SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED. (a) Unless otherwise agreed between the applicable Party providing Services hereunder and the Receiving Party (including to the extent specified in the applicable entry on the Services Schedule), (i) the Service Providers shall be required to perform the Services only in a manner, scope, nature and quality as provided by or within IAC that is similar in all material respects to the manner in which such Services were performed immediately prior to the applicable Effective Date, and (ii) the Services shall be used for substantially the same purposes and in substantially the same manner (including as to volume, amount, level or frequency, as applicable) as the Services have been used immediately prior to the applicable Effective Date; provided, however, that the applicable entry on the Services Schedule shall control the scope of the Service to be performed (to the extent provided therein), unless otherwise agreed in writing. Each Party and the Service Providers shall act under this Services Agreement solely as an independent contractor and not as an agent or employee of any other Party or any of such Party’s Affiliates. As an independent contractor, all overhead and personnel necessary to the Services required of the Service Providers hereunder shall be the Service Provider’s sole responsibility and shall be at the Service Provider’s sole cost and expense. No Service Provider shall have the authority to bind the Receiving Party by contract or otherwise.
SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED. Provided Tenant is not in Default, Landlord shall furnish to Tenant, except as noted below, the following utilities and other building services to the extent reasonably necessary for Tenant's comfortable use and occupancy of the Leased Premises for the Permitted Use or as may be required by law or directed by governmental authority:
SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED. 2.1 The services which we may provide to you are general investment and dealing services in financial and commodity options, futures and contracts for differences traded on an Exchange, together with related research, advice, clearing and settlement facilities and any other services agreed between us.
SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED. The Financial Intermediary will provide shareholder and administrative services for its customers (“Customers”) who own Shares. Such services may include, without limitation: (i) assisting Customers in changing dividend options, account designations and addresses; (ii) aggregating and processing purchase and redemption requests from Customers and placing net purchase and redemption orders with the Firm; (iii) transmitting and receiving funds in connection with Customer orders to purchase and redeem Shares; (iv) processing dividend payments on behalf of Customers; (v) providing information periodically to Customers showing their position in Shares; (vi) arranging for bank wires; (vii) responding to Customer inquiries regarding account status and history, the manner in which purchases and redemptions of Shares may be made and other matters pertaining to the Shares; (viii) providing sub-accounting with respect to Shares beneficially owned by Customers or the information to the Trust necessary for sub-accounting; (ix) forwarding shareholder communications from the Trust (for example, proxies, shareholder reports, annual and semiannual financial statements and dividend, distribution and tax notices) to Customers; (x) providing necessary personnel and facilities to establish and maintain shareholder accounts and records; and (xi) such other similar services as the Firm or a Customer may reasonably request from time to time to the extent the Financial Intermediary is permitted to perform such services under Federal and state statutes, rules and regulations.
SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED. During the Term, Employee shall (i) devote his full working time, attention and energies to the affairs of the Company and its subsidiaries and divisions, (ii) use his best efforts to promote its and their best interests, (iii) faithfully and diligently perform his duties and responsibilities hereunder, and (iv) comply with and be bound by the Company's operational policies, procedures and practices from time to time in effect during the Term. This Agreement shall not be construed as preventing Employee from serving as an outside director of any other company or from investing his assets in such form or manner as will not require a material amount of his time, in each case subject to the confidentiality, non-competition and non-solicitation obligations contained in Sections 8 and 9 below as such obligations are reasonably interpreted by the Board.
SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED. Contran agrees to make available to Recipient, upon request, the following services (the "Services") to be rendered by the internal staff of Contran and affiliates of Contran:
SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED. 1. The Subcontractor is responsible for the administration and provision of programs and services in the following counties: Brevard.
SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED. 1. CFS agrees that in accordance with procedures established from time to time by agreement between the Trust on behalf of each of the Funds, as applicable, and CFS, CFS will perform the following services:
SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED. In the event the MLP expands the Gathering System or constructs a new addition to the Gathering System, whether pursuant to Article 2 or otherwise, the Resource Entities agree to provide to the MLP construction management services in connection with any such expansion as requested by the MLP. In providing construction management services hereunder, the Resource Entities shall provide the services of a general contractor with respect to the applicable construction project.
SERVICES TO BE PROVIDED. 2.1. This Agreement and each of its terms are subject to: