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Laptop Computers. Along with cellular phone batteries, laptop batteries will be a critical source of growth for battery companies. Only six companies worldwide currently supply Li-ion battery laptop PCs cells (which are combined into battery packs): Sony, Sanyo and Matsushita in Japan; Samsung and LG in Korea; and E-ONE Moli Energy in Vancouver, Canada. Toshiba (Japan) recently exited the market. Laptop batteries are more difficult to manufacture than those for cell phones, for several reasons:
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Laptop Computers the Supplier is obliged to:-
Laptop Computers. The protective sleeve provided has sufficient padding to protect the MacBook from normal treatment and provide a suitable means for carrying the computer within the school. The guidelines below should be followed: • MacBooks should always be within the protective sleeve when carried. • Do not place other objects (such as folders and books) within the sleeve to avoid causing too much pressure and weight on the mobile computer screen. • Always completely close the lid and wait for the computer to enter Sleep mode before moving it, even for short distances. Movement while the computer is on can result in permanent damage to the hard-drive and therefore the loss of all data. Sleep mode is sufficient—there is little reason to actually shut-down the laptop other than on an airplane or during extended days of inactivity. • We recommend that you carry the laptop bag inside your normal school pack. The vertical sleeve style laptop case was chosen expressly for this purpose. Simply slide the computer in and out while leaving while leaving the case within your school backpack. Do not overstuff your pack— extreme pressure on the laptop can cause permanent damage to the screen and other components. • Do not lift the MacBook while holding the edge with the disk drive. The plastic is thin here; it is a weak spot. • Do not grab and squeeze the computer as this can damage the screen and other components. Screen Care The mobile computer screens can be easily damaged if proper care is not taken. Broken screens are NOT covered by warranty and can cost over $800 to replace. Screens are particularly sensitive to damage from excessive pressure. Please care for your screen: • Do not touch the computer screen with anything (e.g., your finger, pen, marker, etc.) other than approved computer screen cleaners. • Do not leave anything on the keyboard before closing the lid (e.g. pens, pencils, or disks). A pen or pencil left on the keyboard will crack the screen when the lid is closed. • Do not lean on the top of the mobile computer when it is closed. • Do not place anything near the mobile computer that could put pressure on the screen. • Do not place anything in the carrying case that will press against the cover. • Do not poke the screen. • Clean the screen with a soft, dry, anti-static, or microfiber cloth or with screen cleaner designed specifically for LCD-type screens. Do not use cleaning solutions. Battery Life and Charging • Arrive at school each day with a fully charged batte...
Laptop Computers. I understand that laptops can only be used during a module session on the authorisation of the lecturer.
Laptop Computers. Upon enrollment in a VCSU Fish and Wildlife course, students will be assessed the VCSU full- time student technology fee. Students will be issued a notebook computer, carrying case, and professional software. Students also have access to VCSU server storage space (for portfolio projects, web sites, and personal file backup). The fee also entitles students to an immediate exchange of their notebook computer if technical difficulties should xxxxx.xx Students will comply with all VCSU IT policies and practices with regard to the notebook computer. The following URL provides additional information regarding the notebook computer initiative at VCSU: httl)i/itc.vcsu,edttinQtebookini_tiative/
Laptop Computers. ASA members may use their full BOP allocation toward the purchase of a laptop/notebook computer, once every three years. The computer will be purchased by the College in July, according to College specifications and will be paid in full by the College. The computer will be the property of the College for three (3) years and will be used solely by the ASA member. Upon receipt of the computer, the ASA member agrees to use the computer for College business. During this three (3) year period, it is also agreed that the College will not provide other computing equipment for the ASA member. If the ASA member’s employment is severed during the three- year period, the computer remains the property of the College. If the ASA member remains employed during the three-year period, the computer becomes the personal property of the ASA member at the end of the three-year period and the College surrenders all ownership rights and responsibilities in regard to the computer. The College is responsible for maintenance and repair of the computer during the three-year period. If repair or replacement is necessary due to negligence on behalf of the ASA member or if the ASA member loses the computer or it is stolen during the three year period, the College will not repair or replace the computer, but will provide alternative computing equipment for the ASA member. The College reserves the right to determine if the ASA member was negligent and will document the decision. This determination will not have a detrimental effect on the employment of the ASA member but the ASA member will no longer be eligible to participate in the laptop/notebook computer option of the BOP program. The replacement computer will be the property of the College and the ASA member will have no ownership rights to the replacement equipment. Requests for reimbursement under the BOP program will be processed during the months of: October, February and June. If requests are received in interim months, the requests will be processed in the next eligible processing month. All requests for use of BOP funds must be submitted in the fiscal year in which the expense is incurred. Third party payments for registration to a conference or seminar will be processed as needed and are subject to the approval of the Department Xxxx, the appropriate Vice President and the Vice President of Finance.

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  • Computer Software The Grantee certifies that it has appropriate systems and controls in place to ensure that state funds will not be used in the performance of this Grant Agreement for the acquisition, operation, or maintenance of computer software in violation of copyright laws.

  • Software Title and ownership to Existing Software Product(s) delivered by Contractor under the Contract that is normally commercially distributed on a license basis by the Contractor or other independent software vendor proprietary owner (“Existing Licensed Product”), embedded in the Custom Products, shall remain with Contractor or the proprietary owner of other independent software vendor(s) (ISV). Effective upon acceptance, such Product shall be licensed to Authorized User in accordance with the Contractor or ISV owner’s standard license agreement, provided, however, that such standard license, must, at a minimum: (a) grant Authorized User a non-exclusive, perpetual license to use, execute, reproduce, display, perform, adapt (unless Contractor advises Authorized User as part of Contractor’s proposal that adaptation will violate existing agreements or statutes and Contractor demonstrates such to the Authorized User’s satisfaction) and distribute Existing Licensed Product to the Authorized User up to the license capacity stated in the Purchase Order or work order with all license rights necessary to fully effect the general business purpose(s) stated in the Bid or Authorized User’s Purchase Order or work order, including the financing assignment rights set forth in paragraph (c) below; and (b) recognize the State of New York as the licensee where the Authorized User is a state agency, department, board, commission, office or institution. Where these rights are not otherwise covered by the ISV’s owner’s standard license agreement, the Contractor shall be responsible for obtaining these rights at its sole cost and expense. The Authorized User shall reproduce all copyright notices and any other legend of ownership on any copies authorized under this clause. Open source software is developed independently of Contractor and may be governed by a separate license (“open source software”). If the open source software is governed by a separate License and provided under this Contract, Contractor shall provide a copy of that license in the applicable Documentation and the Authorized User's license rights and obligations with respect to that open source software shall be defined by those separate license terms and subject to the conditions, if any, therein. Nothing in this Contract shall restrict, limit, or otherwise affect any rights or obligations the Authorized User may have, or conditions to which the Authorized User may be subject, under such separate open source license terms.

  • Computer Systems (a) The Computer Systems adequately meet the data processing and other computing needs of the Business as presently conducted. The Computer Systems function, operate, process and compute in accordance with all Applicable Laws, industry standards and trade practices. The Computer Systems operate and perform in all material respects in accordance with their documentation and functional specifications. The Computer Systems have not materially malfunctioned or failed within the past three years.

  • Computer Records World Omni and the Depositor will cause their accounting and computer records to be marked to indicate the sale and assignment of the Receivables from World Omni to the Depositor and from the Depositor to the Trust.


  • Company Software “Company Software” shall mean any software (including software development tools and software embedded in hardware devices, and all updates, upgrades, releases, enhancements and bug fixes) owned, developed (or currently being developed), used, marketed, distributed, licensed or sold by an Acquired Corporation at any time (other than non-customized third-party software that is not incorporated into any Company Product and is licensed to an Acquired Corporation solely in object code form and solely for internal use on a non-exclusive basis).

  • Computer Tape The Computer Tape made available by the Seller to the Trust on the Closing Date was complete and accurate as of the Cutoff Date and includes a description of the same Receivables that are described in the Schedule of Receivables.

  • Communications and Computer Lines Tenant may at any time install, maintain, replace, remove or usc any communications fiber optics and/or computer wires and cables (collectively, the “Lines”) at, under or through the Project in or serving the Premises, provided that (i) Tenant shall obtain Landlord’s prior written consent, use an experienced and qualified contractor approved in writing by Landlord, and comply with all of the other provisions of Articles 7 and 8 of this Lease, (ii) an acceptable number of spare Lines and space for additional Lines shall be maintained for existing and future occupants of the Project, as determined in Landlord’s reasonable opinion, (iii) the Lines therefor (including riser cables) shall be appropnately insulated to prevent excessive electromagnetic fields or radiation, and shall be surrounded by a protective conduit(iv) any new or existing Lines servicing the Premises shall comply with all applicable Laws, (v) as a condition to permitting the installation of new Lines, Landlord may require that Tenant remove existing Lines located in or serving the Premises and repair any damage in connection with such removal, and (vi) Tenant shall pay all costs in connection therewith, including any fees charged by Landlord for Tenant’s use of the Building’s telecommunications capacity in excess of Tenant’s pro rats share thereof. Landlord reserves the right to require that Tenant remove any Lines located in or serving the Premises which are installed in violation of these provisions, or which are at any time in violation of any applicable Laws or represent a dangerous or potentially dangerous condition. 29.32

  • Programming (a) Pursuant to Section 624 of the Cable Act, the Licensee shall maintain the mix, quality and broad categories of Programming set forth in Exhibit 4, attached hereto and made a part hereof. Pursuant to applicable federal law, all Programming decisions, including the Programming listed in Exhibit 4, attached hereto, shall be at the sole discretion of the Licensee.

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