Legal Services definition

Legal Services means services of a legal or financial nature and includes any part of such services, and for the avoidance of doubt, includes (without limitation):-
Legal Services means fees charged by an attorney:
Legal Services means those activities designed to assist the person in exercising constitutional and legislatively enacted rights.

Examples of Legal Services in a sentence

  • Legal services pertaining to specific planning and land development applications for which the Town passes through its consultant and legal review fees to an applicant/developer for payment, are charged at different billing rates as identified in the Firm’s 2024 billing rates, as set forth and included in Exhibit A attached hereto.

  • Legal services will not be provided by the Department to the Contractor in any matters relating to the Task Order’s performance under this Task Order.

More Definitions of Legal Services

Legal Services means work performed by a lawyer
Legal Services means services consisting of the provision of legal advice, assistance or representation,
Legal Services means work done, or business transacted, in the ordinary course of legal practice.
Legal Services means legal representation of a client by a licensed attorney.
Legal Services means all services provided by attorneys or law firms (in- cluding services of support staff).
Legal Services means, with respect to each Transaction, the services of attorneys engaged by the Borrower, any Guarantor, the Lender or Ex-Im Bank and provided in connection with the relevant Credit.
Legal Services means services provided by a person which consist of or include legal activities (within the meaning of the Legal Services Act 2007) carried on by or on behalf of that person; and a provider of legal services is a person authorised to carry on a reserved legal activity within the meaning of that Act.