Cell Phones Sample Clauses

Cell Phones. The College follows the State’s Cell Phone Policy. Employees who receive cell phones from the College shall also abide by this Policy. The College shall provide the Policy to any employee who is given a cell phone. Employees are responsible for the cost of all personal calls. While the College anticipates some incidental personal use of cell phones, it is also expected that such use is infrequent.
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Cell Phones. All research personal working in the community are to carry cell phones in the case of emergency.
Cell Phones. A. The Attorney General’s Office, Caltrans, Department of Industrial Relations, and Social Services will make cell phones available to their Unit 2 attorneys for official business use while traveling or away from the office on State business, on a check- out basis.
Cell Phones. Each employee shall be entitled to a cell phone allowance from the Co-operative in the amount of thirty ($30.00) dollars per bi-weekly period.
Cell Phones. The use of personal cell phones while driving the bus or loading and unloading children is strictly prohibited. The authorized use of personal cell phones for emergency purposes is only allowed after the bus has been stopped and properly secured.
Cell Phones. Principals and Assistant Principals are required to carry cell phones so that they are accessible when needed. Reimbursement for is expense shall be a stipend of $70 per month on a twelve (12)-month basis.
Cell Phones. The personal use of company or personal cell phones shall be prohibited during working hours. Personal cell phones may be used for personal calls only during lunch and coffee breaks.
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Cell Phones. Where visiting nurses are provided with appropriate hand-held electronic communications devices for work purposes, it is understood that the Employee will not be required to utilize personal communication devices for business purposes. The Employer agrees that the nurse is not responsible to answer any electronic mail or calls during scheduled time off.
Cell Phones. 8.5.1 Employees are required to use and operate a District-issued cell phone or use a personal smart cell phone. If the District grants permission for the unit member to use a personal phone instead of a District-issued cell phone, the District will reimburse the unit member one hundred twenty-five dollars ($125) per month regardless of the actual cost of the business use of the phone.
Cell Phones. B-4.01 Any employee in Supported Independent Living required to use a cell phone during their working shift to carry out day to day working activities will be provided with a fifteen ($15.00) dollar per month cell phone allowance. Part time employees in Supported Independent Living contracted to work at least fifteen (15) hours per month and required to use a cell phone during their working shift to carry out day to day working activities, will be provided a seven dollar and fifty cent ($7.50) per month cell phone allowance. APPENDIX C
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