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Additional Information Regarding the MFMP Sourcing Application For technical assistance, Vendors may contact the MyFloridaMarketPlace (MFMP) Vendor Help Desk at (000) 000-0000 or by email at: For additional information regarding vendor online training or to view MFMP Sourcing training documents, please see below: Online Training: xxxx:// MFMP Training Materials: xxxx:// Mandatory Requirements Respondents must comply with all Mandatory Requirements set forth in this section in order for their Proposal to be evaluated for award. The Department will not further evaluate Proposals from Respondents that answered “No” to any of the Mandatory Requirements or that fail to upload the required documentation listed in the following sections.
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Additional Information Regarding. UW-Parkside Degree Completion Requirements UW-Parkside Degree Requirements Gateway courses Credits Completed at Gateway that count toward degree Credits to be completed at UW-P Course/Credit Requirements to be completed at UW-P Humanities and the Arts: 12 credits (HU) 801-198 Speech 3 9 9 additional Credits in General Education: Humanities and Arts Social and Behavioral Science: 12 credits (SB) 809-143 Microeconomics 809-144 Macroeconomics 809-172 Intro to Diversity Studies 809-198 Intro to Psychology 12 0 None Natural Science: 12 credits (NS) 806-112 Principles of Sustainability 3 9 9 additional credits in General Education: Natural Science Ethnic Diversity requirement: 3 credits 809-172 Intro to Diversity Studies (part of Social and Behavioral Science) 0 None (completed by 809-172) English Skill Requirement: ENGL 000 000-000 English Composition 1 3 0 None Math Skill Requirement: MATH 000 000-000 College Tech Math 1 5 0 None Foreign Language or other electives 6-8 6-8 Foreign Language Requirement or other electives Information Literacy 0 On-line Tutorial Electives 102-137 Intro to Business 104-104 Selling Principles 104-161 Selling Principles Advanced 104-173 Marketing Research 104-105 Promotions Principles 104-116 Electronic Marketing Social Media 18 0 Lower Level Business Management 24** – 14* = 10 9 See UW-P Guide sheets for concentration requirements. Visit keyword: business Majors in: - Accounting - Management Info Systems - Business Management with concentrations in: - Finance - General Business - Human Resources - Marketing 42 or 42 or 33 or 36 or 33 or 36 See UW-P Guide sheets for concentration requirements. Visit keyword: business Totals Approx. 54 66 - 69 Additional credits that may not include foreign language required at UW-Parkside 24** includes the following credits transferring in from Gateway: Math (5 Cr), Microeconomics (3 Cr), Macroeconomics (3 Cr), Accounting (4 Cr), Business Law (3 Cr), Speech (3 Cr), Tech Writing (3 Cr) 14* includes courses that have already been counted in credit totals (via Math and General Education courses) completed at Gateway: Math (5 Cr), Microeconomics (3 Cr), Macroeconomics (3 Cr), Speech (3 Cr) Total Credits and GPA Graduation Requirements

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  • Information The Buyer and its advisors, if any, have been, and for so long as the Note remain outstanding will continue to be, furnished with all materials relating to the business, finances and operations of the Company and materials relating to the offer and sale of the Securities which have been requested by the Buyer or its advisors. The Buyer and its advisors, if any, have been, and for so long as the Note remain outstanding will continue to be, afforded the opportunity to ask questions of the Company. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Company has not disclosed to the Buyer any material nonpublic information and will not disclose such information unless such information is disclosed to the public prior to or promptly following such disclosure to the Buyer. Neither such inquiries nor any other due diligence investigation conducted by Buyer or any of its advisors or representatives shall modify, amend or affect Buyer’s right to rely on the Company’s representations and warranties contained in Section 3 below. The Buyer understands that its investment in the Securities involves a significant degree of risk. The Buyer is not aware of any facts that may constitute a breach of any of the Company's representations and warranties made herein.

  • INITIAL INFORMATION § 1.1 This Agreement is based on the Initial Information set forth in this Section 1.1. (For each item in this section, insert the information or a statement such as “not applicable” or “unknown at time of execution.”)

  • Additional Information 3.1 The laws of Singapore will apply to how this Contract will be read and to the rights the parties have under this Contract.

  • Payroll Information Payroll checks shall include all required information, a clear designation as to the amount and category, e.g., regular, overtime or holiday pay, of compensation for which payment is being made.

  • Access to Financial Information Buyer’s representatives shall have access to, and Seller and its Affiliates shall cooperate with Buyer and furnish upon request, all financial and other information relating to the Hotel’s operations to the extent necessary to enable Buyer’s representatives to prepare audited financial statements in conformity with Regulation S-X of the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) and other applicable rules and regulations of the SEC and to enable them to prepare a registration statement, report or disclosure statement for filing with the SEC on behalf of Buyer or its Affiliates, whether before or after Closing and regardless of whether such information is included in the Records to be transferred to Buyer hereunder. Seller shall also provide to Buyer’s representative a signed representation letter in form and substance reasonably acceptable to Seller sufficient to enable an independent public accountant to render an opinion on the financial statements related to the Hotel. Buyer will reimburse Seller for costs reasonably incurred by Seller to comply with the requirements of the preceding sentence to the extent that Seller is required to incur costs not in the ordinary course of business for third parties to provide such representation letters. The provisions of this Section shall survive Closing or termination of this Contract.

  • General Information The Vendor Agreement (“Agreement”) made and entered into by and between The Interlocal Purchasing System (hereinafter referred to as “TIPS” respectfully) a government cooperative purchasing program authorized by the Region 8 Education Service Center, having its principal place of business at 0000 XX Xxx 000 Xxxxx, Xxxxxxxxx, Xxxxx 00000. This Agreement consists of the provisions set forth below, including provisions of all Attachments referenced herein. In the event of a conflict between the provisions set forth below and those contained in any Attachment, the provisions set forth shall control. The Vendor Agreement shall include and incorporate by reference this Agreement, the terms and conditions, special terms and conditions, any agreed upon amendments, as well as all of the sections of the solicitation as posted, including any addenda and the awarded vendor’s proposal. Once signed, if an awarded vendor’s proposal varies or is unclear in any way from the TIPS Agreement, TIPS, at its sole discretion, will decide which provision will prevail. Other documents to be included are the awarded vendor’s proposals, task orders, purchase orders and any adjustments which have been issued. If deviations are submitted to TIPS by the proposing vendor as provided by and within the solicitation process, this Agreement may be amended to incorporate any agreed deviations. The following pages will constitute the Agreement between the successful vendors(s) and TIPS. Bidders shall state, in a separate writing, and include with their proposal response, any required exceptions or deviations from these terms, conditions, and specifications. If agreed to by TIPS, they will be incorporated into the final Agreement. A Purchase Order, Agreement or Contract is the TIPS Member’s approval providing the authority to proceed with the negotiated delivery order under the Agreement. Special terms and conditions as agreed to between the vendor and TIPS Member should be added as addenda to the Purchase Order, Agreement or Contract. Items such as certificate of insurance, bonding requirements, small or disadvantaged business goals are some of the addenda possible.

  • Safeguarding Information Not to use or disclose any information concerning a recipient of services under this contract for any purpose not in conformity with state and federal law except upon written consent of the recipient, or the responsible parent or guardian when authorized by law.

  • Notice Regarding Predatory Offender Information Information regarding the predatory offender registry and persons registered with the predatory offender registry under MN Statute 243.166 may be obtained by contacting the local law enforcement offices in the community where the property is located, or the Minnesota Department of Corrections at (000) 000-0000, or from the Department of Corrections Web site at xxx.xxxx.xxxxx.xx.xx. AUTHORIZATION

  • - CLEC INFORMATION CLEC agrees to work with Qwest in good faith to promptly complete or update, as applicable, Qwest’s “New Customer Questionnaire” to the extent that CLEC has not already done so, and CLEC shall hold Qwest harmless for any damages to or claims from CLEC caused by CLEC’s failure to promptly complete or update the questionnaire.

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