Font size definition

Font size means the size of the printed characters on the ballot. Font size is measured in millimeters (mm) and points. A point equals 0.353mm.
Font size. Enter the font sizes to use for statistics data that is generated for display in "small", "medium" or "large" font sizes; the software automatically selects the small, medium or large values depending on the layout for a particular statistics section; if se- lect a different <font face>, you may want to experiment with the <font size> values to determine the best sizes to use. Top and bottom sections To customize the top portion of each HTML page, click on "Edit HTML top". This lets you specify the HTML code to be inserted at the top of each HTML document (immedi- ately following the <body> tag). Typically, you might "cut-and-paste" the HTML code from another standard page on your web site in this section. A file editor window is dis- played for modification of the top section. To customize the bottom portion of each HTML page, click on "Edit HTML bottom". This lets you specify the HTML code to be inserted at the bottom of each HTML document (immediately before the </body> tag). Typically, you might "cut-and-paste" the HTML code from another standard page on your web site in this section. A file editor window is displayed for modification of the bottom section. General options To customize the general titles/headings for the HTML pages, click on "Options" on the menu bar display the "General options" window. Use this window, for example, to spec- ify the report heading and "as of" date for the HTML pages. Career statistics A career statistics page will automatically be included if you have career stats enabled. Click on the "Season" tab and enable or disable the "Include career stats" field to indicate whether to include an individual career statistics page in the HTML output.
Font size. Font size is used to set font size of title and content text of the calendar page. • Font-variant: Font variant is used to set the variant of title and content text of the calendar page.

Examples of Font size in a sentence

  • Under each write-in line, the following words shall be printed: “Write-in vote, if any.”21.202(6) Font size.

  • Under the write-in lines, the commissioner shall print the following: “Write-in vote for Governor, if any” and “Write-in vote for Lt. Governor, if any”.21.203(6) Font size.

  • Font size should be no smaller than 10 and the proposal must be submitted on 8 ½” x 11" paper.

  • All the Bids shall be submitted in English Language in Font size 12 and above.

  • The support Personnel Matrix shall be limited to an 11 X 17-inch page with Times New Roman Font size 10-point or larger and one-inch margins.

  • Font size should not be smaller than 10-point on standard 8-1/2" x 11" paper with one-inch margins.

  • Font size must be no smaller than 10 point, utilizing the front and back of pages.

  • Font size and style throughout the Proposal must be 12-point font or greater with the exception of any applicable diagrams and footnotes.The State reserves the right to disqualify any proposals that do not follow the required formatting.

  • Font size should not be smaller than 10- point on standard 8-1/2" x 11" paper with one-inch margins.

  • The EOI must be submitted in English or Hindi language only with a Font size of 12.

More Definitions of Font size

Font size means the height of the lower case letter "o".
Font size means the height of the lower case letter "o" with a height of not less than 2 mm. "Suitable place" for the purpose of organizing events for patients means the standard generally accepted for patients. The adequate location is the Slovak Republic in case

Related to Font size

  • Lot Size means the number Underlying Assets in one Lot in a CFD.

  • Class size means the maximum number of students who can receive instruction together in a special class or resource room program and the number of teachers and supplementary school personnel assigned to the class.

  • Group size means the number of children in a group.

  • stacked bicycle parking space means a horizontal bicycle parking space that is positioned above or below another bicycle parking space and equipped with a mechanical device providing floor level access to both bicycle parking spaces.

  • Filtering facepiece (dust mask) means a negative pressure particulate respirator with a filter as an integral part of the facepiece or with the entire facepiece composed of the filtering medium, not equipped with elastomeric sealing surfaces and adjustable straps.

  • Building Square Footage or "BSF" means the square footage of assessable internal living space of a Unit, exclusive of any carports, walkways, garages, overhangs, patios, enclosed patios, detached accessory structure, other structures not used as living space, or any other square footage excluded under Government Code Section 65995 as determined by reference to the Building Permit for such Unit.

  • Family size means the number that is determined by counting the bor- rower, the borrower’s spouse, and the borrower’s children, including unborn children who will be born during the year the borrower certifies family size, if the children receive more than half their support from the borrower. A bor- rower’s family size includes other indi- viduals if, at the time the borrower certifies family size, the other individ- uals—

  • FILOT or “FILOT Payments” shall mean the amount paid or to be paid in lieu of ad valorem property taxes as provided herein.

  • Basement means any area of the building having its floor subgrade (below ground level) on all sides.

  • Tyre size designation means a designation showing:

  • bicycle parking space – visitor means an area that is equipped with a bicycle rack for the purpose of parking and securing bicycles, and:

  • Bicycle lane means that portion of a roadway designated by signs and/or pavement markings for

  • bicycle parking space means an area used for parking or storing a bicycle;

  • Class I area means a mandatory visibility protection area designated pursuant to section 169A of the federal Clean Air Act.

  • Tight-fitting facepiece means a respiratory inlet covering that forms a complete seal with the face.

  • Polystyrene foam adhesive means an aerosol adhesive designed to bond polystyrene foam to substrates.

  • Bicycle means a device propelled solely by human power, upon which a person may ride either on

  • Uppermost aquifer means the geologic formation nearest the natural ground surface that is an aquifer, as well as lower aquifers that are hydraulically interconnected with this aquifer within the facility's property boundary.

  • CONE Area means the areas listed in Tariff, Attachment DD, section 5.10(a)(iv)(A) and any LDAs established as CONE Areas pursuant to Tariff, Attachment DD, section 5.10(a)(iv)(B).

  • Magnesite cement coating means a coating labeled and formulated for application to magnesite cement decking to protect the magnesite cement substrate from erosion by water.

  • PAV means Pressurized Aging Vessel.

  • Field-flattening filter means a filter used to homogenize the absorbed dose rate over the radiation field.

  • Digital Signal Level 0 (DS-0 means the lowest-level signal in the time division multiplex digital hierarchy, and represents a voice-grade channel operating at either the 56 Kbps or 64 Kbps transmission bit rates. There are twenty-four (24) DS-0 channels in a DS-1.

  • height means the vertical distance between grade and the highest point of the building or structure;

  • Harvest lot means a specifically identified quantity of marijuana that is, cultivated utilizing the same growing practices and harvested within a 72 hour period at the same location and cured under uniform conditions.

  • Built-up area and/or “Covered Area” in relation to a Flat shall mean the floor area of that Flat including the area of balconies and terraces, if any attached thereto, and also the thickness of the walls (external or internal) and the columns and pillars therein Provided That if any wall, column or pillar be common between two Flats, then one-half of the area under such wall column or pillar shall be included in the built-up area of each such Flat.