Web Site definition

Web Site means the website that you are currently using (xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx) and any sub-domains of this site (e.g. xxxxxxxxx.xxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xx.xx) unless expressly excluded by their own terms and conditions.
Web Site means any point of presence maintained on the Internet or on any other public data network. With respect to any Website maintained on the World Wide Web, such Website includes all HTML pages (or similar unit of information presented in any relevant data protocol) that either (a) are identified by the same second-level domain (such as xxxxxxxxx.xxx) or by the same equivalent level identifier in any relevant address scheme, or (b) contain branding, graphics, navigation or other characteristics such that a user reasonably would conclude that the pages are part of an integrated information or service offering.
Web Site means a collection of inter-related Web pages.

Examples of Web Site in a sentence

  • Details are available at the Web Site stated in Clause A.1. above.

  • Verification is made by contacting the Office of Contracts and Grants at (636) 797-5382, or by reviewing the County Web Site.

  • The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

  • Verification is made by contacting the Office of Contracts and Grants at (636) 797-5380, or by reviewing the County Web Site.

  • Verification is made by contacting the Department of Administrative Services or by reviewing the County Web Site.

More Definitions of Web Site

Web Site means a location which is accessible on the Internet through the World Wide Web and which provides multimedia content via a graphical User Interface.
Web Site shall have the meaning assigned to it in Section 5.28(a). --------
Web Site means an identifiable site on the internet, including social media, which is accessible by the public.
Web Site means, collectively, the E - Commerce Shopping Experience and the Retailer Content made available on web pages under the Domain Name.
Web Site means as defined in paragraph 1.12 of the Web Site Development Agreement.
Web Site means the web site xxx.xxx.xxx.xx.
Web Site means any location on the Internet containing a home page or web page;