The Provider definition

The Provider hereby engages to provide “TELMEX” the consulting and advising services in the management and operation matters specified below:
The Provider means name of recruitment Provider or any of its subsidiary, associated or holding companies which has been appointed by IGNOU with a view to placing an order for the supply of Temporary manpower on daily wage basis.

Examples of The Provider in a sentence

  • The Provider further acknowledges and agrees that all copies of such Student Data transmitted to the Provider, including any modifications or additions or any portion thereof from any source, are subject to the provisions of this DPA in the same manner as the original Student Data.

  • The Provider shall adhere to any applicable law relating to data security.

  • The Provider shall comply with all applicable federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations pertaining to Student Data privacy and security, all as may be amended from time to time.

  • The Provider agrees to utilize administrative, physical, and technical safeguards designed to protect Student Data from unauthorized access, disclosure, acquisition, destruction, use, or modification.

  • The Provider and the Subscribing LEA may also agree to change the data provided by Subscribing LEA to the Provider to suit the unique needs of the Subscribing LEA.

More Definitions of The Provider

The Provider intends to fulfill in good faith and in the best possible way its obligations assumed hereunder and will render “THE SERVICES” with its own or other resources, taking unconditional and strict responsibility in respect of the personnel that it appoints for the rendering of “THE SERVICES”, therefore “THE PROVIDER” shall be the sole responsible party for the labor or any other agreements entered into with such personnel; and, as the case may be, the payment of fees and others labor benefits as well as the contributions to the “Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social”, “Infonavit”, and the income tax and other tax obligations; from disputes arising with such personnel and any other claim due to labor accidents or professional illnesses of such personnel.
The Provider means the supplier named on the Key Terms Sheet or the Purchase Order;
The Provider states that:
The Provider means the person specified above who is a private voluntary or independent OFSTED registered person/body of early education satisfying the conditions for registration as a provider of funded nursery education places with the Council;  “the Provider's Entitlement to Grant Schedule (Schedule 1)” means the schedule raised under this agreement relating to the nature and frequency of the Services to be supplied by the Provider and the levels of Service to be provided;
The Provider means a person who has made an arrangement with the Lord Chancellor under section 2(1) of LASPO to provide civil legal services under Part 1 of LASPO or to determine eligibility for such services; and
The Provider means a body that delivers goods or services on behalf of the Controller,
The Provider. Means a provider or providers of any of the Services commissioned under the arrangements set out in this agreement.