Repair or replacement definition

Repair or replacement means the restoration of vehicles, vessels, or outboard
Repair or replacement means the restoration of vehicles, vessels, or outboard motors to a sound working condition by substituting any inoperative part of the vehicle, vessel, or outboard motor, or by correcting the inoperative part.
Repair or replacement means any capitalized repair or replacement of an existing NYPA transmission facility that comprises a part of the NYPA Backbone System provided that the repair or replacement, to the extent it involves installation of new equipment, utilizes items with substantially the same capacity rating as the existing equipment (or that any increase in facility rating is limited to the smallest change possible with commercially available replacements, or is no more costly than the price of a like-for-like replacement plus 10%).

Examples of Repair or replacement in a sentence

  • Repair or replacement under the terms of this warranty shall not give a right to an extension to, or a new commencement of, the period of warranty.

  • Repair or replacement of damaged members shall be at the Contractor’s expense and at no additional cost to the State.

  • Repair and Replacement Repair or replacement of Durable Medical Equipment, Orthotic Appliances and Prosthetic Devices due to loss, neglect, misuse, abuse, to improve appearance or convenience is not Covered.

  • Repair or replacement of prosthetic devices due to misuse, malicious damage or gross neglect or to replace lost or stolen items.

  • Repair or replacement necessitated by loss or misuse is not covered.

  • Repair or replacement shall be in accordance with techniques approved by the Engineer.

  • Repair or replacement of a prosthesis which is medically necessary due to normal use or a physiological change in the patient's condition will be considered a covered expense.

  • The Purchaser shall be entitled to cancel the contract or to demand a reduction in the contract price if, - Repair or replacement is impossible, or - Georg Fischer is unable or refuses to remedy the defect or replace the defective Products within a reasonable period of time or - Georg Fischer is unduly delaying such remedy or replacement.

  • Repair or replacement of the Orthotic Device is covered only within a reasonable time period from the date of purchase subject to the expected lifetime of the device.

  • Repair or replacement of structures shall occur in the same location or footprint of the previously permitted structure unless it has been determined to be environmentally better to relocate the structure.

More Definitions of Repair or replacement

Repair or replacement means: a repair that necessitates the removal of an integral part; wherein replacement of a part with a new, used, or rebuilt one is necessary; or one in which a substantial amount of time to complete is required; and specifically includes but is not limited to engine and transmission rebuilding or replacement, timing of the engine or replacement of timing chains, repair or replacement of the drive train, chassis, suspension system, axels, water pump, belts, replacement of glass, or any auto-body work.
Repair or replacement means the restoration of vehicles, vessels, or outboard motors to a sound working condition by substituting any inoperative part of the

Related to Repair or replacement

  • Repair means to restore to proper operating condition a tank, pipe, spill prevention equipment, overfill prevention equipment, corrosion protection equipment, release detection equipment or other UST system component that has caused a release of product from the UST system or has failed to function properly.

  • Installation means that the System or a Subsystem as specified in the Contract is ready for Commissioning as provided in GCC Clause 26 (Installation).

  • Contractor’s Equipment means all apparatus, machinery, vehicles and other things required for the execution and completion of the Works and the remedying of any defects. However, Contractor’s Equipment excludes Temporary Works, Employer’s Equipment (if any), Plant, Materials and any other things intended to form or forming part of the Equipment.

  • Reconstructed vehicle means every vehicle of a type required to be registered under this title

  • Customer Equipment means hardware, software, systems, cabling and facilities provided by you and used in conjunction with the Equipment that we supply to you in order to receive the Services;