Management Committee definition

Management Committee means in the case of a Competition which is an unincorporated association, the management committee elected to manage the running of the Competition and where the Competition is incorporated it means the Board of Directors appointed in accordance with the articles of association of that company.
Management Committee will mean a committee made up of a senior executive from each of the Parties for the purpose of resolving Disputes under this Section 7 and generally overseeing the relationship between the Parties contemplated by this Agreement. Neither Party will seek, nor will be entitled to seek, binding outside resolution of the Dispute unless and until the Parties have been unable amicably to resolve the Dispute as set forth in this Section 7 and then, only in compliance with the procedures set forth in this Section 7.
Management Committee means the committee constituted pursuant to Article 6 hereof.

Examples of Management Committee in a sentence

  • Recognizing the mutual objective of quality resident care, the Employer agrees to meet through the Union Management Committee with the Union as soon as practicable after the receipt of the annual CMI/RAI MDS report.

  • A protest or complaint shall not be withdrawn except by permission of the Management Committee.

  • The decisions of all sub-committees shall be reported to the Management Committee for ratification.

  • The Management Committee may appoint sub-committees and delegate such of their powers as they deem necessary.

  • A member of the Management Committee who is a member of any Club involved shall not be present (except as a witness or representative of his Club) when such protest or complaint is being determined.

More Definitions of Management Committee

Management Committee means the committee established pursuant to article 4.
Management Committee means the committee as provided in the declaration
Management Committee has the meaning set forth in Section 4.1(a).
Management Committee means the Management Committee established pursuant to Section 3.2.
Management Committee has the meaning set forth in Section 6.02.
Management Committee means the Morgan Stanley Management Committee and any successor or equivalent committee.
Management Committee means the committee established under Article VII.