Hardware Sample Clauses

Hardware. Hardware shall conform to applicable requirements of the BOCA building code, and for fire rated doors and frames, with appropriate sections of Chapter 5 of ANSI/NFPA 101. Hardware shall be made to blueprint template and be furnished to door and frame manufacturer. Hardware shall be supplied through an architectural hardware consultant to properly handle, detail, and service hardware in a satisfactory manner. Hinges shall be provided with stainless steel pins, oil impregnated bronze bushings, or concealed ball bearing units. Swing out doors shall have non-removable pins. Suite entry locks shall be keyed alike with brass keys, interchangeable cores and weatherproof if exterior environment. Exterior locksets shall be heavy-duty cylindrical type with a minimum 2-3/4” back set and 9/16” throw latchbolt. All lock cylinders shall be Schlage, “EXT D53PD RHO 626”, and must be designed or protected so they cannot be grasped by any wrenching device. All door handles shall be of heavy duty level type, except to hazardous areas. Cylinder cores and keys shall be provided by the Owner/ Lessor. Door stops shall be wall mounted with wood blocking, per division 6. Exit devices shall be steel (dull chrome US26D finish), and be UL approved. Devices required on fire-rated doors shall be UL listed as fire exit hardware. Outside trim shall be fastened by means of concealed lugs and through-bolts to the active case. All exterior doors shall be equipped with closers. Door closers shall have key valves for back check, speed, and latching. Degree of opening shall be maximum possible without causing interference or damage to door or trim. Exterior closers shall be lockable in the full-open position. Closers shall be fastened to doors with sex bolts. Hinged exterior doors, except fire doors, shall require no more than 8-½” lbs. of force for opening or closing. Fire doors shall have the minimum opening force required by the fire marshal. All lockable interior doors shall have lever action Schlage AL Series or Best hardware. A keying plan for interior door locks will be furnished by the State with the systems furnishings block plan. The Owner/Lessor shall supply 2 keys per lock, and 4 master keys. Individual offices, storage rooms, individual restrooms, conference and hearings rooms shall be lockable by a twist button on room side, and unlockable by key on corridor side or untwist of room side locking button. All toilet room doors shall be provided with door closers and ball bearing typ...
Hardware. Any portion of the Licensed Product that implements any of the content protection requirements of the Specification or Section of Part 1 of Exhibit B in Hardware shall include all of the characteristics set forth in Sections 1 and 2 of this Exhibit C. For the purposes of these Robustness Rules, “Hardware” shall mean a physical device, including a component, that implements any of the content protection requirements as to which this Agreement requires that a Licensed Product be compliant and that (i) does not include instructions or data other than such instructions or data that are permanently embedded in such device or component; or (ii) includes instructions or data that are not permanently embedded in such device or component where such instructions or data have been customized for such Licensed Product or Licensed Component and such instructions or data are not accessible to the end user through the Licensed Product or Licensed Component. Such implementations shall:
Hardware a. Unless the Contractor Standard Form Agreement provides greater coverage, as determined by the State, in its sole discretion, the contractor warrants that the equipment offered is standard new equipment, and is the manufacturer's latest model in production, with parts regularly used for the type of equipment offered; that such parts are all in production and not likely to be discontinued; and that no attachment or part has been substituted or applied contrary to manufacturer's recommendations and standard practice.
Hardware. Medical Practice is solely responsible for acquiring, installing and maintaining any computer hardware necessary for Medical Practice to use the Software. Modernizing Medicine will not provide maintenance for any of Medical Practice’s hardware. Medical Practice is solely responsible for acquiring and maintaining such internet connections as are necessary for Medical Practice to access and use the Software. Without limiting the foregoing, if Modernizing Medicine provides any iPads to Medical Practice pursuant to Schedule “A” of the License Agreement then Medical Practice acknowledges and agrees that: (i) such iPads have been provided to Medical Practice so that Medical Practice may better utilize the Software and to evaluate and provide feedback to Modernizing Medicine on utility and connectivity of the iPads with the Software, (ii) the Device Software may not be pre-loaded on the iPads and Medical Practice shall promptly download the applicable “app” from the Apple App Store pursuant to Modernizing Medicine’s instructions; (iii) no Medical Practice Data will be stored on the iPads; (iv) Medical Practice shall provide feedback to Modernizing Medicine with respect to the operation of the iPads with the Software upon the reasonable request of Modernizing Medicine; (v) Modernizing Medicine has no obligation to repair or replace any iPad provided by Modernizing Medicine to Medical Practice for any reason and (vi) Medical Practice shall return each iPad provided to it hereunder to Modernizing Medicine upon the earlier of expiration or termination of this Agreement in good condition.
Hardware. “Hardware” means the hardware and other furniture, fixtures and equipment owned or leased and then currently being used by PROVIDER exclusively to perform the Services under any MOA or PSA or to support such performance. To the extent any such items are not used by PROVIDER exclusively to perform the Services, PROVIDER shall assist CUSTOMER or its designee in purchasing, leasing or otherwise obtaining the use of comparable items.
Hardware. Appgate is not the manufacturer of any Hardware resold by Appgate to Customer hereunder. Notwithstanding anything in the Schedule Agreement to the contrary, Hardware is resold “as is” without indemnification, support or warranties of any kind, provided, that, Appgate will use commercially reasonable efforts to assign to Customer all assignable warranties and indemnities granted to Appgate by the party that Appgate purchased such Hardware from. In no event will Appgate be liable for any losses, costs, expenses or damages whatsoever, including, without limitation, direct, incidental, special, indirect, or consequential damages, loss of business, loss of profits, loss of data, or tortious conduct relating to, or arising from the Hardware.
Hardware. If Customer orders and pays for Hardware from LogRhythm, the terms and conditions set forth in the Hardware Addendum located on the LogRhythm website at xxxxx://xxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxx.xxx/terms-and- conditions/addendums/logrhythm-hardware-procurement-addendum-8-2019.pdf and incorporated herein or attached to this Agreement shall apply to such Hardware purchases.
Hardware. All hardware purchased from Rogers is covered by the hardware manufacturer’s original warranty. Upon request, the Rogers sales team will provide the Customer with up-to-date warranty information for the hardware. The risk of loss or damage to any materials or hardware shall pass to the Customer upon receipt at the Customer’s premises, notwithstanding that title to all materials and hardware purchased outright shall pass to the Customer only upon final payment, where applicable.