To process definition

To process means to use a computer to put data through a systematic sequence of operations for the purpose of producing a specified result;
To process means to engage in the business of a processor as herein defined.
To process has the same meaning as “processing” as defined in the LGPD, being any operation or activity or any set of operations relating to Personal Information including, without limitation, collecting, receiving, recording, organizing, grouping, storing, updating or modifying, retrieving, retaining, altering, using, disclosing, accessing, transferring, distributing, linking, merging, degrading, erasing, or destroying.

Examples of To process in a sentence

  • To process Personal Data, SAP and its Subprocessors shall only grant access to authorized personnel who have committed themselves to confidentiality.

  • To process data revealing the geographic location of your Device in order to provide location based services requested by you and which may be provided by Three or by third parties on behalf of Three, or where you request location based services directly from third parties.

  • To process applications, registrations or orders made by you, to create and administer accounts, to calculate and charge for Three Services, to produce any necessary invoices or billing statements, and to provide to Three Customer Services, including for the management of any complaints or queries.

  • To process the deposit, we will verify and record the deposit, and credit the deposit to the account.

  • To process any request from the Institutions regarding approval, online application is mandatory.

  • To process your prize claim, you authorize Empire City Casino to collect personal information about you.

  • To process certain electronic transactions, we may place a temporary hold on your funds which may be for 36 hours or more.

  • To process payment instruments (like a cheque) and payment instructions (like a debit order).

  • To process provider enrollments and disenrollments with the Contractor, the Contractor shall submit the required information to the State fiscal agent through the Portal.

  • To process any request from the Universities regarding approval, online application is mandatory.

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To process means any operation or set of operations performed upon Personal Data or on sets of Personal Data, whether or not by automated means, such as collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaption or alternation, retrieval, use, consultation, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, erasure and destruction, or restriction.
To process or “processing” means to develop, duplicate, finish or print positive or negative film or prints but does not include any step or operation in connection with the manufacture of raw or unexposed film.
To process means to engage in the business of a processor as herein de- fined.
To process means to engage in the business of a processor as defined in this section.

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  • Kyoto Protocol means the protocol to the UNFCCC adopted at the Third Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC in Kyoto, Japan on 11 December 1997 as may be amended;

  • Procurement Process means the process commenced by the issuing of this Invitation and concluding upon the award of a contract (or other outcome as determined by Tetra Tech International Development) or upon the earlier termination of the process

  • Autism spectrum disorders means any of the pervasive developmental disorders as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition, published by the American Psychiatric Association, including autistic disorder, Asperger's disorder and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified.[PL 2011, c. 420, Pt. A, §26 (RAL).]

  • Manufacturing Process means any process for—

  • Contractor Project Manager means the employee identified in a Statement of Work as the Contractor project manager.

  • Autism spectrum disorder means a neuro-developmental condition typically appearing in the first three years of life that significantly affects a person's ability to communicate, understand relationships and relate to others, and is frequently associated with unusual or stereotypical rituals or behaviours.

  • Clinical nurse specialist means a registered nurse with relevant post-basic qualifications and 12 months’ experience working in the clinical area of his/her specified post-basic qualification, or a minimum of four years’ post-basic registration experience, including three years’ experience in the relevant specialist field and who satisfies the local criteria.

  • Collaborative law process means a procedure intended to resolve a collaborative matter without intervention by a tribunal in which persons sign a collaborative law participation agreement and are represented by collaborative lawyers.

  • Cannabis processing facility means a person that:

  • Process Gas means gas used for which alternate fuels, other than another gaseous fuel, are not technically feasible such as in applications requiring precise temperature controls and precise flame characteristics.

  • Process Wastewater means any water which, during manufacturing or processing, comes into direct contact with or results from the production or use of any raw material, intermediate product, finished product, by-product, or waste product.

  • Pre-Construction Phase Services means the participation, documentation and execution of Contractor’s Pre-Construction Phase deliverables as required by this Agreement and further defined in Article 5.

  • Detailed manufacturing or process data means technical data that describe the steps, sequences, and conditions of manufacturing, processing or assembly used by the manufacturer to produce an item or component or to perform a process.

  • Interoperability means the ability of a CenturyLink OSS Function to process seamlessly (i.e., without any manual intervention) business transactions with CLEC's OSS application, and vice versa, by means of secure exchange of transaction data models that use data fields and usage rules that can be received and processed by the other Party to achieve the intended OSS Function and related response. (See also Electronic Bonding.)

  • Legal Process means a writ of attachment, lien, levy, subpoena, warrant, or other legal order.

  • Clean coal technology demonstration project means a project using funds appropriated under the heading “Department of Energy—Clean Coal Technology,” up to a total amount of $2,500,000,000 for commercial demonstration of clean coal technology, or similar projects funded through appropriations for the Environmental Protection Agency. The federal contribution for a qualifying project shall be at least 20 percent of the total cost of the demonstration project.

  • Technology startup company means a for profit business that

  • Customer Systems means the Customer's information technology infrastructure, including computers, software, hardware, databases, electronic systems (including database management systems) and networks, whether operated directly by Customer or through the use of third-party services.

  • Beam monitoring system means a system designed and installed in the radiation head to detect and measure the radiation present in the useful beam.

  • Process weight means the total weight of all materials introduced into any source operation. Solid fuels charged will be considered as part of the process weight, but liquid and gaseous fuels and combustion air will not.

  • Infrastructure improvement means permanent infrastructure that is essential for the public health and safety or that:

  • Interconnection Construction Service Agreement means the agreement entered into by an Interconnection Customer, Interconnected Transmission Owner and the Transmission Provider pursuant to Tariff, Part VI, Subpart B and in the form set forth in Tariff, Attachment P, relating to construction of Attachment Facilities, Network Upgrades, and/or Local Upgrades and coordination of the construction and interconnection of an associated Customer Facility. A separate Interconnection Construction Service Agreement will be executed with each Transmission Owner that is responsible for construction of any Attachment Facilities, Network Upgrades, or Local Upgrades associated with interconnection of a Customer Facility. Interconnection Customer:

  • Systems Engineering means preparing specifications, identifying and resolving interface problems, developing test requirements, evaluating test data, and supervising design.

  • compatibility means compatibility as defined in point (10) of Article 2 of Directive (EU) 2019/770;

  • Disruption of the educational process means the interruption of classwork, the creation of disorder, or the invasion of the rights of a student or group of students.

  • Service Complaints For service problems or complaints, you should contact your local utility by calling: AEP Ohio at 000.000.0000. IN THE EVENT OF AN ENERGY-RELATED EMERGENCY, SUCH AS A POWER OUTAGE OR DOWNED POWER LINE, PLEASE VACATE THE AREA BY A SAFE DISTANCE AND CALL YOUR LOCAL UTILITY or 911. Authorization/Representation/Letter of Agency:By entering into this Agreement, you authorize XOOM to act on your behalf under your local utility’s tariffs in accordance with the rules and regulations of the PUCO. You acknowledge that you are your local utility account holder, or a person legally authorized to execute this Agreement on behalf of the account holder for electricity service and are at least eighteen (18) years of age. You agree to authorize XOOM to obtain your credit information and you agree to authorize your local utility to release all information relating to your historical and current electricity usage, billing and payment history to XOOM or its authorized representatives. You acknowledge that XOOM has full authority to make all rates and tariff selections necessary to meet its obligations under this Agreement. You may rescind this authorization at any time by contacting XOOM. Neither your social security number, customer account number nor any other customer financial information will be released by XOOM, except where such release is required by court order or by Commission Order or Rule, without your affirmative written consent. Execution of this Agreement shall constitute authorization for the release of this information to XOOM.