The Personal Property Sample Clauses

The Personal Property. (b) The Real Property;
The Personal Property. F. All awards or payments, including interest thereon, which may heretofore and hereafter be made with respect to the Land and the Improvements, whether from the exercise of the right of eminent domain or condemnation (including but not limited to any transfer made in lieu of or in anticipation of the exercise of said rights), or for a change of grade, or for any other injury to or decrease in the value of the Land and Improvements;
The Personal Property. As used herein, the term “Personal Property” shall mean all of that certain tangible personal property, equipment and supplies owned by Transferor and situated at the Real Property and used by Transferor in connection with the use, operation, maintenance or repair of all or any portion of the Real Property.
The Personal Property. 2.1.2. the Real Property;
The Personal Property. 2.1.2 the Real Property;
The Personal Property. At such times as any Excluded Property is freed of contractual or legal restrictions against becoming subject to a Lien to secure the Obligations and upon the distribution of any Trust Property to Company or a Subsidiary, such property shall, automatically, become subject to the Liens created by the Security Documents, and Company shall notify Agent in writing of such event and take such further actions as may be required by Agent and/or Collateral Agent to evidence and perfect such Liens; provided that, in no event, shall a Lien be granted on any assets required to be placed in a Reserve Account pursuant to the Reorganization Plan or the Homesite Program.
The Personal Property. (d) The Tenant Leases.
The Personal Property. 2.1.2. The Real Property;
The Personal Property. 3.3.10 An executed counterpart of the Execution Version of Lease.