A Recommendation definition

A Recommendation means a recommendation adopted by the task force that strongly recommends that clinicians provide a preventive health care service because the task force found there is a high certainty that the net benefit of the preventive health care service is substantial.
A Recommendation means any recommendation that the Board could make in respect of the respondent under section 61 if the alleged misconduct the subject of the complaint were established; and
A Recommendation means a requirement;

Examples of A Recommendation in a sentence

  • A Recommendation, based on cost effectiveness, shall be made to the Agency Director/Designee.

More Definitions of A Recommendation

A Recommendation means the Recommendation of the European Commission dated 15 February 2005 regarding the role of non-executive directors or directors who are members of the supervisory boards of listed companies and committees of the (supervisory) board (OJ EU.L.2005.52.51).
A Recommendation means a recommendation adopted by the

Related to A Recommendation

  • Recommendation means any change to a security’s price target or other type of recommendation in the case of an equity Covered Security, or any initial rating or rating change in the case of a fixed income Covered Security in either case issued by a Research Analyst.

  • Company Board means the Board of Directors of the Company.

  • Proposal means the Technical Proposal and the Financial Proposal.

  • Stockholder Approval means such approval as is required by the applicable rules and regulations of the Nasdaq Stock Market (or any successor entity), including Nasdaq Listing Standard Rule 5635(d), from the stockholders of the Corporation with respect to the transactions contemplated by the Transaction Documents, including the approval of the issuance of all of the Conversion Shares in excess of 19.99% of the issued and outstanding Common Stock on the execution date of the Securities Purchase Agreement.