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  • Adult Day Program services have been expanded to the community of Chetwynd at Sureus House with 5 active clients.

  • Maintain pool of Program Partners that can offer Program services and publicize this list to potential participants.

  • I consent to the receipt of electronic communications from the Administrator, and Program Personnel, for the purposes of determining my eligibility for the Program, conducting Program-related activities and in the delivery of Program services to me.

  • Methadone providers will retain SAGA payments received from ABH for claims with dates of ser- vice between March 28, 2010 andApril 3, 2010.Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services Contin- ues Coverage DMHAS will continue to provide prior authorization and payment for residential substance abuse treatment, Institution for Mental Disease (IMD) services for clients aged 21-64 and Recovery Supports Program services for Medicaid LIA clients.

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Program services means, collectively, the program services currently known as MSG, MSG Plus, MSG HD and MSG Plus HD and all substitutions, replacements, extensions and expansions thereof and “Program Service” means any of them.
Program services shall have the meaning ascribed to such term in Section 1.04.D hereof.
Program services means Disability Employment Services – Disability Management Services and Disability Employment Services – Employment Support Services delivered in accordance with the Disability Employment Services Agreement.
Program services. The Resident/Fellow Physician will perform the services required by the training program, under the supervision of the Program Director and Residency/Fellowship Program faculty and at a level of achievement consistent with the standards set by the Residency/Fellowship Program.
Program services for the Project are as tentatively set forth on Exhibits "B" and "C" attached hereto and incorporated herein by this reference. Exhibit "C" sets forth the number of new jobs to be trained, the expected beginning and ending date of the training to be provided, the length of time each new job category will be provided training, the estimated costs, the training that will be provided and the expected date by which the number of new jobs will be filled.
Program services means the services that may be provided to eligible households as described in OAR 813-202- 0030 or allowed thereunder.