Financial Advice Sample Clauses

Financial Advice. 5.1 Foresight and its Affiliates have provided no financial, legal, tax or investment advice in relation to the suitability of the Foresight ITS for You. It is Your responsibility (on the advice of Your authorised financial intermediary) to keep Your financial circumstances, objectives and risk profile under review, and to assess whether the Foresight ITS and other investments selected by (or on behalf of) You remain suitable for Your needs. We are not liable for any losses You suffer or incur as a result of Your investment in the Foresight Inheritance Tax Fund through the Foresight ITS (whether or not You have received advice from an authorised financial intermediary) and We cannot and do not make any representation that such investment is (and/or investments made on Your behalf through the Foresight Inheritance Tax Fund are) suitable or appropriate for Your specific needs and requirements.
Financial Advice. We do not provide financial advice. We may only give you information about our investment products (of a factual or administrative nature) and we may not give you advice on whether any of the investment products we offer are suitable for your risk profile and investments needs. You must not rely on any written, spoken or implied communication from us as investment advice, or recommendation to invest in or change your investment. By selecting one of our investment products, you make an independent decision to enter into an investment which meets your financial and investment needs, whether those needs have been identified using your own judgment or through financial advisors. We have in no way, be it written, spoken or implied, recommended your choice of investment and the information and explanations relating to the terms of your investment are in no way to be considered investment advice. In making your investment choice, we are indemnified and held harmless against any claim which may arise when you conduct business telephonically, by way of facsimile or via online services, including email. We will take any and all deemed and necessary security precautions to ensure that you can proceed with your chosen investment application.
Financial Advice. 34.5.1. Upon redundancy employer to provide funding for full financial plan for all members covered by the Enterprise Agreement.
Financial Advice. Reimbursement of up to $1,000 may be claimed on production of receipts to obtain career counselling and/or financial advice during this one month period.
Financial Advice. Employers support Employees who have to deal with financial issues by offering a budget coach. The consultancy organisations of the Trade Unions can also be considered within this context.
Financial Advice. The Customer acknowledges that the Company’s representatives are not authorized to provide investment advice, tax or trading advice, or to solicit orders. The price quotations, market information, news, and research (the “information”) available on the platform are prepared by foreign markets or third parties- providers who are independent of the Company (and its affiliates). Neither the Company nor any Relevant Third Party guarantees the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the information, and the Customer shall conduct its own research and analysis or consult investment advisors before making investment decisions. Any investment decisions the Customer makes shall be based solely on the Customer’s own evaluation of its financial circumstances and investment objectives. For OTC-CFD products, the company publishes its own prices based on demand and supply and liquidity situation in the marketplace. The Customer agrees that the Company doesn’t guarantee the same prices or prices close to other liquidity providers or other price sources. Reliance on quotes, data, or other information is at the Customer’s own risk. In no event will the Company nor any other Relevant Third Party be liable for consequential, incidental, special, or indirect damages arising from the use of the information. There is no warranty of any kind, express or implied, regarding the information, including the warranty of merchantability, warranty of fitness for a particular, purpose or warranty of non-infringement.
Financial Advice. Serves, if requested by the Company's Board of Directors, Audit Committee, or Chief Executive Officer as advisor on financial matters and recommends appropriate strategies and courses of action.
Financial Advice. The information contained in our Products does not constitute financial advice nor is it a substitute for financial advice. We do not purport to provide financial services, and recommend the use of independent financial advisors before making any investment decisions.
Financial Advice. Whilst this sub-clause facilitates access by employees to salary packaging/superannuation, the actual decision to package any element of their gross salary will be a personal decision made by the employee.