STEP Sample Clauses

STEP. Within ten (10) working days after the event giving rise to the grievance occurs, the employee and his store xxxxxxx shall discuss the grievance with the Store Manager. The Manager shall give an oral answer to the grievance within four (4) working days. Failing settlement: STEP Two The grievance shall be reduced to writing and will be discussed between the Union Representative, the Store Manager and the District Manager. This discussion will be held within seven (7) working days of the decision of Step One. The District Manager will give his answer in writing within four (4) working days of the date of the meeting. Failing settlement: STEP THREE The grievance shall be forwarded to the Head Office of the Employer within one (1) week of the decision at Step Two and the Employer shall have one (1) week to dispose of the grievance. The decision shall be in writing and sent to the offices of the Union, If considered necessary by the parties, a meeting may be held by the parties and may include the interested persons. If a meeting is held, the decision shall be given to the other party within seven (7)days from the date of the meeting. In the case of a discharge, a grievance may be filed by an employee who feels he was unjustly dealt with. Such a grievance must be filed by an employee who feels he was unjustly dealt with. Such a grievance must be filed within four (4) working days the date of dismissal and shall commence at Step Two. In any subsequent disposal of this case during the Grievance Procedure, the Employer may reinstate the employee with back pay, suspend the employee for a definite period or sustain the discharge, if mutually agreed to by the parties of this Agreement. Grievances concerning rates shall commence at Step Two of the Grievance Procedure and the disposition of such grievances if sustained, shall include the determination of the effectivedate of the increase with retroactivity thereto. The Employer or the Union may file grievances commencing at Step Three. The limits as prescribed above may be modified by mutual agreement of the parties.
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STEP. In the event the Director of Human Resources or designate and the National Representative and Unit Chair are unable to reach a resolve in STEP either party may, by notice in writing given to the other, within twenty (20) days, submit the grievance to final and binding arbitration. The notice of the party referring the matter to arbitration shall include the name of the proposed sole arbitrator, which is to be mutually agreed upon. If the parties are unable to agree on the selection of an arbitrator within twenty (20) working days once formal notice is given, the Federal Minister of Labour shall be requested to appoint the Arbitrator. The Company and the Union local shall each pay one-half of the remuneration and expenses of the arbitrator. Neither party shall be obligated to pay any part of the cost of any stenographic transcript of an arbitration hearing without its express consent. Arbitrator The arbitrator shall not be authorized to alter, modify, or amend the provisions of this Agreement nor to make any decision inconsistent therewith. Where the Arbitrator determines that a disciplinary penalty or discharge is excessive, it may substitute such other penalty for the discipline or discharge as it considers just and reasonable in all the circumstances. Time Limits Any time limit mentioned under the grievance procedure shall be counted as working days, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and Statutory Holidays. The time limits imposed upon either party of any STEP in the Grievance Procedure may be extended by mutual written agreement. A request for extension of the time limit made prior to the expiry of such time limit shall not be denied on an arbitrary basis. Where no reply is given to a grievance within the time limits specified, and no extension was agreed to, the Union or the Company, as the case may be, shall be entitled to submit the grievance to the next step in the Grievance Procedure. Grievances involving the discharge or discipline of an employee may be submitted at STEP of the grievance procedure. The Company shall have the right to file a grievance in writing signed by the Director of Human Resources or designate, with the Union within ten (10) days of when the circumstances giving rise to the grievance were known or should reasonably have been known to the Company. A meeting will be held with the Union within ten (10) days of the presentation of the grievance and the Union shall give the Company its written reply to the grievance in ten (10) working...
STEP. 2— If the grieving party is not satisfied with the Step 1 disposition of the grievance, or if no disposition has been made within the Step 1 time limits, the grievance shall be submitted to the Employee Relations Department within seven (7) working days of the disposition, or expiration of the time limit. Within seven (7) working days of receipt of the grievance, Employee Relations shall schedule a meeting with the PBA and/or grieving party and shall indicate the disposition of the grievance in writing to the PBA and/or grieving party within seven (7) working days of the meeting.
STEP. A step is any shape in a process diagram, except for the start and the end shapes.
STEP. 1 If the complaint is not resolved within one (1) working day, the Grievance Procedure may be invoked by reducing the complaint to writing on a form supplied by the Company. The referral shall be by a Union Committeeperson or xxxxxxx to the Team Leader with a copy to, Human Resources. His/Her Team Leader or Manager and Human Resources shall meet with the aggrieved employee, the Xxxxxxx and the Committeeperson within four (4) working days of the referral and Management shall respond in writing within two (2) working days of the grievance meeting.
STEP. The term "Step" when used herein in reference to the Compensation Schedule for Teaching Assignments (Appendix A) shall describe the vertical location of the compensation schedule cell in which a Member of the Bargaining Unit is placed.
STEP. The employee shall submit the grievance, in writing, and signed by him, to his immediate supervisor. The employee may be accompanied by a Union xxxxxxx. The immediate supervisor will deliver his decision in writing within five (5) days following the day on which the written grievance was presented to him. Failing settlement, then: Within five (5) days following the decision under Step the employee, accompanied by a union xxxxxxx, or the union xxxxxxx shall submit the written grievance to his Department Head, who will deliver his decision in writing within five (5) days following the day on which the grievance was presented to him. This step may be omitted where the employee's immediate supervisor and Department Head are the same person. Failing settlement, then: Step Within five (5) days following the decision in the immediately preceding step, the grievance shall be submitted in writing to the Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital or the designated Hospital representative. A meeting will then be held between the Chief Executive Officer or the designated Hospital representative and the designated union representatives who may be accompanied by the general representative of the Union, within five (5) days of the submission of the grievance at Step unless extended by mutual agreement of the parties. The decision of the Hospital shall be delivered in writing within ten (IO) days following the date of such meeting.
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STEP. 1 The Union shall have seven (7) calendar days after the alleged grievance has arisen, to file a written grievance to the employee's Manager/Representative. Within seven (7) calendar days the Company and Union will fully discuss the grievance following which the Company shall have seven (7) calendar days to render a written decision. Failing a satisfactory resolution, the grievance may be filed to Step 2.
STEP. If supervision does not settle the matter to the satisfaction of the employee within forty-eight (48) hours after the grievance has been submitted to them, under the provisions of Step hereof, the employee and the xxxxxxx may take up the matter directly with the Area’s or Department’s Head.
STEP. The Association may, after receipt of the written decision of the Board, require that the complaint and/or grievance be submitted to a single Arbitrator by notifying the Board in writing of its desire to do so. If the Board and the Association do not, within twenty-one (21) days, agree upon a single arbitrator, the appointment of a single arbitrator will be made by the Solicitor General of Ontario upon request by either party. The decision of the arbitrator is final and binding upon the parties. An Arbitrator set up under Step of the Grievance Procedure will not have power to add to, subtract from, alter, modify or amend any part of this Agreement, nor otherwise make any decision inconsistent with this Agreement.
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