Annex A Sample Clauses

Annex A. As a condition to (i) receiving an Award under the Plan and (ii) receiving any Stock in settlement of an Award, the Participant hereby agrees that the Participant will be bound by and will comply with the provisions of this Annex A.
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Annex A. The Provider shall warrant that the following checks shall be up to date for each individual prior to their being supplied under the Framework:  Verification of identity o Confirmation of name, date of birth and address o Confirmation of National Insurance number o Confirmation of legal ability to work within the UK o Confirmation of photographic identification Please note the following checklist of acceptable methods for verification of identity:  Verification of employment history
Annex A. Annex A to the Agreement is deleted and replaced in its entirety by Annex A attached hereto.
Annex A. The provisions concerning the scope of this collective agreement are set out in Annex A, which forms part of this collective agreement.
Annex A. As used herein, the following terms shall have the following respective meanings:
Annex A. Annex A to the Credit Agreement is hereby amended to read in its entirety as set forth in Annex A to this Amendment.
Annex A. Xxxxxx xxxxxx authorizes Borrower to establish a Custody Account at a Custodian in the name of Lender for the deposit of Collateral, as an omnibus Collateral Account established in the name of all Lenders, or as a Collateral Account in the name of a Trustee for the benefit of all Lenders in accordance with Section 4.1 of this Agreement. Xxxxxx further authorizes Borrower to maintain Collateral in the Custody Account to secure Loans in accordance with the terms of this Agreement. Xxxxxx understands that the attached Fully Paid Lending Trust Agreement (the “Collateral Trust Agreement”) or Fully Paid Agency Agreement (the “Collateral Agency Agreement,” collectively referred to as a “Collateral Control Agreement”) describes the obligations and rights of Borrower, Trustee or Agent and Custodian with respect to the maintenance of Collateral in the Collateral Account and rights of Lenders with respect to such Collateral, among other things. Xxxxxx further understands that pursuant to the Collateral Control Agreement, the Trustee or Agent will act for the benefit of Lender and other similarly-situated Lenders, under certain circumstances and subject to certain conditions. Lender acknowledges receipt of a copy of the Collateral Control Agreement and understands that it contains legal terms directly applicable to whether, and to what extent, Lender will be protected upon the occurrence of an Event of Default by the Borrower, as set out in this Agreement. Lender acknowledges that the Collateral Control Agreement contains rights, obligations and limitations directly relevant to Lender including instances in which Xxxxxx’s recourse will be determined by the vote of the Majority Lenders (as defined in the Collateral Trust Agreement). Xxxxxx understands that, among other things, Xxxxxx authorizes the Trustee or Agent under the Collateral Control Agreement to instruct Borrower to pay additional Collateral into the Collateral Account to maintain sufficient Collateral to secure a Loan, and to instruct Custodian to pay Margin Excess held in the Custody Account to Borrower in accordance with Sections 9.1, 9.2 and 9.3 of this Agreement. Upon the occurrence of an Event of Default on the part of the Borrower as set out in Section 12 of this Agreement, Xxxxxx has the right to instruct the Trustee or Agent to return Collateral to such Lender as and to the extent set forth in, and subject to the conditions and limitations contained in, the Collateral Control Agreement. Xxxxxx hereb...
Annex A. For purposes of this Agreement, the following terms shall have the following meanings:
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