Intended for Use definition

Intended for Use means the use intended for various parcels within the Properties as shown on the Master Plan of Dewees Island prepared by the Company as the same may be revised from time to time by the Company, or the use to which any particular parcel of land is restricted by covenants expressly set forth or incorporated by reference in deeds by which the Company has conveyed the property.
Intended for Use means the use intended for various parcels within the Properties as shown on the Master Development Plan of Stiles Point Plantation, or the use to which any particular parcel of land is restricted by covenants expressly set forth or incorporated by reference in deeds by which the Company has conveyed the property.
Intended for Use means and refer to the use intended for various portions of the Project as shown on the Master Plan for the Preston Planned Unit Development or as established by the zoning applicable to such portion of the Project, or the use to which any such portion of the Project is restricted by applicable restrictive covenants.

Examples of Intended for Use in a sentence

  • Subpart F—Diesel Power Pack- ages Intended for Use in Areas of Underground Coal Mines Where Permissible Elec- tric Equipment is Required SOURCE: 61 FR 55518, Oct.

  • The Foods Intended for Use in Energy Restricted Diets for Weight Reduction Regulations 19973.

  • Any Object Intended for Use as a Weapon – Possessing, carrying or using any object intended for use as, or used as, a weapon, regardless of the original purpose of the object.

  • However, infrequent reservoir operations may lead to stranding and entrapment by rearing Chinook fry, particularly if reservoir elevations are lowered rapidly.

  • Table 4-20 illustrates some (non-exhaustive) examples of “Use in Product(s) Intended for Use by Children.” For example, certain products (e.g., crayons, coloring books, diapers, and toy cars) are typically used by children age 14 or younger.

  • Examples of Products Intended for Use by Children For the 2020 submission period: (1) use column A for chemical substances designated in 2019 as high priority for risk evaluation (those chemicals listed in 40 CFR 711.15(b)(4)(i)(C), Table 7) and (2) use either column A or B for chemical substances not listed in Table 7.

  • The regulations are found in 16 CFR 1500, Hazardous Substances and Articles; Administration and Enforcement Regulations, and 16 CFR 1501, Method for Identifying Toys and Other Articles Intended for Use by Children Under 3 Years of Age Which Present Choking, Aspiration, or Ingestion Hazards Because of Small Parts.

  • For more information see, “Proposed Rule: Use of Materials Derived from Cattle in Medical Products Intended for Use in Humans and Drugs Intended for Use in Ruminants,” (72 FR 1581; January 12, 2007) found at

  • Clinical and Regulatory Perspectives on Naloxone Products Intended for Use in the Community 2016 [cited 2016 November 1].

  • Existing Measures: CZ: Act No 296/2008 Coll., on Safeguarding the Quality and Safety of Human Tissues and Cells Intended for Use in Man ("Act on Human Tissues and Cells"); Act No 378/2007 Coll., on Pharmaceuticals and on Amendments to Some Related Acts (Act on Pharmaceuticals); Act No. 268/2014 Coll.

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Intended for Use means the use intended for various parcels within the Properties as shown* on the Master Plan of Lake Hogan Farms prepared by the Company as the same may be
Intended for Use means the use to which any particular parcel of land is restricted by covenants expressly set forth or incorporated by reference in deeds by which the Company or its Predecessors in Title have conveyed the property.

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  • Adjusted for inflation means increased in accordance with the formula for inflation adjustment set forth in Exhibit C to the Master Settlement Agreement.

  • Unsuitable for Its Permitted Use means, with respect to any Facility, a state or condition of such Facility such that (a) following any damage or destruction involving a Facility, (i) such Facility cannot be operated on a commercially practicable basis for its Permitted Use and it cannot reasonably be expected to be restored to substantially the same condition as existed immediately before such damage or destruction, and as otherwise required by Section 10.2.4, within twelve (12) months following such damage or destruction or such longer period of time as to which business interruption insurance is available to cover Rent and other costs related to the applicable Property following such damage or destruction, (ii) the damage or destruction, if uninsured, exceeds $1,000,000 or (iii) the cost of such restoration exceeds ten percent (10%) of the fair market value of such Property immediately prior to such damage or destruction, or (b) as the result of a partial taking by Condemnation, such Facility cannot be operated, in the good faith judgment of Tenant, on a commercially practicable basis for its Permitted Use.

  • Unsuitable for Its Primary Intended Use means that, by reason of damage or destruction, or a partial Taking by Condemnation, the Facility cannot be operated on a commercially practicable basis for its Primary Intended Use, taking into account, all relevant factors, and the effect of such damage or destruction or partial Taking.

  • Unavailable means either that: (1) there is no LOSB providing goods or services requested; or, (2) no LOSB submitted a bid. Requirements and Compliance All firms or entities seeking to become Contractors as outlined herein are required to make good faith efforts to achieve LOSB participation when submitting a proposal or bidding on Shelby County procurements. Bidders shall not discriminate on the basis of race or gender when soliciting bids in the performance of Shelby County’s procurements. Discrimination complaints brought to the attention of Shelby County Office of Equal Opportunity Compliance (or its designee) will be reviewed and investigated to the extent necessary to determine the validity of such complaints and what actions, if any, should be taken by Shelby County. Policies and Procedures Shelby County may adopt policies and procedures as necessary to carry out and implement its powers and duties with regard to the LOSB Program. It is the goal of Shelby County to encourage participation by LOSB’s and to adopt rules and regulations which achieve to the greatest extent possible a level of participation by LOSB’s taking into account the total number of all Contractors and suppliers. Therefore, Shelby County will review each procurement request to determine the maximum potential for utilization of LOSB’s. This review is based on the availability of qualified LOSB’s providing goods or services as it relates to the scope of the bid or procurement process. The following procedures may be utilized during the procurement process. 1. Pre-Bid Activity

  • Placed for adoption means the assumption and retention of a legal obligation by a person for the total or partial support of a child in anticipation of adoption of the child. If the legal obligation ceases to exist, the child is no longer considered placed for adoption. [PL 1993, c. 666, Pt. A, §1 (NEW).]

  • Lawfully admitted for permanent residence means the status of having been lawfully accorded the privilege of residing permanently in the United States as an immigrant in accordance with the immigration laws, such status not having changed.

  • Government purpose rights means the rights to—

  • Legitimate law enforcement purpose means a goal within the lawful authority of an officer that is to be achieved through methods or conduct condoned by the officer’s appointing authority.

  • Applied For means that you have already applied for a TIN or that you intend to apply for one soon. Caution: A disregarded U.S. entity that has a foreign owner must use the appropriate Form W-8.

  • Government purpose means any activity in which the United States Government is a party, including cooperative agreements with international or multi-national defense organizations, or sales or transfers by the United States Government to foreign governments or international organizations. Government purposes include competitive procurement, but do not include the rights to use, modify, reproduce, release, perform, display, or disclose technical data for commercial purposes or authorize others to do so.

  • Unaccounted for Gas or ‘UAFG’ means the difference between the Quantity of Gas received into the Network and delivered out of the Network, over a specified period of time.

  • intended purpose means the purpose for which the Technical Information is provided to the Supplier under or in connection with a Contract.

  • Extended foster care services means residential and other

  • License, permit, or other entitlement for use means all business, professional, trade and land use licenses and permits and all other entitlements for use, including all entitlements for land use, all contracts (other than competitively bid, labor, or personal employment contracts), and all franchises.

  • Development Purposes means using the Software for the specific purpose of (a) developing, (b) single-user prototyping, quality assurance or testing and/or

  • Sustainable use means the use of components of biological diversity in such manner and at such rate that does not lead to the long-term decline of the biological diversity thereby maintaining its potential to meet the needs and aspirations of present and future generations;

  • Intended Use means the use of machinery in accordance with the information provided in the instructions for use;

  • Available government assistance means any governmental rental or housing payment benefits available to the individual or any household member.

  • Graduates Unavailable for Employment means the graduates who, after graduation, die, become incarcerated, are called to active military duty, are international students that leave the United States or do not have a visa allowing employment in the United States, or are continuing their education in an accredited or bureau-approved postsecondary institution.

  • public purpose means any of the purposes for which land may be reserved under Part 4 of the Land Administration Act 1997, and any purpose declared by the Governor pursuant to that Act, by notification in the Government Gazette to be a public purpose within the meaning of that Act;

  • Intended Recipient means any person or party to whom any Messages are intended by the sender to be sent through or incidental to any of the Tradelink Services.

  • Manufactured in the United States means produced by a process in which the manufacturing, final assembly, processing, packaging, testing, and any other process that adds value, quality, or reliability to assembled articles, materials, or supplies, occur in the United States.

  • Breadth (B) means the maximum breadth of the ship, measured amidships to the moulded line of the frame in a ship with a metal shell and to the outer surface of the hull in a ship with a shell of any other material. The breadth (B) shall be measured in metres.

  • Permitted Use , in relation to a property, means the limited purposes for which the property may be used in terms of –

  • Cooperative Stock With respect to a Cooperative Loan, the single outstanding class of stock, partnership interest or other ownership instrument in the related Cooperative.