Military Leave Sample Clauses

Military Leave. An employee will be granted unpaid Military Leave in accordance with the Employment Standards Act. The employee will give as much notice as is reasonably possible and will provide a copy of the Military Notice when received.
Military Leave. In addition to twenty-one (21) working days of paid leave granted to employees for required military duty or to take part in training or drills including those in the National Guard or active status, unpaid military leave will be granted in accordance with RCW 38.40.060 and applicable federal law. Employees on military leave will be reinstated as provided in RCW 73.16 and applicable federal law.
Military Leave. An employee shall be entitled to any military leave provided by law and shall retain all rights and privileges granted by law arising out of the exercise of military leave.
Military Leave. A nurse will be granted unpaid leave without loss of seniority in order to meet any obligations pertaining to the Canadian Military Reserve. The nurse will give as much notice as reasonably possible.
Military Leave. Employees who are members of the National Guard or other authorized State military or naval forces, and those employees who are members of the Army, Air Force, Marine, Coast Guard or Naval Reserve shall be entitled to a leave of absence from their respective duties, without loss of pay, and shall accrue sick and annual leave and seniority during periods of military training that do not exceed seventeen (17) workdays in any calendar year.
Military Leave. Every employee shall be entitled to military leaves of absence as specified in Chapter 7, Part 1, Division 2 of the California Military and Veterans Code. The employee must present to the supervisor a copy of his/her military orders which specify the dates and duration of such leave. If such employee shall have been continuously employed by the County for at least one year prior to the date such absence begins, he/she shall be entitled to receive paid military leave as follows:
Military Leave. A. An employee shall be entitled during the time of his/her service in the armed forces of the Commonwealth, under Sections 38, 40, 41, 42, or 60 of Chapter 33 of the General Laws, to receive pay therefor, without loss of his/her ordinary remuneration as an employee.
Military Leave. Any employee who is ordered to serve as a member of the State Militia or the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard or any division thereof shall be granted a military leave for the period of such service, plus ninety (90) days. Additionally, any employee who volunteers for service during a mobilization under Executive Order of the President or Congress of the United States and/or the State Governor in time of emergency shall be granted a leave of absence in accordance with applicable state or federal laws. Upon the termination of such service or upon honorable discharge, the employee shall be entitled to return to his/her position in the classified service provided such still exists and the employee is otherwise qualified, without any loss of standing of any kind whatsoever. An employee who has been granted a military leave shall not, by reason of such absence, suffer any loss of vacation, holiday, or sick leave privileges which may be accrued at the time of such leave, nor shall the employee be prejudiced thereby with reference to salary adjustments or continuation of employment. For purposes of determining eligibility for salary adjustments or seniority in case of layoff or promotional examination, time on military leave shall be considered as time in County service. Any employee who has been granted a military leave, may upon return, be required to furnish such evidence of performance of military service or of honorable discharge as the Director of Human Resources may deem necessary.
Military Leave. An Employee who is required by military authorities to attend training or perform military services shall be granted leave without pay.
Military Leave. Leave required in order for a nurse to maintain status in a military reserve of the United States shall be granted without pay, without loss of benefits accrued to the date such leave commences, and shall not be considered part of the nurse’s earned annual leave time.