Step 1 Sample Clauses

Step 1. Regardless of the status of any informal discussion regarding a grievance, the Union, on behalf of the aggrieved employee(s), shall submit the grievance within fifteen (15) business days of the day the employee or Union knew or reasonably should have known of the events giving rise to the grievance to the Human Resources Manager or designee. The written statement shall include the facts giving rise to the grievance, the specific section(s) of the Agreement allegedly violated, and the remedy sought. Requested information shall be provided to the Union within (15) fifteen business days from the filing of the grievance and a meeting will be schedule by mutual agreement. The Employer shall respond to the grievance in writing within ten (10) business days of the Step 1 meeting.
Step 1. If the grievance is not settled as provided for in Article 6.03, it shall be given, in writing, within five (5) working days to the Employee's Manager, or designate. The written grievance shall be signed by the grievor and the Union Xxxxxxx and shall contain details of the matter in dispute, the specific provision(s) or interpretation of the Agreement that has been allegedly violated and the relief sought. The Manager, or designate, will give a written reply, within five (5) working days of receipt of the grievance, to the Union Xxxxxxx concerned, with a copy sent to the Chief Xxxxxxx. In the event that a meeting is held to discuss the matter, the written reply shall be given within five (5) working days after the conclusion of this meeting.
Step 1. If the reply of the principal or immediate supervisor of the grievor at the Informal Stage is not acceptable to the Bargaining Unit, the Bargaining Unit shall initiate a written grievance within twenty (20) days to the Regional Superintendent or designate who shall answer the grievance in writing within ten (10) days after receipt of the grievance. A copy of the written grievance shall be sent to the Director of Education or designate. The grievance shall contain:
Step 1. An employee will submit his/her complaint in writing to his/her immediate supervisor or designee within ten (10) days of the occurrence of the event giving rise to the complaint, or within ten (10) days from the time that the employee became aware of such event. The supervisor, or designee, shall attempt to resolve the issues surrounding the complaint, and respond in writing to the employee within ten (10) days.
Step 1. If the grievant is dissatisfied with the results of the informal conference with the appropriate supervisor, the Union may request a formal grievance conference at Step 1 by presenting a Grievance Review Request form (Appendix
Step 1. Any employee having a grievance will, accompanied by a xxxxxxx or a Local 52 Representative, submit the same to his immediate supervisor within five (5) working days of the act or condition causing the grievance. This supervisor will deal with the grievance not later than the third workday following the day upon which the grievance is submitted and will notify the grievor and the Local 52 Representative of his decision in writing. Step 2 If the grievance is not settled under Step 1, a Local 52 Representative may within five (5) workdays of the decision under Step 1, or within five (5) workdays of the day this decision should have been made, submit a written grievance to the Employer. The parties shall meet to discuss the grievance within one (1) week after the grievance has been filed. The Employer shall notify the grievor and the Local 52 Representative of his decision in writing within three (3) workdays following the said meeting.
Step 1. 6.2.1 Initiation of a grievance will be in writing and forwarded to the Director of Human Resources and to the Union indicating the nature of the grievance. An attempt to settle the difference will be made by the grievors involved and/or a shop xxxxxxx or other Union Representative and the Director of Human Resources or designate, alone or with any other chosen person.
Step 1. The employee or the Union on the employee’s behalf shall present his/her grievance, in writing on the “Official Grievance Form” or facsimile, to his/her immediate supervisor within the appropriate time limit. The written grievance statement shall include, to the best of the employee’s understanding:
Step 1. Within fifteen workdays of the occurrence of the grieved action (or from the day the employee should have known about the action) the employee shall present a formal written grievance (on the grievance form) to Agency Head and/or his/her Designee.
Step 1. An employee having a grievance must, accompanied by a xxxxxxx or a CLAC Representative, submit the grievance to her supervisor in writing. The nature of the grievance, the remedy sought, and the section(s) of the Collective Agreement which are alleged to have been violated shall be set out in the grievance. The supervisor will deliver her decision in writing within five (5) days after receipt of the grievance. Failing settlement, the next step of the grievance procedure may be taken.