Storage Space Sample Clauses

Storage Space. Effective as of the Second Floor Commencement Date, Landlord hereby leases to Tenant certain additional space containing approximately 1,000 rentable square feet in such areas as more particularly designated on Schedule X- 0 xxxxxxxx hereto. In addition, Landlord hereby grants to Tenant the right to lease certain additional storage space in such areas of the Project as are designated for storage by Landlord on a first-come, first-served basis (the initial storage space and additional storage space leased to Tenant by Landlord, if any, are collectively the "Storage Space"). Tenant may exercise its option to lease additional Storage Space from time to time throughout the term of the Lease by giving written notice to Landlord of its desire to lease the same, which notice shall be conditioned upon the availability of the desired space. Tenant shall pay Landlord an annual rental for the Storage Space (the "Storage Rent") equal to $10.25 per rentable square foot of GLA of the Storage Space, adjusted annually at the rate of 2 1/2% per annum. The Lease Years for Storage Space shall be concurrent with the Lease Years for the Premises. No janitorial or trash removal services shall be provided to the Storage Space. No other charges shall be applied, as Additional Rent or otherwise, to the Storage Space, except for charges incurred by Landlord in enforcing its rights relating to the Storage Space under this Lease, in accordance with the terms of this Lease. The Tenant shall have the option, exercisable at any time during the Term, to cancel its lease of the Storage Space, upon thirty (30) days' prior written notice to the Landlord. Except as provided in this Section 2.1(b), the terms and conditions of Tenant's occupancy of the Storage Space shall be as set forth in this Lease. The Storage Space shall be leased in its absolute "AS IS" condition. There shall also be no core factor for the Storage Space (i.e., the usable areas shall be equal to the rentable area).
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Storage Space. Secure storage space shall be made available for the use of the local unit for the storage of a rolling cart.
Storage Space. To the extent that any portion of the Leased Premises consists of storage space in or about the Property, Tenant shall use the storage space for storage of files, records, and other personal property only and for no other purpose. Tenant shall not store any food (other than canned items) or perishable goods, flammable materials (other than paper, cardboard, or normal office supplies), explosives, or any other inherently dangerous material in the storage space. Except for elevator service to the floor on which the storage space is located and lighting for reasonable visibility in the storage space, Tenant acknowledges and agrees that there shall be no other services whatsoever provided to the storage space. Tenant agrees and understands that no bailment, deposit of goods for safekeeping, warehouse receipt, xxxx of lading, or other document of title for the property stored by Tenant is intended or created hereby and Landlord is not engaged in the business of storing goods for hire or in the warehouse business.
Storage Space. 16 Secured storage space shall be provided to those employees with a discernible need 17 within budgetary and space limitations; however, the Employer and MSEA, through the 18 Labor-Management Conference process, will pursue furnishing secured storage space 19 and suitable alternatives with the goal of providing satisfactory secured storage space 20 within the terms of this Agreement.
Storage Space. The Leased Space includes the Storage Space, if any, identified in Exhibit 2. Storage Space is to be used to store inventory and supplies for use in the Retail Space. It may be used for other purposes relating to the Concession with the consent of the Commissioner, but not as a point of retail sale of Merchandise. If the Commissioner determines that Tenant is using Storage Space for purposes unrelated to the Concession, the Commissioner may unilaterally delete the Storage Space from the Leased Space. If the Commissioner determines that the size of the Storage Space exceeds the needs of the Tenant, the Commissioner may unilaterally reduce the size of the Storage Space.
Storage Space. The iPad affords acceptable but limited electronic storage space. If a user is lacking a sufficient amount of storage space on the device, he/she will be required to delete apps, music, photos, and so forth, in order to make necessary educational-related programs accessible. Users are encouraged to back up, duplicate, or archive files to an independent storage space. It is recommended that users email documents to themselves for storage using alternative methods. Users may also utilize “cloud” storage programs, which allow access to documents from other computers via the Internet. It is solely the responsibility of the user to ensure that work is not lost due to mechanical failure, accidental deletion, or profiling.
Storage Space. Crosswinds agrees to provide storage sufficient in size to accommodate the Boat of the Owner described below (the "Boat").
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Storage Space. (1) Arrangement: Place products to provide easy access for review, so identification marks are easily visible, and to provide space necessary for future handling.
Storage Space. CLCS shall provide a separate lockable space with key at every work station for every unit member.
Storage Space. Storage space shall be made available for the use of the local unit.
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