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The Market. 6.5.1. Define the target market for the future product in Israel and abroad, the existing market segments (customers with similar characteristics), the market distribution on a geographical basis, and the market dynamics. Hebrew English Large market potential in the target markets (United States, Europe and Japan) estimated at 10 thousand mental health institutions and another 100 thousand registered psychiatrists. 240 million people out of the entire world population suffer from depression and 20% are at risk of developing severe depression at some stage in their lives. The depressive segment is the largest of all CNS sufferers and that is the main target market in the first stage of launching the project, although the device’s ability to stimulate deep regions of the brain opens an extremely large variety of additional applications. Various addictions, including drugs, smoking, alcohol — more than 48 million Americans suffer from various addictions. The annual cost of treatment is estimated at 360 billion dollars. Obesity — 80 million Americans suffer from obesity. The annual cost of treatment is estimated at 220 billion dollars.
The Market. In The Netherlands the sales of the Dutch PTT constitutes approximately Nlg 11 billion per annum. Approximately one quarter of that volume is generated through international telecommunication, the target market for MTC. The total amount of calling minutes per annum for all outward international calls for the Western European territory, not including the UK, is approximately 13.99 billion. Considering that on average each minute represents approximately Nlg 2,- in revenue, the international calling volume in Dutch Guilders would therefore be approximately 28 billion per annum (or US$ 17,5 billion). This volume is enormous indeed, and provides the relevant background to MTC WE marketing efforts. Projected sales by MTC WE over 1996 of US$ 5.2 million (approximately Nlg 8 million) would constitute a market share of 0,029%, which is marginal in relative terms. The world-wide market for Call-Hack services was estimated US$ 80 million in 1993, US$ 330 million in 1994, and is expected to grow to approximately US$ one billion within five years. The Call-Back market has been growing, and will continue to grow at an explosive rate. Presently a detailed market study is being conducted in which the important competitors of MTC are being analysed in terms of respective market share, rates, quality of service, and market positioning. However, based on past studies a great deal of information on the competition has already been obtained. From this information, it appears that within the segment of call back providers, MTC occupies a unique position in the market. The direct competitor in this area is Telegroup Inc., an American company that started its services approximately 5 years ago. Telegroup is rivalling MTC in size and sales volume. However, it is evident that the medium and longer term strategy of MTC is stronger and better developed, with clear competitive advantages. Regarding the present situation, MTC has a clear advantage over Telegroup in terms of : . rates, . quality of lines, . reliability of connections, . capacity . time needed to connect a new client to the system, . response time of the call back system. . availability of reliable dialler systems In all of these areas MTC has distinct and quantifiable advantages. The main disadvantage of MTC so far, has been the unavailability of discounts on the intra-European calls. These discounts have been available to Telegroup for nearly a year. However, as of August 1995, MTC has introduced competitive discounts...
The Market. PEP acknowledges that it has rights with the Ministry of Education to publish and sell English as a Foreign Language student textbooks, teacher guide books, audio cassettes and other related Products under the new curriculum to be implemented September 2001. These rights include the Grades 1 -12 markets in China on a nation-wide basis. PEP agrees that it will publish and sell Alpha's Products on an exclusive basis for the market defined above with the exception of the current EFL series, published by PEP and originally developed with Longmans, which is being revised.
The Market. Contrary to popular opinion, Luxury vehicle sales have not collapsed as much as their non-Luxury counterparts. Luxury vehicle sales generally benefited from financially healthier dealerships, better leasing, certified pre-owned programs and loyal customers. Therefore, sales are expected to rebound more quickly than mass market cars. Others note that there is growing interest in Luxury vehicles from emerging markets such as China and Russia. In June, 2010 Global Economic Report (a publication of Scotia Bank) published that there has been a 17% year over year gain in U.S. passenger vehicle sales. That’s good news; however, domestically the economy continues to stagnate. Cars are a necessity and with lease expirations and there is a need to replace vehicles. The price conscious consumer is more likely to look for a bargain and use to save money. Surprisingly, the International market has increased in certain countries, specifically, China, Russia and the Middle East. In fact, Luxury Car sales increased 66% in the first quarter of this year, while Mercedes Benz reported sales in China have increased 112% in the same period. currently has 3 primary customers: the affluent United States consumer, U.S. auto dealers and non-USA consumers and dealers seeking Luxury and hard-to-find automobiles at lower prices.
The Market. PEP acknowledges that it has rights with the Ministry of Education to publish and sell English as a Foreign Language supplemental books, teacher guide books, audio cassettes and other related Products. These rights include the Grades 7-12 markets in China on a nation-wide basis. PEP agrees that it will publish and sell Alpha's Products on an exclusive basis for the supplemental reading market only.
The Market. The market for Legal CBD teas is national and international and the basis for tea consumption worldwide exceeds one billion consumers. Patients who desire an alternative to inhaled cannabis and individuals who wish to enjoy the benefits of CBD and /or THC via a hot or cold tea beverage are estimated at 10,000 thousand consumers per month in the United States alone. The profitability projection is therefore in excess of 2.6 million dollars annually for domestic sales.
The Market. Value Approach2 — 3 This approach is based on an estimate of the fair rental for the appraised property, based on transactions in other properties which resemble it in location, character, level of risk involved and their marketability. The final appraisal is carried out by using the relevant comparative coefficients of the property concerned as against the benchmark transactions.
The Market. The PDA is the owner and/or manager of most of the Pike Place Market Historic District (the "Market") identified in Exhibit A to this agreement Licensee desires to conduct guided walking tours of the Market (“the Tours”).

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  • Market Orders are executed immediately at the best available price in the system.

  • Trading With respect to the securities and other investments to be purchased or sold for the Fund, Subadviser shall place orders with or through such persons, brokers, dealers, or futures commission merchants (including, but not limited to, broker-dealers that are affiliated with Investment Manager or Subadviser) selected by Subadviser; provided, however, that such orders shall be consistent with Subadviser’s brokerage policy; conform with federal securities laws; and be consistent with seeking best execution. The Subadviser may consider the research, investment information, and other services provided by, and the financial responsibility of, brokers, dealers, or futures commission merchants who may effect, or be a party to, any such transaction or other transactions to which Subadviser’s other clients may be a party in accordance with Section 28(e) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended. To the extent permitted by law, and consistent with its obligation to seek best execution, Subadviser may execute transactions or pay a broker-dealer a commission, spread or markup in excess of that which another broker-dealer might have charged for executing a transaction provided that Subadviser determines, in good faith, that the execution is appropriate or the commission, spread or markup is reasonable in relation to the value of the brokerage and/or research services provided, viewed in terms of either that particular transaction or Subadviser’s overall responsibilities with respect to the Fund and other clients for which it acts as subadviser. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, to the extent Subadviser is directed by Investment Manager to use a particular broker or brokers to borrow securities to cover securities sold short, Subadviser shall have no responsibility for setting the rate charged to borrow a security or otherwise ensuring that the rate charged by such broker to borrow a security is favorable.

  • Trading Market The Common Stock is registered pursuant to Section 12(b) of the Exchange Act and is approved for listing on the Nasdaq Capital Market (the “Nasdaq”). To the Company’s knowledge, there is no action pending by Nasdaq to delist the Common Stock from the Nasdaq, nor has the Company received any notification that the Nasdaq is contemplating terminating such listing. When issued, the Shares and the Underwriter Warrant Shares will be listed on the Nasdaq. The Company has taken all actions it deems reasonably necessary or advisable to take on or prior to the date of this Agreement to assure that it will be in compliance in all material respects with all applicable corporate governance requirements set forth in the rules of the Nasdaq that are then in effect and will take all action it deems reasonably necessary or advisable to assure that it will be in compliance in all material respects with other applicable corporate governance requirements set forth in the Nasdaq rules not currently in effect upon and all times after the effectiveness of such requirements.

  • Clear Market During the period from the date hereof through and including the Closing Date, the Company will not, without the prior written consent of the Representatives, offer, sell, contract to sell or otherwise dispose of any debt securities issued or guaranteed by the Company and having a tenor of more than one year.

  • Quotation The Company will use its best efforts to include, subject to notice of issuance, the Common Shares on the Nasdaq National Market.

  • Stock Exchange Delisting Prior to the Effective Time, the Company shall cooperate with Parent and use reasonable best efforts to take, or cause to be taken, all actions, and do or cause to be done all things, reasonably necessary, proper or advisable on its part under applicable Laws and rules and policies of the NYSE to enable the delisting of the Shares and ADSs from the NYSE and the deregistration of the Shares and ADSs under the Exchange Act as promptly as practicable after the Effective Time.

  • Nasdaq The Securities shall have been approved for listing on Nasdaq, subject to official notice of issuance and evidence of satisfactory distribution, satisfactory evidence of which shall have been provided to the Representative.

  • Market Manipulation Until the termination of this Agreement, the Company will not take, directly or indirectly, any action designed to or that would constitute or that might reasonably be expected to cause or result in, under the Exchange Act or otherwise, stabilization or manipulation in violation of the Act, Exchange Act or the rules and regulations thereunder of the price of any security of the Company to facilitate the sale or resale of the Shares or otherwise violate any provision of Regulation M under the Exchange Act.

  • No Market Manipulation The Company and its Affiliates have not taken, and will not take, directly or indirectly, any action designed to, or that might reasonably be expected to, cause or result in stabilization or manipulation of the price of the Common Stock to facilitate the sale or resale of the Securities or affect the price at which the Securities may be issued or resold.

  • Secondary Market Lender may sell, transfer and deliver the Note and assign the Loan Agreement, the Security Instrument, this Assignment and the other Loan Documents to one or more investors in the secondary mortgage market (“Investors”). In connection with such sale, Lender may retain or assign responsibility for servicing the Loan, including the Note, the Loan Agreement, the Security Instrument, this Assignment and the other Loan Documents, or may delegate some or all of such responsibility and/or obligations to a servicer including any subservicer or master servicer, on behalf of the Investors. All references to Lender in this Assignment will refer to and include any such servicer to the extent applicable.