Dental Insurance Sample Clauses

Dental Insurance. The State agrees to pay one hundred percent (100%) of the employee premium of a dental insurance program for full-time employees. The benefit levels of this program shall provide one hundred percent (100%) coverage for preventive care and eighty percent (80%) coverage for general service care. The State agrees to provide payroll deduction for dental insurance, provided such arrangements are agreed to by the insurance carrier. Dependent coverage will be available provided there is sufficient employee participation in the dental insurance program. Dependent coverage will be at the employees' expense.
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Dental Insurance. Full-time employees, spouses and their dependents, shall be provided with dental benefits, which shall be paid in full by the Employer with the exception of an employee per pay period contribution. The level of benefits shall be as described in Appendix D. Additional benefits, terms of coverage, exclusions and limitations not described in and not inconsistent with Appendix D shall be comparable to those set out in the Dental Plan Description for active state employees in effect as of June 30, 2007. The per pay period contribution shall be: Employee $2.00 Employee +1 $4.00 Family $6.00 The Employer shall provide coverage under the dental plans consistent with Chapter 321 of the Laws of 2006, (i.e., Michelle’s Law). Part-time employees shall receive dental insurance benefits where applicable by law.
Dental Insurance. 1. Except as modified in paragraph 2, below, the State of Vermont Employee Dental Assistance Plan effective July 1, 2001, shall be at least substantially equivalent to the benefits under the Plan in effect on June 30, 2001, including the provision that there shall be a one (1) year limit (based on the actual date of service) for the filing of claims.
Dental Insurance. The University shall make available dental insurance to the employees covered by this agreement to the same extent and in the same manner and at the same costs as is available to other University employees, such as Faculty and the Executive, Administrative and Professional Staff employees. It is the University’s goal to have the same dental insurance plan(s) offered uniformly to all University employee groups and employees.
Dental Insurance. The Employer shall contribute the full premium cost for a dental insurance plan policy premium for each full time employee deemed eligible. Participation in the dental benefit is voluntary for each eligible employee. In order to qualify for the Employer’s share of the monthly premium, the employee must qualify under the rules and regulations of the respective carrier and may enroll in one of the following plans:
Dental Insurance. The School District shall contribute a sum of not to exceed $23.85 per month toward the premium for single coverage, and $66.70 per month toward the premium for dependent coverage, for each eligible employee who qualifies for and is enrolled in a single or family School District group dental plan.
Dental Insurance. The Board shall provide dental coverage and pay 100% of the premium.
Dental Insurance. Family dental insurance that is available to certificated staff through the District’s health insurance carrier.
Dental Insurance. Enrollment in a City dental insurance plan following loss of alternate coverage will become effective the first of the month following payment of two dental premiums through the City’s payroll process. Re-enrollment in the dental insurance plan shall not be retroactive.
Dental Insurance. 19.10.01 For all employees, the Company will pay the full cost of premiums for the Group Dental Insurance Plan. The Company shall be the sole policy holder and administrator of the above-mentioned Plan.