispute unless and until the Parties have been unable to amicably resolve the dispute as set forth in this paragraph (a) and then, only in compliance with the procedures set forth in this Section.
Management Committee has the meaning set forth in Section 5.1.

Examples of Management Committee in a sentence

  • Recognizing the mutual objective of quality resident care, the Employer agrees to meet through the Union Management Committee with the Union as soon as practicable after the receipt of the annual CMI/RAI MDS report.

  • Tushar Dalal Member & Chief Financial Officer The mandate of the Risk Management Committee is to discuss various aspects involved in Business risks to the Company and the manner to mitigate the same.

  • Management Committee 51.5 Subclauses 51.5 to 51.11 do not apply unless it is specified in the Official Order that they do apply.

  • If they have a declared interest, they will be required to take no active part in the meeting while the matter is discussed and voted on, and may be required to leave a Management Committee or sub-committee meeting.

  • The Audit and Management Committee meetings were not conducted by the Pradeshiya Sabha in terms of the circular No. DMA / 2009 (i) dated 09 June 2009 of the Department of Audit and Management.Recommendation ----------------------Audit and Management Committee meetings should be conducted.Comments of the Accounting Officer----------------------Audit and Management Committee meeting was held on 23 may 2019.

More Definitions of Management Committee

Management Committee means the Morgan Stanley Management Committee and any successor or equivalent committee.
Management Committee means the committee constituted pursuant to Article 6 hereof.
Management Committee means the committee as provided in the declaration
Management Committee shall have the meaning set forth in Section 4.2.
Management Committee means a committee composed of at least three and no more than five Directors, at least two of whom at all times upon and after the acquisition by the Company of Transition Property must qualify as Independent Directors. At all times after the acquisition by the Company of Transition Property, the Company shall be without authority to take the actions specified herein as requiring the vote or consent of the Management Committee absent the currently effective appointment of at least two Independent Directors to the Management Committee.
Management Committee means the committee established under clause 20;