The Car definition

The Car s bigger than we need but it means I can collect manure for the garden.”
The Car means the private motor [car/van] of the licensee whose logbook would have to be provided for inspection to the Council before use of the space

Examples of The Car in a sentence

  • The Car Rental Collision coverage will end when the car is returned on or before the Rental Return Date, or at 11:59 p.m. on the Rental Return Date if the car is not returned as specified on the rental agreement and the rental period has not been extended by the Insured.

  • The Car must be equipped with the required external mirrors at the start of the Race.

  • The Car must consist of the homologated bodyshell/chassis (monocoque) unit and the homologated engine block (or crankshaft case).

  • The Car must be equipped with the required doors that are secured in place, functional, and closed when being driven in pit lane or on-track.

  • The Car in the second starting position must maintain position alongside the pole sitter until accelerating when or after the pole sitter accelerates.

  • The Car must have all safety structures, major bodywork and/or aerodymanic devices affixed when being driven on-track unless approved by the Technical Director.

  • SSR) The Car with the most Team championship points in that same class for the current season shall be gridded first, with other Cars following in descending order.

  • SSR) The Car immediately behind the Safety Car prior to the restart must maintain the previous slow speed of the Safety Car, or as instructed by the Race Director, until the designated restart location.

  • The Car must be fitted with the IMSA specified Safety Light System that must be powered and functional at all times the Car is on racetrack or in the pit lane.

  • The Car must be fitted with the IMSA specified Leader Light System in accordance with the Scrutineering System Homologation of the Entrant’s respective Manufacturer or Constructor.

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The Car means a 1989 Mitsubishi Precis, VIN: 0000, identified in the Complaint, and all of its component parts.

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