Recall Sample Clauses

Recall. A. The Employer will maintain a layoff list for each job classification. Permanent employees who are laid off may have their names placed on the layoff list for the job classification from which they were laid off or bumped. Additionally, employees may request to have their names placed on the appropriate layoff list for other job classifications in which they have held permanent status at the same or lower salary ranges, regardless of a break in service with the current Employer. However, employees will not have their names placed on a layoff list if they were demoted for cause from the classification in the last six (6) years. An employee’s name will remain on the layoff list for three (3) years from the effective date of their layoff.
Recall. (a) Employees shall be recalled to available work in order of their seniority provided they are qualified and are able to perform the duties. The notice of recall shall be sent by registered mail. Employees must accept recall within five (5) days of receipt of the registered mail.
Recall. Employees shall be recalled in the reverse order of the layoff provided that those recalled are qualified to perform the work assigned. To be eligible for recall, a laid-­‐off employee must keep their Employer informed of his/her current address and phone number. The applicable Employer shall notify laid-­‐off workers of recall by certified letter. When offered re-­‐employment from layoff, the employee must indicate acceptance and availability for work within seven (7) days of receipt of letter unless unusual circumstances prohibit return within that time period.
Recall. Employees who are on a recall list shall be recalled by beginning with the employee with the highest seniority who meets all of the minimum qualifications for the position's classification and who is capable of performing the specific requirements of the position as stated on the position description within thirty (30) days. The thirty (30) day time period is for the purposes of orienting an employee to the position, not training the employee to do the work. Therefore, it is necessary that the employee can perform all of the duties and responsibilities of the position as determined by the Department prior to being recalled to the position. If an employee on a recall list is offered a position in the geographic area from which he/she demoted or was laid off, he/she shall have one (1) right of refusal. Upon a second refusal, however, the employee's name will be removed from the recall list. An employee appointed to a position from a recall list shall be removed from all other layoff lists.
Recall. Notice of recall to an employee who has been laid-off shall be made by registered mail to the Union with a copy to the employee. The employee must respond to such notice within ten (10) days of receiving it or possibly lose rights of seniority and recall, however, an employee who is prevented from responding to a recall notice because of illness or other reason beyond the employee's control shall not lose such rights thereby. An employee having to give notice to another Employer shall be deemed as having complied with this ten (10) day period.
Recall. Employees shall be recalled from layoff in the order in which their names appear on the Seniority Unit Layoff List as provided in Section 3H of this Article (employee must be position-qualified if Unit 6). An employee on either the Seniority Unit or Class Layoff List shall be notified of recall by written personal notice (receipted) or certified mail (return receipt required) sent to the employee's last known address at least fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the reporting date. The employee shall notify the Appointing Authority by certified mail (return receipt required) within five (5) calendar days of receipt of notification, of intent to return to work and shall report for work on the reporting date unless other arrangements are made. It shall be the employee's responsibility to keep the Appointing Authority informed of the employee's current address. The Appointing Authority may temporarily assign employee(s) to any vacancies or openings to fulfill operating requirements during the period while the recall process is taking place.
Recall. Employees on layoff shall have recall rights to the same or lesser appointment type in their classification for a period of twenty-four (24) months with the most senior recalled first within the applicable facility/jurisdiction. Employees laid off or who bump to a lesser appointment type shall have recall rights. Employees declining positions through recall to the same appointment type within the applicable facility/jurisdiction shall be removed from all recall lists. Employees declining positions to a lesser appointment type through recall shall be removed from the applicable facility/jurisdiction LTFT recall list only. Notification of recall shall be by certified mail to the employee’s last known address. If the employee fails to report for work within fourteen (14) days following receipt of notification, he/she shall forfeit recall rights. Any employee who must move to fill a position for any reason set forth in this Article shall not be entitled to reimbursement for any expenses resulting from the move. All layoffs, abolishments and displacement appeals shall be filed directly at Step 2 of the grievance procedure.
Recall. An employee shall have opportunity of recall from a layoff to an available opening in his or her former classification, or an equal or lower paying classification than the one from which the employee was originally laid-off, in order of seniority, provided she has the qualifications and ability to perform the work, before such opening is filled on a regular basis under the job posting procedure. The posting procedure in the Collective Agreement shall not apply until the recall process has been completed. An employee who is recalled shall be credited with the seniority she had at the time of the layoff. In determining the ability of an employee to perform the work for the purposes of the paragraphs above, CAMH shall not act in an arbitrary or unfair manner.