OF SECURITIES Sample Clauses

OF SECURITIES. The Custodian shall have sole power to release or deliver any Securities of the Trust held by it pursuant to this Agreement. The Custodian agrees to transfer, exchange or deliver Securities held by it on behalf of the Trust hereunder only:
OF SECURITIES. To the extent ---------------------------------- authorized by the Board of Directors or by the Chief Executive Officer, the President, any Vice President, the Secretary or the Treasurer or any other officers designated by the Board of Directors, the Chief Executive Officer or the President may sell, transfer, endorse, and assign any shares of stock, bonds or other securities owned by or held in the name of the Corporation, and may make, execute and deliver in the name of the Corporation, under its corporate seal, any instruments that may be appropriate to effect any such sale, transfer, endorsement or assignment.
OF SECURITIES. The Custodian agrees to transfer, exchange or deliver securities as provided in Article 6, or on receipt by it of, and in accordance with, a written order from the Fund in which the Fund shall state specifically which of the following cases is covered thereby, provided that it shall not be the responsibility of the Custodian to determine the propriety or legality of any such order:
OF SECURITIES. The Custodian shall have sole power to release or deliver any securities of the Fund held by it pursuant to this Agreement. The Custodian agrees to transfer, exchange or deliver securities held by it hereunder only: (a) for sales of such securities for the account of the Fund upon receipt by the Custodian of payment therefor, (b) when such securities mature or are called, redeemed or retired or otherwise become payable, (c) for examination by any broker selling any such securities in accordance with "street delivery" custom, (d) in exchange for or upon conversion into other securities alone or other securities and cash whether pursuant to any plan of merger, consolidation, reorganization, recapitalization or readjustment, or otherwise, (e) upon conversion of such securities pursuant to their terms into other securities, (f) upon exercise of subscription, purchase or other similar rights represented by such securities, (g) for the purpose of exchanging interim receipts for temporary securities for definitive securities, (h) for the purpose of effecting a loan of the Fund's portfolio securities to any person, firm, corporation or trust upon the receipt by the Custodian of cash or cash equivalent collateral at least equal to the market value of the securities loaned, (i) to any bank for the purpose of collateralizing the obligation of the Fund to repay any moneys borrowed by the Fund from such bank; provided, however, that the Custodian may at the option of such lending bank keep such collateral in its possession, subject to the rights of such bank given to it by virtue of any promissory note or agreement executed and delivered by the Fund to such bank, or (j) for other proper purposes of the Fund. As to any deliveries made by the Custodian pursuant to items (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (f), (g), and (h), securities or funds receivable in exchange therefor shall be deliverable to the Custodian. Before making any such transfer, exchange or delivery, the Custodian shall receive (and may rely upon) an Officers' Certificate requesting such transfer, exchange, or delivery and stating that it is for a purpose permitted under the terms of items (a), (b), (c), (d), (e), (f), (g), (h), or (i) of this Section 5, and, in respect of item (j), upon receipt of an Officers' Certificate and a certified copy of a resolution of the Trustees or of the Executive Committee, if any, signed by an officer of the Fund and certified by its Secretary or an Assistant Secretary, specifying t...
OF SECURITIES. Neither Borrower nor any agent with the authority of Borrower has offered any securities similar to the Notes, nor solicited any offer to buy any such securities, in a manner which would render the offering, sale or issuance of the Notes subject to the registration requirements of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.
OF SECURITIES. The Trust's activities may be conducted under the name of the Trust or any other name deemed advisable by the Administrators.


  • Execution of Securities The Securities shall be signed on behalf of the Issuer by the chairman of its Board of Directors, any vice chairman of its Board of Directors, its chief executive officer, its principal financial officer, its president, any vice president or its treasurer. Such signatures may be the manual or facsimile signatures of the present or any future such officers. Typographical and other minor errors or defects in any such reproduction of any such signature shall not affect the validity or enforceability of any Security that has been duly authenticated and delivered by the Trustee. In case any officer of the Issuer who shall have signed any of the Securities shall cease to be such officer before the Security so signed shall be authenticated and delivered by the Trustee or disposed of by the Issuer, such Security nevertheless may be authenticated and delivered or disposed of as though the person who signed such Security had not ceased to be such officer of the Issuer; and any Security may be signed on behalf of the Issuer by such persons as, at the actual date of the execution of such Security, shall be the proper officers of the Issuer, although at the date of the execution and delivery of this Indenture any such person was not such an officer.

  • Evaluation of Securities Compensation for Evaluation; Portfolio Supervision and Bookkeeping and Administrative Services; Succession

  • Terms of Securities A Board Resolution, a supplemental indenture hereto or an Officers’ Certificate shall establish whether the Securities of a Series shall be issued in whole or in part in the form of one or more Global Securities and the Depository for such Global Security or Securities.

  • Registration of Securities Domestic securities held by the Custodian (other than bearer securities) shall be registered in the name of the Portfolio or in the name of any nominee of a Fund on behalf of the Portfolio or of any nominee of the Custodian which nominee shall be assigned exclusively to the Portfolio, unless the Fund has authorized in writing the appointment of a nominee to be used in common with other registered management investment companies having the same investment adviser as the Portfolio, or in the name or nominee name of any agent appointed pursuant to Section 2.7 or in the name or nominee name of any sub-custodian appointed pursuant to Section 1. All securities accepted by the Custodian on behalf of the Portfolio under the terms of this Agreement shall be in “street name” or other good delivery form. If, however, a Fund directs the Custodian to maintain securities in “street name”, the Custodian shall utilize its best efforts only to timely collect income due the Fund on such securities and to notify the Fund on a best efforts basis only of relevant corporate actions including, without limitation, pendency of calls, maturities, tender or exchange offers.

  • Form of Securities Bearer Security. The Securities will be issued in global bearer form, evidenced on issue by a Temporary Bearer Global Security. Beneficial interests in a Temporary Bearer Global Security will be exchangeable for beneficial interests in a Permanent Bearer Global Security on or after the date which is 40 days after the date on which the Temporary Bearer Global Security is issued and upon certification as to non-U.S. beneficial ownership as required by U.S. Treasury regulations.

  • Issuance of Securities The issuance of the Common Stock, the Warrants and the Placement Agent Warrants are duly authorized and are free from all taxes, liens and charges with respect to the issue thereof. As of the Closing, a number of shares of Common Stock shall have been duly authorized and reserved for issuance which equals at least 100% of the maximum number of shares Common Stock issuable upon exercise of the Warrants and the Placement Agent Warrants (without taking into account of any limitations on the exercise of the Warrants set forth in the Warrants). Upon exercise, in accordance with the Warrants and the Placement Agent Warrants, as the case may be, and payment of the consideration set forth in this Agreement, the Warrants and the Placement Agent Warrants, the Warrant Shares and the Placement Agent Warrant Shares, respectively, will be validly issued, fully paid and nonassessable and free from all preemptive or similar rights, taxes, liens and charges with respect to the issue thereof, with the holders being entitled to all rights accorded to a holder of Common Stock.

  • Issue of Securities Not later than [10:00 a.m.], New York City time (or such other time as may be agreed between the Representative and the Republic), on the Closing Date, the Republic will issue and deliver one or more duly executed and authenticated Global Security in an aggregate principal amount of [U.S.$][ ]. The Representative shall instruct DTC as to the allocation of interests in the Global Security among the accounts of DTC participants.

  • Offering of Securities Neither the Company nor any person acting on its behalf has taken any action (including any offering of any securities of the Company under circumstances which would require the integration of such offering with the offering of any of the Preferred Shares under the Securities Act, and the rules and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) promulgated thereunder), which might subject the offering, issuance or sale of any of the Preferred Shares to Treasury pursuant to this Agreement to the registration requirements of the Securities Act.

  • Pricing of Securities A. For each valuation date, USBFS shall obtain prices from a pricing source recommended by USBFS and approved by the Board of Trustees and apply those prices to the portfolio positions of the Fund. For those securities where market quotations are not readily available, the Board of Trustees shall approve, in good faith, procedures for determining the fair value for such securities. If the Trust desires to provide a price that varies from the price provided by the pricing source, the Trust shall promptly notify and supply USBFS with the price of any such security on each valuation date. All pricing changes made by the Trust will be in writing and must specifically identify the securities to be changed by CUSIP, name of security, new price or rate to be applied, and, if applicable, the time period for which the new price(s) is/are effective.

  • Authorization of Securities The Securities to be sold by the Company under this Agreement have been duly authorized for issuance and sale to the Underwriters pursuant to this Agreement and, when issued and delivered by the Company pursuant to this Agreement against payment of the consideration set forth herein, will be validly issued, fully paid and non-assessable; no holder of the Securities is or will be subject to personal liability by reason of being such a holder; and the issuance and sale of the Securities to be sold by the Company under this Agreement are not subject to any preemptive rights, rights of first refusal or other similar rights of any securityholder of the Company or any other person.