OF THE BARGAINING UNIT. Work of the Bargaining Unit Employees not covered by the terms of this Agreement will not perform duties normally assigned to those employees who are covered by this Agreement, except for the purposes of instruc- tion, experimentation, or in emergencies when regular employees are not readily available.
OF THE BARGAINING UNIT. There shall be one, exclusive bargaining unit, recognized by Local 399, for all employers bound by this Agreement for the territorial, and work jurisdiction covered herein. That bargaining unit shall be the Associated Construction Contractors of New Jersey and its affiliates , which shall include all present and future members, and employers for whom the said Association bargains on behalf of or which it represents (all hereinafter referred to as employers). The Association is composed of employers engaged in work, coming under the jurisdiction of the International Association of Bridge, Structural, Ornamental, and Reinforcing Iron Workers.
OF THE BARGAINING UNIT. Supervisors and persons above the rank of supervisor who are excluded from the bargaining unit shall not perform duties performed by employees in the bargaining unit which shall directly cause or result in the layoff of employeesin the bargaining unit.
OF THE BARGAINING UNIT. Volunteers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ARTICLE -LEAVES OFABSENCE. . . . . . . . . . ... . . .
OF THE BARGAINING UNIT. Supervisors excluded from the Bargaining Unit shall not perform the duties normally performed by employees in the bar- gaining unit which shall directly cause or result in the lay-off of employees in the bargaining unit. The Hospital shall not contract out any operations which are usually performed by members of the bargaining unit if, as a result of such contracting out, a lay-off of any employees other than casual part-time employees results from such contracting out. Contracting out to an Employer who is organized and who will employ the employees of the bargaining unit who would otherwise be laid off with similar terms and conditions of employment is not a breach of this provision. On request by the Union, the Hospital will undertake to review contracted services which fall within the work of the bargaining unit. The purpose of the review will be to determine the practicality of increasing the degree to which bargaining unit employees may be utilized to deliver such services in the future. The Hospital further agrees that the results of their review will be submitted to the Staff Planning Committee for its consideration. ARTICLE TECHNOLOGICAL CHANGE Technological change means the automation of equipment, or the mechanization or automation of operations, or the replacement of existing equipment or machinery with new equip- ment or machinery which results in the displacement of an employee from regular job. Where the Hospital has decided to introduce a technologi- cal change which will significantly alter the status of an employee within the bargaining unit, the Hospital undertakes to meet with the Union to consider the minimizing of adverse affects (if any) upon the employees concerned. Where new or greater skills are required than are already possessed by affected employees under the present methods of operation, such employees shall be given a period of training with due consideration being given to the employee's age and previous educational background, during which they may perfect or acquire the skills necessitated by the new method of operations. The Employer will assume the cost of tuition and travel. There shall be no reduction in wage or salary rates during the training period of any such employee. Training shall be given during the hours of work whenever possible and may extend for up to six months. Employees who are pregnant shall not be required to oper- ate if in the professional opinion of the employee's doctor this would be hazardous. At ...
OF THE BARGAINING UNIT. Supervisors excluded from the Bargaining Unit shall not perform duties normally performed by employees in the Bargaining Unit, which shall directly cause or result in the lay-off of employees in the Bargaining Unit. Article JOB Where vacancies are posted for positions within the Full Time Bargaining Unit and no applicants within the Full Time Unit are successful in obtaining the position, applications submitted for such from Part Time employees will be considered prior to consideration of persons not employed by Bellwoods Centres. In the event that one (1) or more Part Time employees apply, the Employer shall consider the qualifications, training, experience, and ability of the applicants. Where these factors are relatively equal, then seniority shall govern, providing the successful applicant can do the job. The Employeragrees to providethe Xxxxxxx in each project with a copy of each job posting. The parties agree that an Administrative oversight in this regard does not void the job posting. The successful Part Time applicant shall retain seniority and classificationof seniority. Upon entering into Full Time status shall suffer no loss of basic wage rate and then will progress in seniority and wage rate increases in the same manner as other Full Time employees covered by the Full Time Agreement. For the purpose of this Article, a Part Time employee shall be credited Full Time seniority on the basis of one year equalling one thousand nine hundred (1,900) hours. Temporary Vacancies A temporary full-time vacancy that is expected beyond three (3) months will be posted within the part-time bargaining unit. Uponthe return of the full-time employee absence, she will have the right to returnto her position in accordance with the applicable leave provisions. In instances where an employee returns to work prior to the estimated date of return, the Employer shall not be liable for payments to the resulting displaced the event that a part-time employee is the successful applicant, the part-time employee shall retain part-time status during the temporary period within the full-time position. Nothing herein shall prevent the Employer from temporarily filling any full-time position or full-time vacancy for a period less than three (3)months as the Employer may deem appropriate.
OF THE BARGAINING UNIT. Work of the Unit not applicable Agencies Prior to enlisting the services of an Employment Agency, the Hospital will attempt to contact part time would normally perform the duties in question.
OF THE BARGAINING UNIT. Persons excluded from the Bargaining Unit shall not perform duties normally performed by employees in the Bargaining Unit which shall directly cause or result in the lay off, reduction or loss of hours of an employee in the Bargaining Unit, unless immediate attention is needed to safe guard a resident.
OF THE BARGAINING UNIT. All employees of Eaglebrook Inc. of Canada working in the city of save and except managers, persons above the rank of manager, office, sales, clerical and laboratory staff.