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More details. BCEC Management can at any time ask Xxxxx to provide further written information about the expected number of visitors to, the likely number of exhibitors at, or other relevant information about, the Event. Hirer will provide the further information within a reasonable time after BCEC Management asks for it.
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More details. More detailed information about how we collect, use and protect your data can be found in our Privacy Policy on our website.
More details. More detailed information about how we collect, use and protect your data can be found in our Privacy Policy on our w ebsite.
More details. For general services where results are unknown. Example: Transactional HR Services
More details. 2.2 Except in the case of significant unforeseen circumstances or scheduled absences, the Contractor will provide Services for a minimum of EXAMPLE: 20 and a maximum of EXAMPLE: 25 hours per week normally delivered as follows.
More details. Sessions are prerecorded with the virtual event provider, Forj. To sign up for a recording time, please do so by visiting xxxxx://  Instructions for scheduling a recording session are located here.  For presentations with multiple presenters, we recommend that presenters connect with each other to schedule a mutual recording time. If scheduling a group time is not possible, you may record sections of the session separately, and Forj will ensure they play seamlessly. If presenters need to interact with each other during the presentation, they must record together, as interactions cannot be edited seamlessly. To connect with presenters, please use the Connect Me link in the session preview in the Speaker Ready Room portal.  Vendor recordings will begin October 10 and finish November 7.  If applicable, please be sure to assign a session chair so there is one point person for scheduling. • Recordings will not be provided to presenters for review prior to the broadcast time. • Presenters are asked to attend the entire session during Convention to answer live chat questions and take part in live Q&A at the end of the session. Please plan on logging in 30 minutes prior to your session start time to go over session logistics with your virtual event host.  Host will test speaker audio and video and go over the presentation process.  Host will play session recording, control audience microphones, introduce the session (title/speaker[s]), mention any applicable housekeeping notes, assist with monitoring live Q&A, and close the session.  Speakers and any designated team members will run the live Q&A.  For more detailed information on what to expect day of, please watch the virtual platform presenter orientation video. • Session handouts and other pertinent materials can be uploaded through the Speaker Ready Room portal for attendee viewing as well.  Session materials are limited! Presenters may submit one video, one handout and one transcript file. Please include the title of your presentation in all file names.  Approved File Types: • MP4 (cannot exceed 350MB) • PDF

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  • Notice Details Party A: Swiss Re Financial Products Corporation Address: 00 Xxxx 00/xx/ Xxxxxx 00/xx/ Xxxxx Xxx Xxxx XX 00000 XXX Facsimile No.: +0 000 000 0000 Attention: Head of Operations Party B: Permanent Financing (No. 6) PLC Address: Xxxxxxxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxxx Xxxx Xxxxxx XX0X 0XX Facsimile Number: 020 7566 0975 Attention: The Secretary With a copy to: (i) the Security Trustee:

  • Invoice Detail All charges for services rendered or for reimbursement of expenses authorized by Department pursuant to the Grant Work Plan shall be submitted to Department in sufficient detail for a proper pre-audit and post-audit to be performed. The Grantee shall only invoice Department for deliverables that are completed in accordance with the Grant Work Plan.

  • Payment Details You will make all Payments due under this Master Agreement by 12:00 P.M., Connecticut time, on the day they are due. You will make all Payments in US Dollars (US$) in immediately available funds. We do not have to make or give "presentment, demand, protest or notice" to get paid. You waive "presentment, demand, protest and notice."

  • White Pages Listings 5.1 BellSouth shall provide <<customer_name>> and their customers access to white pages directory listings under the following terms:

  • Notice and Account Details Party A: To be advised. Party B: To be advised. 3.

  • Contact details (a) Except as provided below, the contact details of each Party for all communications in connection with the Finance Documents are those notified by that Party for this purpose to the Facility Agent on or before the date it becomes a Party.

  • Agreement Xxx 0000 Part 3 Provisions relating to Balmoral South Iron Ore Project and certain other matters Division 2 Main provisions s. 15

  • Account Details (a) Account for payments to Counterparty: To be provided. Account for delivery of Shares to Counterparty: To be provided.

  • Xxx 0000 This Lease does not create any rights in favour of third parties under the Contract (Third Party Rights) (Scotland) Xxx 0000 to enforce or otherwise invoke any provision of this Lease. Energy Performance73 The Tenant must not obtain or commission an EPC in respect of the Premises unless required to do so by the Energy Performance of Buildings (Scotland) Regulations 2008. If the Tenant is required to obtain an EPC, the Tenant must (at the Landlord’s option) obtain an EPC from an assessor approved by the Landlord or pay the Landlord’s costs of obtaining an EPC for the Premises. The Tenant must not obtain or commission an Action Plan in respect of the Premises. The Tenant must cooperate with the Landlord, so far as is necessary, to allow the Landlord to obtain any EPC or Action Plan for the Premises, the Building or the Estate and: provide the Landlord (at the Landlord’s cost) with copies of any plans or other information held by the Tenant that would assist in obtaining that EPC or Action Plan; and allow such access to the Premises to any energy assessor appointed by the Landlord as is necessary to inspect the Premises for the purposes of preparing any EPC or Action Plan. The Tenant must give the Landlord written details on request of the unique reference number of any EPC the Tenant obtains or commissions in respect of the Premises. The Landlord must give the Tenant written details on request of the unique reference number of any EPC the Landlord obtains or commissions in respect of the Premises, the Building or the Estate. [Sustainability The Landlord and Tenant must comply with the provisions of Part 8 of the Schedule.]74 [Break Clause] [The Tenant may terminate this Lease on [any] [the] Break Date by giving the Landlord formal notice of not less than [Insert length] months [specifying the Break Date]75 following which the Term will end on that Break Date[ if:76 on the Break Date the Rent due up to and including that Break Date and any VAT payable on it has been paid in full; [and] on the Break Date the whole of the Premises are given back to the Landlord[ free of the Tenant’s occupation and the occupation of any other lawful occupier and without any continuing sub-leases]77[; and the Tenant has, on or before the Break Date, paid to the Landlord an amount equal to [Insert figure/proportion of the Rent] (plus any VAT payable on that amount)]]. The Landlord may waive any of the pre-conditions in [Clauses 7.1.1 to 7.1.3] at any time before the [relevant] Break Date by notifying the Tenant. [If the Tenant gives formal notice to the Landlord under Clause 7.1, the Tenant must on or before the Break Date make the payment to the Landlord as detailed in Clause 7.1.3.] [The break right in this Clause 7 is personal to the Tenant (here meaning [ ] Limited (Registered Number [ ])) and will end on the effective date of any permitted assignation of this Lease or on the date when the said [ ] Limited ceases to exist.] If this Lease ends under this Clause 7, this will not affect the rights of any party for any prior breach of an obligation in this Lease.78 Time is of the essence for the purposes of this Clause 7.]

  • Xxxxxxx Xxxxxxx Policy The terms of the Partnership’s xxxxxxx xxxxxxx policy with respect to Units are incorporated herein by reference.