COLUMN Sample Clauses

COLUMN. The term "Column" when used herein in reference to the Compensation Schedule for Teaching Assignments (Appendix A) shall describe the horizontal location of the compensation schedule cell in which a Member of the Bargaining Unit is placed.
COLUMN. A teacher, counselor, or librarian on the MS+32 Column, Step 23 may move over to the Bonus Column (#11) on the Salary Schedule if the following criteria are met:
COLUMN. (a) All the terms and conditions for placement, movement and advancement currently found in the contract shall be applicable to said salary category including, without limitation, those set forth in Article X.
COLUMN. On the Professional Employee salary schedule, each vertical level or column shall represent an earned degree from an accredited institution of higher learning, or an intermediate position beyond or between the earned degree representing additional earned semester or equivalent quarter hours not already counted in an earned degree and through approved state in-service points.
COLUMN. The columns are cast in-situ reinforced concrete supported on pile foundation.
COLUMN. It refers to a certain item to which the minimum unit service is subject according to Party A’s service management regulation.
COLUMN. A teacher shall be eligible for horizontal column movement based upon the earning of post-Bachelor degree course credit; or conference and workshop participation.
COLUMN. III – a) Bachelor's Degree plus 45 units including a Master’s or, b) a Master's plus 15 units; or Community College Instructor's credential (fully-satisfied) in a vocational/occupational subject matter, plus 60 semester units (lower-division, upper- division, or both), eight (8) semester units of which may be approved work experience; or

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  • Table 1 4 If ‘Yes’ to any then you are likely required to carry out a DPIA under Article 35 GDPR. If ‘No’, to all then a DPIA may not be required. 1 xxxxx://xxx-xxx.xxxxxx.xx/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=CELEX:02016R0679-20160504

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  • Table 2 Software Subscription Use Case OpenShift Enterprise OpenShift Enterprise Broker Infrastructure OpenShift Enterprise is intended to be used as a platform as a service and will be supported only when used in that capacity. OpenShift Enterprise is not supported on non-server hardware such as desktops or workstations. OpenShift Enterprise is intended for use on a dedicated Physical Node or Virtual Guest; running other applications and/or programs of any type on the Physical Node or Virtual Guest can have a negative impact on the function and/or performance. Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform for OpenShift and/or Red Hat JBoss EAP for xPaaS will be supported in accordance with the terms of Exhibit 1.B.

  • Table 2 (definition of “Casino Gross Revenue”) 15(e) 2 (definition of “Commissioning”) 19 2 (definition of “Committee’s Nominated Representative) 20(1) 6(1)(c) 20(2) 7(8)(a) 21(d) 11(1) 21(e) 11(2) 22(2) 11(3) 23(b) 14(d) 33(2) 15(a)(B) 35(1) 15(b)(i) 35(2) 15(c) 36(b) 15(d) 36(c)

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  • Schedule II For each Loan purchased by the Portfolio acquired after the execution of this Loan Servicing Agreement: