Changes to the Sample Clauses

Changes to the. Job Evaluation Plan and Benchmarks/Reference Jobs
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Changes to the. Product(s)
Changes to the. Programme(s)
Changes to the. Survival Section. Section 9.05 of the Credit Agreement is amended by replacing the phrase "2.15 and 9.03" in the thirteenth line thereof with the phrase "2.15, 9.03 and 9.12".
Changes to the. SLA This agreement will be subject to annual review. In addition, any proposed changes to this SLA will be considered in the first instance by the CEX and ACO and presented for approval to the PCC and Chief Constable. Where changes could have a detrimental impact on staff e.g. a reduction in staff numbers, these should be identified at the earliest opportunity in order to facilitate staff consultation and redeployment considerations. This Agreement may be terminated forthwith by agreement between the PCC and CC or unilaterally by the PCC giving 3 months notice to the CC of withdrawal from all or any part of the Agreement in any relevant business area.
Changes to the. SLA. Zeotap may update this SLA from time to time. Any revised version shall become effective upon renewal of your Service subscription under the applicable Agreement.
Changes to the. PROTOCOL The Protocol may be amended only at the direction of Sponsor, subject to subsequent approval of the Ethics Committee and any applicable regulatory authorities. No financial adjustments shall be made because of such modifications unless the Parties hereto amend this Agreement accordingly. 19
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Changes to the. Job Assignments Whenever the employer proposes any change, addition, modification or deletion in the job assignments and responsibilities of any employees covered by this Agreement, such shall be submitted for discussion with the employee affected and the employee's union representative.
Changes to the parties of the Finance Contract
Changes to the contract will be documented by change order as defined in the current edition of the Standard Specifications.
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