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The Data. The Data referred to in the Preamble shall include any and all material designated by the Wesleyan Media Project as containing data obtained by Wesleyan University from Kantar/CMAG.
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The Data. We have constructed a panel of real exchange rates with Turkey’s seventeen major trading partners: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. The choice of trading partners was dictated by (a) the share they had in Turkey’s total trade, (b) data availability, and (c) the desire to benefit from the added heterogeneity that a larger panel may provide. We found that these seventeen countries account, on the average, for 64.5% of Turkey’s trade for the period 1989-2001. We had to leave out important trading partners such as Russia (with an average share of 5%) and Iran (1.8%) because price and/or exchange rate data were not available. On the other hand, relatively smaller trading partners, such as Denmark (0.52%), Finland (0.52%) and Greece (0.81%) were included to increase the heterogeneity in the panel. The series are monthly and cover the period 1984.01-2001.06. The price index used in the construction of the series is the Consumer Price Index (1987=100). The exchange rates and the domestic CPI series were obtained from the Central Bank database. The foreign CPIs were downloaded from the International Financial Statistics database and their base years were shifted to 1987.
The Data. The Data referred to in the Preamble shall include any and all material designated by the Wisconsin Advertising Project as containing data obtained by the Wisconsin Advertising Project from CMAG.
The Data. In RT, the finite verb is marked for gender[1] (Xxxxxxx 1967, Harder 1998). Moreover, when the EA and the IA gender or number features do not coincide, the verb is marked with a neuter ending (-ə) [2]. Obviously, no mismatch is marked on the verb when both the subject and the object exhibit the same gender [3]. Following Xxxxxxxxxxx (1976) and Xxxxxx (1977) on animacy hierarchies, as well as Benveniste’s (1966) idea of 3rd person being equivalent to no person, several accounts have been proposed for AM facts. Notably, Xxxxx & Xxxxx (2009) propose an analysis of agreement displacement phenomena through a mechanism of Cyclic Agree, whereby the v head first probes the IA and subsequently the EA, which is in the c-command domain of v after the extension of the search space via cyclic reprojection of v (for Agree see Xxxxxxx 2001 and ff.). Cyclic Agree cannot easily account for AM in RT, as the IA Agrees with, and values all, the φ-features of v. Hence, there is no reason for the fully valued v to probe again the EA for gender and number. Thus RT, a Romance language, presents striking agreement patterns: first, it marks gender on the verb; second, it exhibits AM for gender and number and marks it on the verb.
The Data. A. Definition of Data. “
The Data. (a) All sales brochures, manufacturing, installation, and operating instructions and manuals, competitive product analyses, marketing forecasts and analyses, customer lists and information (including, without limitation, potential customers), photos and art work, drawings, prints, manufacturing protocols and related materials, corporate records and books of account, Seller's telephone and fax number(s), e-mail address, and all other like materials (i) pertaining to the Business and (ii) belonging to Seller at the time of Closing or in which Seller has any right or interest;
The Data. The Data subject hereto is summarized as follows and described on Exhibit A, attached hereto, which sets forth a complete listing of the 2D seismic lines and mileage licensed:
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The Data. The Data subject hereto is summarized as follows and described on Exhibit A, attached hereto.
The Data. With specific reference to the Data, except as may be licensed, distributed or displayed in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, VOCUS shall take all reasonable precautions to maintain the confidentiality of the Data, which precautions shall be at least equivalent to those VOCUS takes to protect its own confidential information.
The Data. Clinical and other information descriptive of cardiovascular patient care that include the specific data elements listed in Exhibit A. Data elements that permit the unique identification of individual patients, clinicians, or institutions constitute "Confidential Data," and shall be handled with special procedures that will protect them from unauthorized release.
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