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Cover Page. The cover page to the Credit Agreement shall be and it hereby is amended and restated in its entirety and replaced with Annex A attached hereto.
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Cover Page. The cover page to the Credit Agreement is hereby amended by replacing such cover page in its entirety with Exhibit A attached hereto.
Cover Page. ITEM 2 MATERIAL CHANGES The following is a summary of certain changes made to this Brochure from the time of the annual update of the Brochure dated March 31, 2017. Item 9 was updated to provide information regarding disciplinary events, involving (i) a consent order with the Massachusetts Securities Division related to LPL’s supervisory practices for LPL representatives located on the premises of a credit union (2017), (ii) a consent order with the New Jersey Bureau of Securities related to the sale of non-traded alternative investments in excess of prospectus standards or LPL’s internal guidelines and the maintenance of related books and records (2017), and (iii) FINRA sanctions in connection with brokerage supervisory and disclosure procedures related to the sale of certain brokered certificates of deposit in brokerage accounts (2018). ITEM 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS ITEM 1 COVER PAGE 17 ITEM 2 MATERIAL CHANGES 17 ITEM 3 TABLE OF CONTENTS 17 ITEM 4 MATERIAL SERVICES, FEES AND COMPENSATION 17 ITEM 5 ACCOUNT REQUIREMENTS AND TYPES OF CLIENTS 20 ITEM 6 PORTFOLIO MANAGER SELECTION AND EVALUATION 20 ITEM 7 CLIENT INFORMATION PROVIDED TO PORTFOLIO MANAGERS 21 ITEM 8 CLIENT CONTACT WITH PORTFOLIO MANAGERS 22 ITEM 9 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION 22 ITEM 4 MATERIAL SERVICES, FEES AND COMPENSATION‌ Services LPL sponsors various types of advisory programs, including wrap fee programs, an advisor-enhanced digital advice program, and mutual fund asset allocation programs. LPL makes these programs available to clients directly and also through third party investment advisor firms (“Advisor”) and their associated persons. This Brochure provides a description of LPL’s Optimum Market Portfolios (“OMP”) program when offered through an Advisor. For more information about LPL’s advisory services and programs other than OMP, please contact your Advisor for a copy of a similar brochure that describes such service or program or go to The OMP program is a professionally managed mutual fund asset allocation program in which LPL and Advisor provide ongoing investment advice. The Advisor obtains the necessary financial data from the client, assists the client in determining the suitability of the program and assists the client in setting an appropriate investment objective. The Advisor on a discretionary or non-discretionary basis selects a model portfolio of mutual funds (“Portfolio”) designed by LPL’s Research Department consistent with the client’s stated investment...
Cover Page. The information set forth on the cover page hereof is hereby incorporated herein.
Cover Page. The cover page of the Existing Credit Agreement is amended to delete the figure “$1,200,000,000” and substitute therefor the figure “$1,300,000,000”.
Cover Page. Each project submitted shall include a cover page of no more than 1 page that includes the information in (a) through (l) below. Any project that does not include a cover page meeting the requirements listed below will not be considered. The cover page shall be in 8 ½” x 11” format, 1-inch margins, with 12-point or larger font size, single spaced. Each paragraph should be separated by at least one blank line. Arial or Times New Roman fonts are required.
Cover Page. The cover page attached to the Credit Agreement is hereby amended by replacing “CERTAIN OF ITS SUBSIDIARIES,” with “NATIONAL BEEF PENNSYLVANIA, LLC, CERTAIN OF THEIR RESPECTIVE SUBSIDIARIES,”.
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Cover Page. The cover page should include the .title of the document, document control number, project name, project number, site name, document date, restrictions or classification (as applicable), and any appropriate disclaimers.
Cover Page. Effective as of the Effective Date, the cover page of the Credit Facilities Agreement shall be amended and read as follows: “Credit Facilities Agreement dated May 18, 2018 by and between Infront Holding AG Xxxxxxxxxxx 0, 0000 Xxx, Xxxxxxxxxxx (IHAG, Parent or Guarantor) Infront Sports & Media AG Xxxxxxxxxxx 0, 0000 Xxx, Xxxxxxxxxxx (ISMAG, Company, Borrower or Guarantor) and UBS Switzerland AG Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx 00, 0000 Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxxxxxx (UBS, Mandated Lead Arranger, Underwriter, Bookrunner, Agent, Security Agent or Original Lender) UniCredit Bank AG Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 00, 00000 Xxxxxx, Xxxxxxx (UniCredit, Mandated Lead Arranger, Underwriter, Bookrunner, Documentation Agent or Original Lender) (IHAG, ISMAG and the Original Lenders, collectively the Original Parties)”
Cover Page. Revise dates to read: Master Portion effective May 1, 2013 to April 30, 2017 in the province of Ontario for Local Lodge 128.
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