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Information Needed. For research purposes, please fill out the following information. Please fill out entirely. Please fill out a Student Information section (pages 4-6) for each test/child. This will help address questions about the validity of the study. PARENT AND FAMILY DEMOGRAPHICS This survey asks for information about the child's mother and father. We are interested in information about the child and the adults who actually reside in your home. Please give us information about the parents with whom the child actually resides. For example, if a child resides with his mother and stepfather, then answer this form about these two individuals. If a child resides with only one parent, do not answer questions about a parent who is not in the home.
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Information Needed. Owner shall provide Contractor with complete available information regarding known relevant or potentially relevant facts about the history of all structures erected upon, and the conditions present in and around, the Property. Owner is responsible for advising Contractor of the known existence of hazardous substances (Including chemicals, lead, asbestos, etc.) or areas of possible danger.
Information Needed. The information needed by the consultant is for school placement or for requesting commutation regarding a student. The parent(s) agreement is between the consultant and the school or administration requesting the release of information. This will be obtain or provide these records, psychological reports, educational records, records of attendance or to have direct correspondence with the administrator of the school or the district, and the consultant.
Information Needed. ☐ Is a tracking URL being used: ☐ Yes ☐ No ☐ Specific information the URL is tracking: Example: Clicks, impressions, originating website, campaign, conversions, content tags, etc. ☐ Statement that no contact information of ISACA site visitors or email recipients will be tracked: ☐ URL tracking tool(s) used (eg, Xxx.xx or Google Analytics): ☐ Country/Countries to where the URL transmits data: Example: Data from the link gets transmitted to a data center in Ireland. ☐ Email Placements or Website Run-of-Site tracking URL to be used: Example: @AGLANCE, @ISACA, @NEXUS, @JOURNAL, Website ROS - for website ROS please specify the specific months your ad will be on the website. If the above information changes, please note that it is your responsibility as the sponsor to update ISACA of the changes. Please note as well that it is your responsibility to comply with privacy and tracking technology-related requirements, including in relation to European Economic Area (EEA) data subjects, or other legislation and regulations, as applicable.
Information Needed. The Parties agree not to delay or hinder (and to cause their legal counsel involved in the CXXX Approval process not to delay or hinder) the preparation of notice to the CXXX and to cooperate with each other in doing so and in taking all actions needed to obtain the CXXX Approval, and they shall timely provide to the CXXX, as appropriate and as soon as possible, all of the documents and information needed to obtain the CXXX Approval.
Information Needed. To ensure a productive meeting all of the following information is needed. Vendor names, contact name and vendor phone number are needed as well as a contact cell number for the day of your wedding. Following the meeting all vendors will be contacted by the Museum and given an arrival time as part of your timeline. We will also provide directions and loading dock information to each vendor. • Bakery providing the cake (if not provided by the caterer) • Florist • Photographer / Videographer • Music / for Dinner / Dancing • Rental Company Name only (obtain name from the caterer /do not need a phone number) WHAT WE WILL ACCOMPLISH AT THE MEETING • Finalize timeline and logistics • Determine floor plan FOLLOWING THE MEETING You will be emailed, faxed or mailed a floor plan with an overall timeline as discussed at our meeting. Your caterer will provide a detailed timeline that will handle reception, and introduction of the wedding party, dinner and cake arrangements.

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  • Information Systems 5.1. The Customer is aware that vehicles manufactured, supplied or marketed by a company within the Volvo Group are equipped with one or more systems which may gather and store information about the vehicle (the “Information Systems”), including but not limited to information relating to vehicle condition and performance and information relating to the operation of the vehicle (together, the “Vehicle Data”). The Customer agrees not to interfere with the operation of the Information System in any way.

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