Notice to Sample Clauses

Notice to. To the extent [ ] is hired by CNHCA to rate the Notes and is still rating such Notes, the Servicer shall notify [ ] upon the termination of this Agreement pursuant to Section 2.3 or the termination of [ ] as Backup Servicer pursuant to Section 4.2.
Notice to. Whenever a written legal notice is required to be given by the State to the Union, such notice shall be given to the New Hampshire Highway Patrolman’s Union.
Notice to union The Union chairperson or designee shall be notified in writing as to the Employer’s selection for said vacancy at the end of the selection period in 22.03.
Notice to. 6.04 The provisions of Article 6.04 apply only to employees hired on or before January 29, 201 5. Notwithstanding the notice periods set out hereunder for employees, the Employer reserves the right to give notice of layoff to employees concurrently with notice to the Union as set out under Article 6.03.
Notice to. In the event that proposed changes result in the elimination of a permanent the employee whose substantive position has been identified for redundancy shall, where possible, receive written notice of up to three (3) months prior to the position being deleted from the Employer’s establishment.
Notice to. VENDORS Notice given to the Vendors' Representative shall be deemed to be notice to all of the Vendors. Any notice to be given by the Vendors shall be sufficiently given on behalf of them all by the Vendors' Representative.
Notice to. WARRANTHOLDERS Any notice to the Warrantholders under the provisions of this Indenture shall be valid and effective if delivered to or if given by insured mail, postage prepaid, addressed to each Warrantholder at its address as the same will appear in the register to be kept by the Trustee or, in the case of joint holders, to the first such address, and shall be deemed to have effectively been given on the date of delivery or, if mailed, five days after actual posting of such notice; provided, however, that no such delivery shall be deemed to be valid and effective if delivered during a postal disruption or if a postal disruption is anticipated until such time as the notice is actually received. Accidental error or omission by the Trustee in giving notice or accidental failure to mail notice to any Warrantholder will not invalidate any action or proceeding founded thereon.
Notice to. You We will do our best to only terminate this Licence by giving you at least one weekswritten notice but, if the circumstances allow, we will provide up to four week's written notice. If we give you notice, you must leave the Property by the date we tell you in writing. This provision is subject to sub-clause 5.3. It is our right to end your right to live in the Property whenever we wish and to give you only reasonable notice to leave the Property.
Notice to the Corporation and the Trustee -----------------------------------------