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Additional Definitions. The following terms have the meanings given below:
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Additional Definitions. Section 1.02 of the Credit Agreement is hereby amended to add thereto in alphabetical order the following definitions which shall read in full as follows:
Additional Definitions. As used herein, the following terms shall have the following meanings given to them below, and the Loan Agreement and the other Financing Agreements are hereby amended to include, in addition and not in limitation, the following:
Additional Definitions. The following capitalized terms shall have the respective meanings ascribed thereto in the respective sections of this Agreement set forth opposite each of the capitalized terms below: Term Section Reference Acceptable Confidentiality Agreement Section 6.2(e)(iii) Acquisition Proposal Section 6.2(e)(i) Acquisition Sub Preamble Adverse Recommendation Change Section 6.2(c)(i) Agreement Preamble Alternative Acquisition Agreement Section 6.2(c)(ii) Antiboycott Rules Section 4.22(a) Board Recommendation Section 2.2(b) Cancelled Company Shares Section 3.7(a)(ii) Certificate of Merger Section 3.2 Certificates Section 3.8(c) Changes Section 1.1 Closing Section 3.3 Closing Date Section 3.3 COBRA Section 4.11(d) Company Preamble Company Common Stock Recitals Company Disclosure Letter Article IV Company License-In Agreements Section 4.16(g) Company License-Out Agreements Section 4.16(h) Company Financial Advisor Section 4.10 Company SEC Reports Section 4.7(a) Company Securities Section 4.2(a) Company Shares Recitals Confidentiality Agreement Section 10.4 Current Company D&O Insurance Section 7.8(c) Customs Laws Section 4.22(a) Debt Financing Dispute Section 10.9(a) DGCL Recitals Dissenting Company Shares Section 3.7(c)(i) EAR Section 4.22(a) Effective Time Section 3.2 Enforceability Exceptions Section 4.4 Environmental Permits Section 4.15(b) Exchange Fund Section 3.8(b) Expiration Time Section 2.1(d)(i) Financial Statements Incipio Incipio Merger Agreement Section 4.7(b) Recitals Recitals Indemnified Persons Section 7.8(a) Inventions Section 1.1 Material Contract Section 4.18(a) Maximum Annual Premium Section 7.8(c) Merger Recitals Merger Consideration Section 3.7(a)(i) Minimum Condition Section 2.1(a)(i) Multiemployer Plan Section 4.11(c)
Additional Definitions. As used in this Annex:
Additional Definitions. For the purposes of this Agreement, the following definitions shall apply:
Additional Definitions. In addition, each of the following definitions shall have the respective meanings set forth in the section of this Agreement indicated below: Definition Section Xxxxxx Board 14.17 Xxxxxx Indemnitees 13.1 Acquired Party 14.2(a) Acquiring Party 14.2(a) Additional Co-Developed Product 6.4.1(d) [*****] [*****] Additional Product 6.4.1(b) ADR Exhibit D Alliance Manager 2.2 Annual Operating Income Schedule 6 Annual Research Payment 6.3.1 Applicable Percentage 6.5.3 Arbitration Matter 14.1 Confidential materials omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Asterisks denote such omission. Definition Section Candidate Designation 3.6 Change of Control Notice 14.2(a) Claims 13.1 Co-Development and Profit Share Option 5.1 Co-Development Term 6.5.2 Co-Promotion Agreement 5.7.1 CPR Exhibit D Disputed Matter 2.1.6 Enanta Board 14.17 Enanta Indemnitees 13.2 Generic Product 6.5.1(d) HSR Act 14.16 Indemnified Party 13.3 Indemnifying Party 13.3 Infringement 10.2.1(a)(i) Infringement Notice 10.2.1(a)(i) Initial Co-Developed Product 6.4.1(c) Initial Press Release 7.2 Initial Product 6.4.1(a) Losses 13.1 Novartis 3.3.2 Operating Income Payments 6.5.2 [*****] [*****] [*****] [*****] [*****] [*****] [*****] [*****] Patent Coordinator 9.5 Quarterly Research Payment 6.3.1 Recipient Party 3.7 Roll-Over Payment 5.4 Royalty Payments 6.5.1(a) Shared Clinical Trial Notice 5.4.1 Shares 6.2 Stock Purchase Agreement 6.2 Sublicense Income Payments 6.5.3 Term 11.1 Third Party Payments 6.5.1(b) Transferring Party 3.7 Confidential materials omitted and filed separately with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Asterisks denote such omission.
Additional Definitions. In addition, as used herein:
Additional Definitions. In addition to any other definitions contained in this Agreement, the following words, terms and phrases shall have the following meanings when used in this Agreement.
Additional Definitions. As used in this Agreement, the following terms shall have the meanings set forth below, unless the context clearly requires otherwise: