FEES CHARGED Sample Clauses

FEES CHARGED. Fees may be charged on top of your scheduled payments. These fees will be disclosed immediately upon you scheduling/making the payment. There is a $25 fee for any loan payment returned by your other financial institution.
FEES CHARGED. The customer agrees to pay a fee of twenty four cents ($0.24) per document accessed through the website. As used in this agreement, a “document” means all pages of a single recorded document. If a transaction includes several documents each separate document will result in a separate fee. For example a typical transfer of real estate may involve a deed, a deed of trust, an affidavit of value and a power of attorney. That transaction would involve four separate documents and four separate 24 cent fees to review all of the documents. The fee will be assessed immediately upon the customer opening the document image on the site. The customer may download the document a second time without incurring additional fees if there is an issue with the opening and download process. However, the second download must occur within 20 minutes after the first download was attempted. If the delay is longer than 20 minutes for any reason, a second fee will be assessed. Map images may be viewed and downloaded in the same manner as described above for documents. The fee for each map page is $3.00.
FEES CHARGED. Lender has authority to charge and Borrower agrees to pay any reasonable fees and costs charged by Lender to amend the terms of this Loan. Borrower gives Lender authority to advance such fees and costs and charge them to the loan. If Borrower does not immediately repay such advance, interest at the default rate shall begin to accrue on the amount advanced. The absence of express authority in this Promissory Note/Loan Agreement to charge a specific fee or cost to Borrower shall not be construed as a prohibition on the charging of such fees or costs.
FEES CHARGED. Fees to be charged for operation of the Venture's ------------- business shall be established by the Board; provided, however, that each Venturer hereby acknowledges and agrees that it is the intention of the Venture to further the purposes of the Venture. Accordingly, the parties agree that the Venture, including the determination of fees, shall be operated in accordance with applicable North Carolina rules and regulations and shall further the purposes for which the Venture is established.
FEES CHARGED. The Auto-Scaling for Bluemix Cloud Service itself is free, but it will affect the resource usage of your application, i.e. allocating more or fewer application instances, therefore causing the cost of other services to vary.


  • Fees Charges All points, fees and charges (including finance charges) and whether or not financed, assessed, collected or to be collected in connection with the origination and servicing of each Mortgage Loan have been disclosed in writing to the Mortgagor in accordance with applicable state and federal law and regulation. This representation and warranty is a Deemed Material and Adverse Representation; and

  • Costs Charged Cost shall be charged to this contract only in accordance with the County and other requirements as required by funding source(s).

  • Fees, etc On the Effective Date, the Borrower shall have paid to the Administrative Agent and each Lender all costs, fees and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees and expenses) payable to the Administrative Agent and such Lender to the extent then due.

  • Sales Charge Shares shall be sold by you at net asset value plus a front-end sales charge not in excess of 8.5% of the offering price, but which front-end sales charge shall be proportionately reduced or eliminated for larger sales and under other circumstances, in each case on the basis set forth in the current Prospectus and/or SAI. The redemption proceeds of shares offered and sold at net asset value with or without a front-end sales charge may be subject to a contingent deferred sales charge ("CDSC") under the circumstances described in the current Prospectus and\or SAI. You may reallow such portion of the front-end sales charge to dealers or cause payment (which may exceed the front-end sales charge, if any) of commissions to brokers through which sales are made, as you may determine, and you may pay such amounts to dealers and brokers on sales of shares from your own resources (such dealers and brokers shall collectively include all domestic or foreign institutions eligible to offer and sell the Shares), and in the event the Fund has more than one Series or class of Shares outstanding, then you may impose a front-end sales charge and/or a CDSC on Shares of one Series or one class that is different from the charges imposed on Shares of the Fund's other Series or class(es), in each case as set forth in the current Prospectus and/or SAI, provided the front-end sales charge and CDSC to the ultimate purchaser do not exceed the respective levels set forth for such category of purchaser in the current Prospectus and/or SAI.

  • Fees Payable All fees and charges (other than interest charges) that are, or may become payable in connection with the Loan are set out in the Specific Terms.

  • Fees, Charges and Expenses The Corporation agrees promptly to pay the Depository the compensation to be agreed upon with the Corporation for all services rendered by the Depository hereunder and to reimburse the Depository for its reasonable out-of-pocket expenses (including reasonable counsel fees and expenses) incurred by the Depository without negligence, willful misconduct or bad faith on its part (or on the part of any agent or Depository’s Agent) in connection with the services rendered by it (or such agent or Depository’s Agent) hereunder. The Corporation shall pay all charges of the Depository in connection with the initial deposit of the Stock and the initial issuance of the Depositary Shares and any redemption or exchange of the Stock at the option of the Corporation. The Corporation shall pay all transfer and other taxes and governmental charges arising solely from the existence of the depository arrangements. All other transfer and other taxes and governmental charges shall be at the expense of Holders of Depositary Shares evidenced by Receipts. If, at the request of a Holder of Receipts, the Depository incurs charges or expenses for which the Corporation is not otherwise liable hereunder, such Holder will be liable for such charges and expenses; provided, however, that the Depository may, at its sole option, request that the Corporation direct a Holder of a Receipt to prepay the Depository any charge or expense the Depository has been asked to incur at the request of such Holder of Receipts. The Depository shall present its statement for charges and expenses to the Corporation at such intervals as the Corporation and the Depository may agree.

  • Fees; Expenses (a) As consideration for the services listed on Schedule 1 (the “Services”), the Company shall pay to AST the fees set forth on Schedule 2 (the “Fees”). If the Company requests that AST provide additional services not contemplated hereby, the Company shall pay to AST fees for such services at AST’s reasonable and customary rates, such fees to be governed by the terms of a separate agreement to be mutually agreed to and entered into by the Parties at such time (the “Additional Service Fee”; together with the Fees, the “Service Fees”).

  • Service Charge No service charge shall be payable by a holder of a beneficial interest in a Global Security or by a Holder of a Definitive Security for any exchange or registration of transfer of Securities, or for any issue of new Securities in case of partial redemption of any series. The Company, however, may require payment of a sum sufficient to cover any tax or other governmental charge in relation thereto, other than any such taxes or other governmental charge payable upon exchange or registration of transfer pursuant to Sections 2.06, 3.03(b) and 9.04.

  • Bank Charges Borrowers shall pay to Agent, on demand, any and all fees, costs or expenses which Agent or any Lender pays to a bank or other similar institution arising out of or in connection with (i) the forwarding to any Borrower or any other Person on behalf of any Borrower, by Agent or any Lender, of proceeds of Loans made to Borrowers pursuant to this Agreement and (ii) the depositing for collection by Agent or any Lender of any check or item of payment received or delivered to Agent or any Lender on account of the Obligations.

  • Fees Non-Refundable All fees set forth in this Section 2.8 shall be deemed to have been earned on the date payment is due in accordance with the provisions hereof and shall be non-refundable. The obligation of the Borrower to pay such fees in accordance with the provisions hereof shall be binding upon the Borrower and shall inure to the benefit of the Administrative Agent and the Banks regardless of whether any Loans are actually made.