Step In definition

Step In has the meaning given to it in clause 43.1 (Step-In).
Step In means the exercise of the rights exercisable by the Guarantor or the Step-In Representative pursuant to a Step-In Notice;
Step In means the action taken by the Authority to remedy or secure the remedy of a Step In Event or Emergency;

Examples of Step In in a sentence

  • Arias, A Time to Step In: Legal Mechanisms for Protecting Those with Declining Capacity, 39 AM.

  • Speak Up Step In - Bystander Intervention Skills which is an in-person (or virtual), skill building program to train students in bystander intervention.

  • CHAPTER II – DIRECT NEGOTIATION First Step In The Dispute Resolution Continuum 28.

  • Step In the event that the Regional Manager, or designate does not provide redress satisfactory to the Union, the Union within fifteen working days after receipt of the written decision may upon providing written notice to the Employer, submit the grievance for arbitration to the Grievance Settlement Board, with a copy to the appropriate Housing Manager.

  • Final Step: In order for the contract to be legitimate, Enforce Contract with an Administration Act must be governed by state law.

More Definitions of Step In

Step In means that GECC (or its applicable Affiliate), at its option, may take control of that part of the third-party’s services which adversely impact services delivered to GECC and, in doing so, may take such other action as is reasonably necessary to restore such service to GECC, including engaging another third-party service provider.
Step In has the meaning set forth in Section 21.05(1).
Step In has the meaning given to that term in paragraph 2(a).
Step In means the actions which the DCLG shall take by way of intervention pursuant to Clause 51.2.
Step In has the meaning given to it in clause 50.1 (Step-In).
Step In has the meaning given in Clause 17.19(a).
Step In means the option exercised by the Trust in accordance with Clause 4.1