Other Compensation Sample Clauses

Other Compensation. Unless otherwise stated, this Agreement does not include the Agent’s service of preparing the Property for sale or refinance, modernization, fire or major damage restoration, rehabilitation, financial accounting or legal advice, representation before public agencies, advising on proposed new construction, debt collection, counseling, attending any Association or Condominium meetings, and any other obligation not listed as a Service. If the Owner requests the Agent to perform services not included in this Agreement, a fee shall be agreed upon before such services are performed.
Other Compensation. The Company may, upon recommendation of the Compensation Committee, award to the Executive such other bonuses and compensation as it deems appropriate and reasonable.
Other Compensation. (a) Customer acknowledges that, as part of BNY Mellon’s compensation, BNY Mellon will earn interest on Cash balances held by BNY Mellon (including disbursement balances, balances arising from purchase and sale transactions and when Cash otherwise remains uninvested) as provided in BNY Mellon’s compensation disclosures.
Other Compensation. Notwithstanding anything in this Agreement to the contrary, Foreside and its affiliates may receive compensation or reimbursement from the Client and the Adviser with respect to any services not included under this Agreement.
Other Compensation. Any awards previously made to Employee under any of the Company's compensation plans or programs and not previously paid shall immediately vest on the date of his termination and shall be paid on that date and included as compensation in the year paid.
Other Compensation. The compensation provided pursuant to this Letter Agreement shall be exclusive of compensation and fees, if any, to which you may be entitled as an officer or director of a subsidiary of the Company. Except as herein modified or amended, the Employment Agreement shall remain in full force and effect.
Other Compensation. Executive shall be entitled to participate in any incentive or supplemental compensation plan or arrangement maintained or instituted by the Company, and covering its principal executive officers, at a level commensurate with his positions and to receive additional compensation from the Company in such form, and to such extent, if any, as the Compensation Committee may in its sole discretion from time to time specify.
Other Compensation. The Bank may provide such additional compensation to Executive in such form and in such amounts as may be approved by the Board or the Human Resources Committee in its sole discretion.
Other Compensation. The Employee shall continue to be eligible to participate in all other cash or stock compensation plans or programs maintained by the Company, as in effect from time to time, in which other senior executives of the Company are allowed to participate.
Other Compensation. Employee shall be entitled to receive additional benefits and compensation from the Company in such form and to such extent as specified below: