Privacy Notice Sample Clauses

Privacy Notice. The personal data you provide to MICHELIN pursuant to this Promotion, including without limitation your name, IC number and address, will be processed and are required to administer your participation in the Promotion. Entries submitted without the personal data required will be discarded. MICHELIN may also use your personal data to communicate with you about its products and services, update you on new services and benefits, provide personalised promotional offers and allow you to participate in contests and surveys. In this regard, your personal data may be disclosed and transferred to our service providers, suppliers and/or affiliates which may or may not be located outside Malaysia. If you have any complaints, comments or questions on this Privacy Notice, or wish to access or correct your personal data, or limit our processing of the same, please contact MICHELIN at
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Privacy Notice. I agree that my personal data will be processed as set out in the Nu Skin privacy notice.
Privacy Notice. We respect the privacy of information about you and your Account. Please read our Privacy Notice as it is part of this Agreement. We provide our Privacy Notice to all new customers and to current customers on an annual basis. Changes may be made to our Privacy Notice. Our current Privacy Notice is always available at
Privacy Notice. Our full Privacy Notice contains more details about our use of Your personal information. A hard copy of our Privacy Notice has been provided to You. You can view our up to date full Privacy Notice via the following link xxxxx://xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx/footer/privacy-notice at any time.
Privacy Notice. This privacy notice explains how we use any personal information we collect about you. What information do we collect about you? We collect information about you when you engage us for financial advice, financial planning and investment management services. This information will relate to your personal and financial circumstances. It may also include special categories of personal data such as data about your health, if this is necessary for the provision of our services. We collate this data by note taking and the completion of questionnaires. Audio recordings may also be made of telephone calls and meetings. Information relating to usage of our website is collected using cookies. These are text files placed on your computer to collect standard internet log information and visitor behaviour information. We will use your information collected from the website to personalise your repeat visits to the site. Full details of how cookies work is provided on our website xxx.xxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx Information about connected individuals We may need to gather personal information about your close family members and dependants in order to provide our service to you effectively. In such cases it will be your responsibility to ensure that you have the consent of the people concerned to pass their information on to us. We will provide a copy of this privacy notice for them or, where appropriate, ask you to pass the privacy information to them. Why do we need to collect and use your personal data? The primary legal basis that we intend to use for the processing of your data is for the performance of our contract with you. The information that we collect about you is essential for us to be able to carry out the services that you require from us effectively. Without collecting your personal data we would also be unable to fulfil our legal and regulatory obligations. Where special category data of a sensitive nature is required we will obtain your explicit consent to collect and process this information. An example of this is where information is required about your health. How will we use the information about you? We collect information about you in order to provide you with the services for which you engage us. Who may we share your information with? In order to deliver our services to you effectively we may send your details to third parties such as those that we engage for professional compliance, audit or legal services as well as product and platform providers that we u...
Privacy Notice. Client hereby acknowledges receipt of a copy of Adviser’s Privacy Notice prior to or at the time of entering into this agreement.
Privacy Notice. You can review Acer’s Privacy Policy on our web site, located at xxxx:// Acer will maintain and use your customer information in accordance with its Privacy Policy.
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Privacy Notice. The Department of Education (DoE) is collecting your personal information on this form in order to obtain consent for the use and disclosure of the student’s personal information. The information will be used and disclosed by authorised school employees for the purposes outlined on the form. Student personal information collected on this form may also be used or disclosed to third parties where authorised or required by law. This information will be stored securely. If you wish to access or correct any of the personal student information on this form or discuss how it has been dealt with, please contact your student’s school in the first instance. THIRD PARTY CONSENT The use of web based educational resources is now an important tool being utilised by our school. Our school and teachers make decisions about the best technology to meet the needs of our students. Sometimes it is beneficial for students to utilise services provided by third party web based providers. Robina State School wishes to utilise the third party web based service provider/s listed below to aid students’ learning. For your student to use the service it is sometimes necessary for the teacher to register them as a user. Registering with these providers requires differing amounts of student personal information to be disclosed to the provider of the service. In the case of the services outlined below they are private companies that are hosted onshore in Australia/and/or/outside of Australia. Outside of Australia means that data that is entered to register for these sites will be stored on servers that are not based in Australia and therefore are not bound by Queensland’s privacy laws. Registration may include disclosing the following information about your student: • Student Name • Year group • Class TeacherStudent email We are requesting your permission for the registration and use of these sites by your student. Note: It is not compulsory for you to provide this consent – If you decide not to provide consent, this will not adversely affect academic achievement, or any relationships with teachers or the school. Before you complete this consent form it is important that you understand the reasons that these websites collect this information, what will be done with it, who else may have access to it and where the data is stored. This information can be found in the hyperlinks below referring to each website’s terms and conditions and/or privacy policy. Please read these and ensure that ...
Privacy Notice. The Company acknowledges prior receipt of the Asset Manager’s Privacy Notice.
Privacy Notice. 8.1 The Privacy Xxx 0000 (Cth) regulates the collection, use, storage and disclosure of personal information of the Principal by the Agent. The Agent will collect personal information about the Principal in order to effectively carry out the Agent’s obligations under this Agreement.
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