INFORMATION NEEDED. The information needed by the consultant is for school placement or for requesting commutation regarding a student. The parent(s) agreement is between the consultant and the school or administration requesting the release of information. This will be obtain or provide these records, psychological reports, educational records, records of attendance or to have direct correspondence with the administrator of the school or the district, and the consultant.
INFORMATION NEEDED. The Parties agree not to delay or hinder (and to cause their legal counsel involved in the CXXX Approval process not to delay or hinder) the preparation of notice to the CXXX and to cooperate with each other in doing so and in taking all actions needed to obtain the CXXX Approval, and they shall timely provide to the CXXX, as appropriate and as soon as possible, all of the documents and information needed to obtain the CXXX Approval.


  • Information/Cooperation Executive shall, upon reasonable notice, furnish such information and assistance to the Bank as may be reasonably required by the Bank, in connection with any litigation in which it or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates is, or may become, a party; provided, however, that Executive shall not be required to provide information or assistance with respect to any litigation between Executive and the Bank or any other subsidiaries or affiliates.

  • Information Sources The Custodian may rely upon information received from issuers of Investments or agents of such issuers, information received from Subcustodians and from other commercially reasonable sources such as commercial data bases and the like, but shall not be responsible for specific inaccuracies in such information, provided that the Custodian has relied upon such information in good faith, or for the failure of any commercially reasonable information provider.

  • Information Reporting (a) The Fund agrees that, during the Current Special Rate Period and so long as BANA or any Affiliate thereof is the beneficial owner of any Outstanding VRDP Shares, it will deliver, or direct the Tender and Paying Agent to deliver, to BANA and any such Affiliate:

  • Information Updates During the term of this Agreement the Trust shall have the ongoing obligation to provide UMBFS with the following documents as soon as they become effective: (i) certified copies of all amendments to its Declaration of Trust and By-laws made after the date of this Agreement; and (ii) a copy of each Fund’s currently effective Prospectus. For purposes of this Agreement, UMBFS shall not be deemed to have notice of any information contained in any such Prospectus until a reasonable time after it is actually received by UMBFS.

  • Information Services The Custodian may rely upon information received from issuers of Securities or agents of such issuers, information received from Subcustodians or depositories, information from data reporting services that provide detail on corporate actions and other securities information, and other commercially reasonable industry sources; and, provided the Custodian has acted in accordance with the standard of care set forth in Section 6 (a), the Custodian shall have no liability as a result of relying upon such information sources, including but not limited to errors in any such information.

  • Information to the Union 9.01 The Employer will forward to the Secretary of the Union at least once a month, the name, address and telephone number of all newly-hired employees who will be included in the bargaining unit. The Employer further agrees to inform the Union of the name of any employee in the bargaining unit leaving the employ of the Employer.

  • Verizon Information Upon request by Z-Tel, Verizon shall make available to Z-Tel the following information to the extent that Verizon provides such information to its own business offices a directory list of relevant NXX codes, directory and “Customer Guide” close dates, publishing data, and Yellow Pages headings. Verizon also will make available to Z-Tel, upon written request, a copy of Verizon’s alphabetical listings standards and specifications manual.

  • Corporate Information Promptly upon, and in any event within five (5) Business Days after, becoming aware of any additional corporate or limited liability company information or division information of the type delivered pursuant to Section 6.01(f), or of any change to such information delivered on or prior to the Closing Date or pursuant to this Section 8.01 or otherwise under the Credit Documents, a certificate, certified to the extent of any change from a prior certification, from the secretary, assistant secretary, managing member or general partner of such Credit Party notifying the Administrative Agent of such information or change and attaching thereto any relevant documentation in connection therewith.

  • Billing Information 6.1 NLT and the RL shall provide each other with information within their possession that is necessary to allow them to provide accurate and timely billing to each other and to any other relevant third parties.

  • Information Systems The Official Agency shall record such data in the Official Agency Premises Inspection database (OAPI), which will be further developed over the life of the contract. Data should be entered into the database on an ongoing basis but shall be entered within one month of the activity taking place. The Authority and the Official Agency shall in partnership develop systems and work towards recording inspections through the use of electronic hand-held devices by the end of the term of this contract.