Programming Sample Clauses

Programming. (a) Pursuant to Section 624 of the Cable Act, the Licensee shall maintain the mix, quality and broad categories of Programming set forth in Exhibit 4, attached hereto and made a part hereof. Pursuant to applicable federal law, all Programming decisions, including the Programming listed in Exhibit 4, attached hereto, shall be at the sole discretion of the Licensee.
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Programming. Each electronic voting system used is specially pro- grammed by the firm PG Elections inc. for the munici- pality in order to recognize and tally ballot papers in accordance with this agreement.
Programming. Processor is not responsible for programming or reprogramming of fuel dispensers.
Programming. Seller shall not make any material changes in the broadcast hours or in the percentages of types of programming broadcast by the Station, or make any other material change in the Station's programming policies, except such changes as in the good faith judgment of the Seller are required by the public interest.
Programming. In addition to digital data services, such as the Internet or Intranet, the following is a list of video programming services Lessee may provide over Lessee's System. TLC - The Leaning Channel TWC - The Weather Channel Lifetime ESPN - Sports AMC - American Movie Classics XXXXX WHTN - World Harvest Television Network ECO - Galavision CNN - Cable News Network CNN - Headline News C-Span I C-Span II BET - Black Entertainment Network CNBC - Consumer News & Business Channel Nickelodeon The Discovery Channel A&E - Arts and Entertainment The Family Channel The Disney Channel PBS - Public Broadcasting Service TBN - Trinity Broadcasting Network TNIN - The New Inspirational Network ME/U - Mind Extension Network The International Channel BRAVO Network The Travel Channel Family Network Keystone Inspirational Network
Programming. Any video or audio signal carried over the Cable System that is generally considered comparable to programming provided by a television broadcast station.
Programming. The Licensee shall use its best efforts to provide a wide diversity of alternative programming options to Subscribers, including, but not limited to, sports programming, public affairs programming, news programming, entertainment programming, and movie programming. The Licensee has offered and shall provide the following Cable Services: 1) all broadcast stations required to be carried by federal law; and 2) Public, Educational and Governmental (“PEG”) Access channel(s) required by this Renewal License. The Licensee shall provide written notice to all Town Subscribers at least thirty (30) days in advance of any channel numbering or programming network changes. Pursuant to the Cable Act, 47 U.S.C. 532 (b) (3), the Licensee shall make available channel capacity for commercial use by persons unaffiliated with the Licensee.
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Programming. Two hours of out-of-cell programming, four days per week (excluding Fridays and holidays). The Program Management Team will conduct out-of-cell meetings with a sufficient number of inmates on Fridays (excluding holidays) so as to conduct a quarterly out-of-cell meeting with each participant as provided in § I(A)(3)(a) above.
Programming a. The Recipient shall be responsible for including the project in the appropriate Regional Planning Affiliation (RPA) or Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Transportation Improvement Program (TIP). The Recipient shall also ensure that the appropriate RPA or MPO, through their TIP submittal to the Department, includes the project in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). If the project is not included in the appropriate fiscal year of the STIP, funds cannot be obligated.
Programming. Any video, audio, text or data coded signal carried over the Cable Communications System.
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