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For More Information. The National Lead Information Center Learn how to protect children from lead poisoning and get other information about lead hazards on the Web at and, or call 1-800-424-LEAD (5323). EPA’s Safe Drinking Water Hotline For information about lead in drinking water, call 1-800-426-4791, or visit for information about lead in drinking water. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Hotline For information on lead in toys and other consumer products, or to report an unsafe consumer product or a product-related injury, call 1-800-638-2772, or visit CPSC’s website at or
For More Information. To obtain more information concerning the rules governing this SEP, please contact The Dreyfus Corporation at 144 Glenn Curtiss Boulevard, Uniondale, NY 11556-0144 [(800) 358-0910]. IF YOU ARE ESTABLISHING A SEP, A SAR-SEP, OR A SEP/SAR-SEP, THIS MUST BE DISTRIBUTED TO EMPLOYEES. THESE QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS MUST BE PROVIDED TO ALL EMPLOYEES WHEN YOU ADOPT YOUR SEP OR, IF LATER, AT THE TIME THEY ARE EMPLOYED. A Simplified Employee Pension, or SEP, is an arrangement through which employers can make contributions toward their employees' retirement income without becoming involved in more complex retirement plans. Under a SEP an employer makes contributions directly to each employee's Individual Retirement Account or Annuity (IRA). The IRA to which the employer contributes is referred to as a SEP-IRA. An employer who signs a SEP agreement is not statutorily required to make any contribution to the SEP-IRAs of eligible employees. However, if any contribution is made, the contribution may not discriminate in favor of officers, shareholders, or highly compensated employees. The participation requirements that the employer may impose cannot be more restrictive than the law provides, but can be less restrictive. The law provides that all employees who are at least 21 years old and have worked for the employer for some period of time (however short) in any three of the immediately preceding five calendar years, are eligible to receive SEP contributions. Certain nonresident aliens, and certain union employees who have already negotiated with respect to retirement benefits, may be excluded from participation. Employees who earn less than $300 (adjusted for the cost of living) may also be excluded. This information and the following "Questions and Answers" should provide a basic understanding of what a SEP is and how it works. If your employer's SEP permits you to make elective deferral contributions, you should read these Questions and Answers in conjunction with the "Notice to Employees" which will be provided to you. An employee who has unresolved questions concerning SEPs should call the Federal tax information number, or the toll free number shown in the white pages of the local telephone directory.
For More Information. CONSULT AN ATTORNEY: To fully understand your rights under the law, and before waiving your rights, you should consult an attorney. • JAG / LEGAL ASSISTANCE: Servicemembers and their dependents with questions about the SCRA should contact their unit’s Judge Advocate, or their installation’s Legal Assistance Officer. A military legal assistance office locator for all branches of the Armed Forces is available at • MILITARY ONESOURCE: “Military OneSource” is the U.S. Department of Defense’s information resource. Go to EXHIBIT B EMPLOYEE ACKNOWLEDGMENT I acknowledge that on , 20 , I was provided training regarding SCRA compliance and copies of the SCRA Policies and Procedures which are applicable to my duties. I have read and understand these documents and have had my questions about these documents and the SCRA answered. I understand my legal responsibilities and shall comply with those responsibilities. [PRINT NAME] [SIGNATURE] [JOB TITLE]
For More Information. This Notice contains only a summary of the terms of the proposed Settlement. You may view the Settlement Agreement and other important documents on the Settlement Website. You may also review the pleadings and other papers filed in the Lawsuit at the Court’s Business Office, located at 330 West Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101. PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT THE COURT ABOUT THIS NOTICE. If you have questions about the Settlement, please contact the Settlement Administrator or Class Counsel, as follows: Settlement Administrator
For More Information. ABB welcomes your comments regarding this privacy statement. If you believe that ABB has not adhered to this statement, please contact us, and we will use commercially reasonable efforts to promptly determine and remedy the problem. Deutsch ENDNUTZER-LIZENZVEREINBARUNG WICHTIG – BITTE AUFMERKSAM DURCHLESEN: Diese Endbenutzer-Lizenzvereinbarung (End-User License Agreement, „EULA“) ist eine rechtliche Vereinbarung zwischen Ihnen (einer natürlichen Person oder einer einzelnen juristischen Person) und ABB Automation Products GmbH, eingetragen im Handelsregister des Amtsgerichts Mannheim unter HRB 700229, mit dem Geschäftssitz in 68526 Ladenburg, Wallstadter Straße 59, Deutschland (nachfolgend als „ABB“ bezeichnet). Gegenstand der vorliegenden Vereinbarung ist die Software „ABB Automation Builder“. Sie umfasst Computer-Software, Steuerungssoftware, damit zusammenhängende Medien, gedruckte Materialien und elektronische Dokumentation (nachfolgend als „Produkt“ bezeichnet). MIT DEM INSTALLIEREN, KOPIEREN ODER ANDERWEITIGEM VERWENDEN DES PRODUKTS ERKLÄREN SIE, DURCH DIE BEDINGUNGEN DIESER EULA, einschließlich aller Änderungen und Zusätze, die möglicherweise zum PRODUKT gehören, GEBUNDEN ZU SEIN. FALLS SIE SICH DAMIT NICHT EINVERSTANDEN ERKLÄREN, SIND SIE NICHT BERECHTIGT, DIE SOFTWARE ZU INSTALLIEREN ODER ZU VERWENDEN.
For More Information. You may wish to consult with the Plan administrator or payor, or a professional tax advisor, before taking a payment from the Plan. Also, you can find more detailed information on the federal tax treatment of payments from employer plans in: IRS Publication 575, Pension and Annuity Income; IRS Publication 590-A, Contributions to Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs); IRS Publication 590-B, Distributions from Individual Retirement Arrangements (IRAs); and IRS Publication 571, Tax- Sheltered Annuity Plans (403(b) Plans). These publications are available from a local IRS office, on the web at, or by calling 1-800-TAX-FORM. Special Tax NoticeFor Payments From a Designated Roth Account YOUR ROLLOVER OPTIONS This notice is based, in part, on an Internal Revenue Service model notice and as a result, certain sections of the notice may not be applicable to your plan.
For More Information. Finisar Corporation 1389 Moffett Park DriveSunnyvale, CA 94089-1133
For More Information. The documents in this envelope include all the information that was used to calculate your Budget. More information, including citations to the laws and regulations affecting your Budget include:
For More Information. A Member who discontinues coverage under the Agreement must meet eligibility requirements in order to re-enroll. Legend medications are drugs which have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and which can, under federal or state law, be dispensed only pursuant to a prescription order. These drugs, including off-label use of FDA-approved drugs (provided that such use is documented to be effective in one of the standard reference compendia; a majority of well-designed clinical trials published in peer-reviewed medical literature document improved efficacy or safety of the agent over standard therapies, or over placebo if no standard therapies exist; or by the federal secretary of Health and Human Services), contraceptive drugs and devices and their fitting, diabetic supplies, including insulin syringes, lancets, urine-testing reagents, blood-glucose monitoring reagents and insulin, are covered as set forth below. All drugs, supplies, medicines and devices must be prescribed by a GHC Provider for conditions covered by the Agreement, obtained at a GHC pharmacy and, unless approved by GHC in advance, be listed in the GHC drug formulary. The prescription drug Cost Share, as set forth in the Allowances Schedule, applies to each thirty (30) day supply. Cost Shares for single and multiple thirty (30) day supplies of a given prescription are payable at the time of delivery. Injectables that can be self-administered are also subject to the prescription drug Cost Share. Drug formulary (approved drug list) is defined as a list of preferred pharmaceutical products, supplies and devices developed and maintained by GHC. Generic drugs will be dispensed whenever available. Brand name drugs will be dispensed if there is not a generic equivalent. In the event the Member elects to purchase brand-name drugs instead of the generic equivalent (if available), or if the Member elects to purchase a different brand-name or generic drug than that prescribed by the Member’s Provider, and it is not determined to be Medically Necessary, the Member will also be subject to payment of the additional amount above the applicable pharmacy Cost Share set forth in the Allowances Schedule. A generic drug is defined as a drug that is the pharmaceutical equivalent to one or more brand name drugs. Such generic drugs have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration as meeting the same standards of safety, purity, strength and effectiveness as the brand name drug. A brand name ...