Civic Sample Clauses

Civic. City operated and/or sponsored/co-sponsored activities followed by Government Entities that are providing a public benefit or service should be able to utilize the facility at no cost (as approved by the City Manager or his/her designee).
Civic. This category is intended to encompass land Use functions predominantly of community- oriented purposes or objectives including those of not-for-profit organizations dedicated to arts and culture, education, recreation, religion, government, and the like. Community Facility. A non-commercial facility established primarily for the benefit and service of the general public of the community in which it is located. Such facilities include but are not limited to community centers; North Bay Village offices; and cultural facilities, such as libraries and museums. Recreational Facility. A non-commercial facility, primarily an open space, serving the recreation needs of the general public. This may include but is not limited to golf courses, parks, camping facilities, playfields, and playgrounds. Religious Facility. A facility used for regular organized religious worship and related activities. Regional Activity Complex. A large facility encompassing at least one Principal Building with possible Accessory Structures designed and outfitted as a venue for large assemblies, performances, or events intended to serve as a regional destination. Regional Activity Complexes shall be located in parcels larger than four (4) acres; shall be equipped to provide permanents seating for more than 4,000 patrons or providemore than 100,000 square feet of exhibition space and shall provide Off-Street Parking for more than 1,000 vehicles.
Civic. Tell about the variety of nonprofit organizations and clubs within the community.- American Legion, Masons, Minneola Co-Op, Firemen’s Relief Association.- None noticed. Did you observe any evidence of civic organization activity?- Did not see any while visiting town.- No.
Civic. CITY USE OF FACILITY The Hattiesburg Convention Commission agrees to complimentary usage of the East Sixth Street USO Club & Museum by the City of Hattiesburg as is reasonable and available for conduct of public forums, governmental meetings, scholastic programming, or civic programming of interest to a broad constituency. Availability of said complimentary usage will be based upon existing events and Museum usage patterns.
Civic. Appointments Committee The Civic Appointments Committee is established pursuant to Chapter 27 of the Municipal Code, Council Procedures (Appendix BCommittees). The Civic Appointments Committee may organize itself into panels of 3, with a quorum of 2, to short-list candidates, conduct interviews and recommend nominees to the full Committee for its consideration and recommendation to Council. The Civic Appointments Committee and its panels are supported by City staff during the public appointments process. Where skills and competencies are similar for a number of boards (e.g., quasi-judicial and adjudicative boards), the Committee may group applications so that suitable applicants who apply for one board may be considered for an alternative appointment with similar qualifications.
Civic. Saving Ourselves, p. 2.
Civic. – Will denote Civic Systems, LLC.
Civic. Will denote Civic Systems, LLC.