Computer Systems definition

Computer Systems means computers and associated input and output devices, data storage devices, networking equipment, and back up facilities:
Computer Systems meansall electronic computers including operating systems, software, hardware and all communication and open system networks and any data or websites wheresoever hosted, including cloud computing providers, off-line media libraries and data back- ups and mobile devices including but not limited to smartphones, iPhones, tablets or personal digital assistants.
Computer Systems has the meaning set forth in Section 4.20.

Examples of Computer Systems in a sentence

  • In Proceedings of the 5th Eu- ropean Conference on Computer Systems (New York, NY, USA, 2010), EuroSys ’10, ACM, pp.

  • UNIT - IIntroduction to Computing – Computer Systems, Computing Environments, Computer Languages, Algorithms and Flowcharts, Steps for Creating and Running programs.Introduction to C – History of C, Features Of C, Structure of C Program, Character Set, C Tokens-keywords, Identifiers, Constants, Data types, Variables.

  • County shall be solely responsible for accessibility as it relates to the Computer Systems, local connectivity to the internet, and other County network functionality.

  • Lamport, “The part-time parliament,” ACM Transactions on Computer Systems, 16(2):133–169, May 1998.

  • The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) is a private law body associated with NTUA, established in 1989.

More Definitions of Computer Systems

Computer Systems means Software, computer firmware, computer hardware, computer or information technology systems, electronic data processing systems or networks, telecommunications networks, network equipment, interfaces, platforms, peripherals, and data or information contained therein or transmitted thereby, including any outsourced systems and processes.
Computer Systems means any computer, network of computers, mobile device, or internet-enabled or networked telephone, printer, copier or other device, if owned, leased or operated by or on behalf of the Organization or any Subsidiary in connection with the Insured’s ordinary business activities, including if operated by a cloud computer provider on behalf of the Organization or any Subsidiary.
Computer Systems means all computer hardware, peripheral equipment, software and firmware, technology infrastructure and other computer systems and services that are used by the Company to receive, store, process or transmit data.
Computer Systems means all servers, computer hardware, networks, Software, databases, telecommunications systems, interfaces and related systems.
Computer Systems means computers, any software residing on such computers, and associated input and output devices, data storage devices, networking equipment, and back up facilities:
Computer Systems means any electronic device, component, network or system, or any protocol, portal, storage device, media, or electronic document, or any computer software, firmware or microcode, or any associated technology which receives, processes, stores, transmits or retrieves data either locally or remotely, or any part thereof, whether stand-alone, interconnected or operating as part of an integrated system or process, for use by or on behalf of the INSURED and/or the INSURED’S LAW FIRM.
Computer Systems means the computer systems utilized by BCLC for the operation of Games.