Respond in writing definition

Respond in writing means that the District’s response to the grievance must be personally transmitted to the grievant or grievant's representative within the time-limits; set forth in this Article, or the response must be transmitted by certified mail within the time limits set forth in this Article to the grievant at the grievant's address of record on file with the Human Resources Department, or to the grievant’s representative. The date of response for a response transmitted by certified mail shall be deemed to be the date of mailing.

Examples of Respond in writing in a sentence

  • Respond in writing to each SUPERVISOR issued Method B/C/D Corrective Action (CA) within 3 business days unless otherwise specified by the SUPERVISOR.

  • Respond in writing to all written comments received during the public hearing process.

  • Respond in writing to Lessee complaints within five (5) working days after receipt of a written complaint from Lessee.

  • Respond in writing to decisions and/or actions made by any level of administration in a manner that represents the Faculty.

  • If the final draft of any transportation plan differs significantly from the one made available for public comment, additional viewing opportunities will be made available by the MPO.4. Respond in writing to public input.

  • Respond in writing to all District and Regulatory Agency comments on plans.

  • Respond, in writing in the space provided, to the Overview Questions that immediately follow the rating section of each of the 12 components.

  • The elected official/department head shall:(1) Respond in writing to the employee via the Request for Leave of Absence Form (HR/CS #30) or Leave of Absence Request and Primary Caregiver Medical Certification form (HR/CS #33) indicating whether the leave request is granted or denied.(2) Complete and submit a personnel court order to the Auditor’s Office for processing to human resources/civil service and commissioners court if the employee’s request for leave of absence is approved.

  • An employee may use up to forty(40) hours of accumulated sick leave per calendar year for this purpose.After twenty-four (24) hours, additional use will require a medical certification unless waived by the Department Head.

  • Respond in writing, if he or she disputes the charges against the security deposit within 7 days of receipt of notice.

Related to Respond in writing

  • Notice in Writing or written notice shall mean a notice in writing, type or printed characters sent (unless delivered personally or otherwise provided to have been received) by registered post to the last known private or business address or registered office of the addressee and shall be deemed to have been received when in the ordinary course of post it would have been delivered.

  • In writing means communicated in written form with proof of receipt.

  • Notice in writing or written notice means a notice in writing, typed or printed matters sent (unless delivered personally or otherwise proved to have been received) by registered post to the last known private or business address or registered office of the addressee and shall be deemed to have been received in the ordinary course of post, it would have been delivered.

  • Mediation communication means a statement, whether oral or in a record or verbal or nonverbal, that occurs during a mediation or is made for purposes of considering, conducting, participating in, initiating, continuing, or reconvening a mediation or retaining a mediator.

  • Responding Party has the meaning set forth in Section 7.02(a).

  • Communication is defined in Section 10.

  • Written Testing-the-Waters Communication means any Testing-the-Waters Communication that is a written communication within the meaning of Rule 405 under the Securities Act.

  • Written or Writing means letters, characters, and symbols that are intended to represent or convey particular ideas or meanings and are made in electronic form or inscribed on paper by hand, print, type, or other method of impression.

  • Response means the material submitted by the respondent in answering the solicitation.

  • Notice means notice in writing;

  • Responsive Offer or means an offer which conforms in all material respects to the requirements set forth in the request for proposals. Material respects of a request for proposals include, but are not limited to price, quality, quantity or delivery requirements.

  • Testing-the-Waters Communication means any oral or written communication with potential investors undertaken in reliance on Section 5(d) of the Securities Act.