The Fee Sample Clauses

The Fee. The agreed fee shall be as follows: Year 1 [Amount] Year 2 [Amount] Year 3 [Amount]
The Fee in clause 1-7 indicates the Fee is to be a lump sum.
The Fee. In consideration for the Company performing the Services, the Player agrees to pay to the Company the following Fees during the Term (indicate the fee arrangement by ticking the appropriate box and completing the details for that item):  A sum of money equal to the following percentages of the Football Payments received by the Player pursuant to the Player’s Playing Contract per annum provided the Agent has negotiated such Playing Contract and the contract is signed by the Player;
The Fee. 1. The contractual parties agree that (choose option): organization is obliged to pay to Author - the total amount 400 EUR for the completion of task specified in Article 1, item 1, paragraph 1a of this contract (hereinafter referred to as the “Fee”). Author completes tasks specified in Article 1 item 1 of this contract as in kind contribution without any claim for payment/fee.
The Fee. 3.1 The Company shall pay Agent cash fee equal to 10.00% of the gross proceeds of the Offering (the "Cash Fee"} as received by the Company from Agent's Proposed Investors. The Company shall also issue the Agent a warrant to purchase a number of the Company's common shared equal to 7.00% of the gross proceeds of the Offering (the "Warrant") as received by the Company from Agent's Proposed Investors. The Warrant shall have an exercise price equal to the closing bid price of the Company's common shares on the prior trading date to the Closing (the "Strike Price").
The Fee. The Fee is a fixed lump sum (inclusive of disbursements, expenses and VAT) of £[•] or The Fee will be [ ] per cent of the final contract sum under the Building Contract (but excluding any amounts in respect of loss and expense payable to the Contractor due to delay or disruption). or, if at the time the appointment is signed, the final contract sum is not known
The Fee. 8.1 In consideration of the Project Manager performing the Basic Services, the Employer hereby agrees to pay the Project Manager the Basic Fee in the sum of [xx] per month, which is a fixed fee and full remuneration for the full and proper performance by the Project Manager of the Basic Services regardless of the number of Minor Project Works being managed by the Project Manager at any one time as long as this Agreement is in force. [OPTION TO INCREASE BASIC FEE: In the event that this Agreement is renewed in accordance with clause 2.3 above after the expiry of the Agreement Period, the Project Manager shall be entitled to a revised Basic Fee in the sum of [xx] per month for the period in which this Agreement is renewed.]
The Fee. 3.1. The Referral Fee is set out in Schedule 1 of this Agreement. (the “Referral Fee Amount”).
The Fee. 2.1 In consideration for Consultant’s provision of services to Sponsor pursuant to this Agreement, Sponsor shall pay to Consultant a fee (The “Fee) of one percent (1%) of the total principal loan amount funded by Investor in a Transaction for loans less than $5,000,000 (Five Million US Dollars) and three-quarters of one percent (.75%) of the total principal loan amount funded by Investor in a Transaction for loans equal to or greater then $5,000,000 (Five Million US Dollars). Such Fee will become earned by Consultant, and due and payable by Sponsor, at such time that an Investor funds a Transaction. The Sponsor or the Investor shall release the Fee to Consultant via wire transfer or certified check made payable to Consultant. On a case-by-case occasion, and as deemed warranted, Consultant may admit to an alternate or negotiated form or rate of compensation as defined in Section 2.1. Such consideration shall be at the full discretion and written consent of the Consultant.
The Fee. The cost for a Recycled style bench will be given on the receipt of a completed agreement form. Please note this is not a legally binding document until signed by both parties.