Extension of the Sample Clauses

Extension of the term for submission of the Declaration of Commercial Feasibility shall apply exclusively to the area previously retained for Discovery Assessment.
Extension of the deadlineindicated in Clause 16.9.4of the Contract for ordering part of the Verification Services
Extension of the trap-generation region It is reasonable to assume that DC stresses carried out under different bias conditions can result in differently located trap-generation regions, as a consequence of the distinctive electric-field pattern applied to the device during stress. Since we observed qualitatively- different gm degradation effects after power-state and off-state stresses [see Figures 2.5 and 2.9], we were interested in assessing whether the extension of the trap-generation region has an impact on the gm curve. Figure 2.21 summarizes the results of this kind of analysis, showing simulated gm vs VGS curves at a VDS of 7 V for pre-stress conditions and different widths (LDAM) of the trap- generation region (see Figure 2.11). Acceptor traps were placed in the cap, in the barrier, as well as in the buffer. Trap volume densities and trap energies were the same as those assumed for the degradation scenario E. LDAM was varied from LGD/16 (corresponding to ≈84 nm) to LGD (=1.35 μm). As can be noted, increasing LDAM amplifies the gm drop at high VGS, without affecting appreciably the gm peak. Increasing LDAM actually increases the drain access resistance. The latter mostly impacts gm in the high-VGS range, where the resistance of the intrinsic channel is small and the voltage drop across the drain access region is large (the total drain-to-source voltage being fixed). Similar effects on the gm vs VGS curve are predicted by simulations, when the volume density of acceptor traps is increased for a given LDAM value. In any case, the gm peak is not appreciably affected by either LDAM or trap-density increase. Besides trap generation, ohmic-contact degradation can contribute to access-resistance increase and therefore to ID and gm degradation. pre-stress LDAM=LGD/16 LGD/8 LGD/4 LGD/2 LGD 0.3 gm (S/mm) 0.2 0.1 Gate-Source Voltage (V) Figure 2.21: Simulated transconductance (gm) vs gate-source-voltage curves at a drain- source voltage (VDS) of 7 V for the pre-stress conditions and different lengths (LDAM) of the trap-generation region. Acceptor traps are placed in the cap, in the barrier, as well in the buffer. The case for which LDAM=LGD corresponds to the degradation scenario E. A final remark about Figure 2.21 is that simulations do not reproduce the VT shift observed experimentally after power-state stress, see Figure 2.5. Stress-induced positive VT shifts were observed by other authors after on-state DC and RF stresses and were attributed to (i) thermally-induced modif...
Extension of the. Settlement Process” Should Not Impede Issuance of a Notice of Alleged Violation or Undermine Requirements for Disclosure of Settlements In the April 19 Order,3 the Commission directed NERC to “modify section 5.4 to state that settlement negotiations may occur at any time until a notice of penalty is filed with the Commission or an applicable governmental authority.” Id. P 104. While encouraging settlement is a laudable goal, NERC’s implementation of the Commission’s directive may have unintended consequences. Specifically, NERC’s modification of Section 5.4 of the CMEP to state that settlement negotiations begin “prior to the issuance of a notice of alleged violation”
Extension of the. PLACING LONG STOP DATE FOR THE PLACING In view of the additional time required to satisfy the conditions precedent under the Placing Agreement, on 27 April 2016, parties to the Placing Agreement agreed and entered into a supplemental agreement to the Placing Agreement extending the time to satisfy the conditions precedent under the Placing Agreement to 30 June 2016 thereunder. Save for the extension of the Placing Long Stop Date, all the terms and conditions under the Placing Agreement remain the same.

Related to Extension of the

  • Extension of the Term The Term may be extended at the option of NAI for up to two successive periods of five years each; provided, however, that prior to each such extension the following conditions must have been satisfied: (A) NAI must have delivered a notice of its election to exercise the option at least one hundred eighty days prior to the end of the Term, and prior to the commencement of any such extension BNPPLC and NAI must have agreed in writing upon, and received the written consent and approval of BNPPLC’s Parent and all Participants (other than Participants being replaced at the request of NAI as provided in Paragraph 6) to, (1) a corresponding extension of the date specified in clause (1) of the definition of Designated Sale Date in the Common Definitions and Provisions Agreement and of the term of the Ground Lease, and (2) an adjustment to the Rent that NAI will be required to pay during the extension, it being expected that the Rent for the extension may be different than the Rent required for the original Term or any prior extension, and it being understood that the Rent for any extension must in all events be satisfactory to both BNPPLC and NAI, each in its sole and absolute discretion; (B) at the time of NAI’s exercise of its option to extend, no Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, and no Event of Default will result from the extension; (C) immediately prior to any such extension, this Lease must then remain in effect; and (D) if this Lease has been assigned by NAI, then NAI must have executed a guaranty (or confirmed an existing guaranty, if applicable), guaranteeing NAI’s assignee’s obligations under the Operative Documents throughout such extended Term. With respect to the condition that BNPPLC and NAI must have agreed upon the Rent required for any extension of the Term, neither NAI nor BNPPLC is willing to submit itself to a risk of liability or loss of rights hereunder for being judged unreasonable. Similarly, neither BNPPLC’s Parent nor any Participant is expected to submit itself to a risk of liability or loss of rights for being judged to have unreasonably withheld consent or approval to any extension of the Term. Accordingly, NAI, BNPPLC, BNPPLC’s Parent and Participants will each have sole and absolute discretion in making its determination, and both NAI and BNPPLC hereby disclaim any obligation express or implied to be reasonable in negotiating the Rent for any such extension. Subject to the changes to the Rent and satisfaction of the other conditions listed in this subparagraph, if NAI exercises its option to extend the Term as provided in this subparagraph, this Lease will continue in full force and effect, and the leasehold estate hereby granted to NAI will continue without interruption and without any loss of priority over other interests in or claims against the Property that may be created or arise after the Effective Date and before the extension.

  • EXTENSION OF USE The Contract may be extended to additional States or governmental jurisdictions upon mutual written agreement between New York State (the lead contracting State) and the Contractor. Political subdivisions and other authorized entities within each participating State or governmental jurisdiction may also participate in the Contract if such State normally allows participation by such entities. New York State reserves the right to negotiate additional minimum NYS Vehicle Discounts based on any increased volume generated by such extensions.

  • Extension of Term Provided Exporter's goods and services are in demand and Exporter is processing sales generating Transaction Fees, as set forth in Section 6, within fifteen (15) years from the Effective Date, Exporter shall have an option to (a) continue with its membership under Section 2 at no additional fee, or (b) option of developing single point of sales, distribution, networking, and logistics facilities separate and distinct from AmericaTowne for a mutually agreeable reduced rate, which shall be agreed upon in writing prior to thirty (30) days from the termination of fifteen (15) years from the Effective Date. The Exporter has the option of choosing option (b) above at its discretion.

  • Extension Offers (a) The Borrower may on one or more occasions, by written notice to the Administrative Agent, make one or more offers (each, an “Extension Offer”) to all the Lenders of one or more Classes (each Class subject to such an Extension Offer, an “Extension Request Class”) to make one or more Extension Permitted Amendments pursuant to procedures reasonably specified by the Administrative Agent and reasonably acceptable to the Borrower. Such notice shall set forth (i) the terms and conditions of the requested Extension Permitted Amendment and (ii) the date on which such Extension Permitted Amendment is requested to become effective (which shall not be less than 10 Business Days nor more than 30 Business Days after the date of such notice, unless otherwise agreed to by the Administrative Agent). Extension Permitted Amendments shall become effective only with respect to the Loans and Commitments of the Lenders of the Extension Request Class that accept the applicable Extension Offer (such Lenders, the “Extending Lenders”) and, in the case of any Extending Lender, only with respect to such Lender’s Loans and Commitments of such Extension Request Class as to which such Lender’s acceptance has been made.

  • Extension of Agreement Prior to the original expiration date of this Agreement, the Parties mutually agree to extend this Agreement to the February 15 extension date identified in Paragraph VIII(A). The Parties acknowledge that no further extensions of this Agreement are authorized. Landowner has hereunto signed on this Day of , 20 . Landowner(s): The Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, acting and through his or her authorized representative has executed this Contract on behalf of the United States of America on this Day of , 20 . THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BY: NONDISCRIMINATION STATEMENT The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) prohibits discrimination in all its programs and activities on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, and where applicable, sex, marital status, familial status, parental status, religion, sexual orientation, genetic information, political beliefs, reprisal, or because all or a part of an individual’s income is derived from any public assistance program. (Not all prohibited bases apply to all programs.) Persons with disabilities who require alternative means for communication of program information (Braille, large print, audiotape, etc.) should contact USDA’s TARGET Center at 0 (000) 000-0000 (voice and TDD). To file a complaint of discrimination, write to USDA, Director, Office of Civil Rights, 0000 Xxxxxxxxxxxx Xxxxxx, XX., Xxxxxxxxxx, XX 00000-0000 or call (000) 000-0000 (voice) or (000) 000-0000 (TDD). USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer. PRIVACY ACT STATEMENT

  • Extension of Term Loans The Borrower may at any time and from time to time request that all or a portion of the Term Loans of a given Class (each, an “Existing Term Loan Tranche”) be amended to extend the scheduled maturity date(s) with respect to all or a portion of any principal amount of such Term Loans (any such Term Loans which have been so amended, “Extended Term Loans”) and to provide for other terms consistent with this Section 2.16. In order to establish any Extended Term Loans, the Borrower shall provide a notice to the Administrative Agent (who shall provide a copy of such notice to each of the Lenders under the applicable Existing Term Loan Tranche) (each, a “Term Loan Extension Request”) setting forth the proposed terms of the Extended Term Loans to be established, which shall (x) be identical as offered to each Lender under such Existing Term Loan Tranche (including as to the proposed interest rates and fees payable) and offered pro rata to each Lender under such Existing Term Loan Tranche and (y) (except as to interest rates, fees, amortization, final maturity date, “AHYDO” payments, optional prepayments, premium, required prepayment dates and participation in prepayments, which shall be determined by the Borrower and the Extending Term Lenders and set forth in the relevant Term Loan Extension Request), be substantially identical to, or (taken as a whole) no more favorable to the Extending Term Lenders than those applicable to the Existing Term Loan Tranche subject to such Term Loan Extension Request (except for covenants or other provisions applicable only to periods after the Maturity Date of the applicable Existing Term Loan Tranche that is in effect on the effective date of the Extension Amendment (immediately prior to the establishment of such Extended Term Loans)) (as reasonably determined by the Borrower), including: (i) all or any of the scheduled amortization payments of principal of the Extended Term Loans may be delayed to later dates than the scheduled amortization payments of principal of the Term Loans of such Existing Term Loan Tranche, to the extent provided in the applicable Extension Amendment; provided, however, that at no time shall there be Classes of Term Loans hereunder (including Refinancing Term Loans and Extended Term Loans) which have more than three different Maturity Dates; (ii) the Effective Yield, pricing, optional redemptions and prepayment and “AHYDO” payments with respect to the Extended Term Loans (whether in the form of interest rate margin, upfront fees, OID or otherwise) may be different from the Effective Yield for the Term Loans of such Existing Term Loan Tranche, in each case, to the extent provided in the applicable Extension Amendment; (iii) the Extension Amendment may provide for other covenants and terms that apply solely to any period after the Maturity Date of the applicable Existing Term Loan Tranche that is in effect on the effective date of the Extension Amendment (immediately prior to the establishment of such Extended Term Loans); and (iv) Extended Term Loans may have call protection as may be agreed by the Borrower and the Lenders thereof; provided that no Extended Term Loans may be optionally prepaid prior to the date on which all Term Loans with an earlier final stated maturity (including Term Loans under the Existing Term Loan Tranche from which they were amended) are repaid in full, unless such optional prepayment is accompanied by a pro rata optional prepayment of such other Term Loans; provided, however, that (A) no Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing at the time a Term Loan Extension Request is delivered to Lenders, (B) in no event shall the final maturity date of any Extended Term Loans of a given Term Loan Extension Series at the time of establishment thereof be earlier than the Maturity Date of the applicable Existing Term Loan Tranche that is in effect on the effective date of the Extension Amendment (immediately prior to the establishment of such Extended Term Loans), (C) the Weighted Average Life to Maturity of any Extended Term Loans of a given Term Loan Extension Series at the time of establishment thereof shall be no shorter than the remaining Weighted Average Life to Maturity of the applicable Existing Term Loan Tranche, (D) all documentation in respect of such Extension Amendment shall be consistent with the foregoing and (E) any Extended Term Loans may participate on a pro rata basis or less than a pro rata basis (but not greater than a pro rata basis) in any voluntary or mandatory repayments or prepayments hereunder, in each case as specified in the respective Term Loan Extension Request. Any Extended Term Loans amended pursuant to any Term Loan Extension Request shall be designated a series (each, a “Term Loan Extension Series”) of Extended Term Loans for all purposes of this Agreement; provided that any Extended Term Loans amended from an Existing Term Loan Tranche may, to the extent provided in the applicable Extension Amendment, be designated as an increase in any previously established Term Loan Extension Series with respect to such Existing Term Loan Tranche (in which case scheduled amortization with respect thereto shall be proportionally increased). Each Term Loan Extension Series of Extended Term Loans incurred under this Section 2.16 shall be in an aggregate principal amount that is not less than $5,000,000 (or, if less, the entire principal amount of the Indebtedness being extended pursuant to this Section 2.16(a)).

  • EXTENSION OF CONTRACT The Director of Procurement Services may, with the consent of the contractor extend the Contract period beyond the indicated expiration date.

  • Extension of Time If the Executive shall be in violation of any provision of this Article 6, then each time limitation set forth in this Article 6 shall be extended for a period of time equal to the period of time during which such violation or violations occur. If the Company seeks injunctive relief from such violation in any court, then the covenants set forth in this Article 6 shall be extended for a period of time equal to the pendency of such proceeding including all appeals by the Executive.