CIVIC Sample Clauses

CIVIC. City operated and/or sponsored/co-sponsored activities followed by Government Entities that are providing a public benefit or service should be able to utilize the facility at no cost (as approved by the City Manager or his/her designee).
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CIVIC. Colleges - Provided they have a functional relationship with existing industrial uses, and do not exceed 25,000 square feet in aggregate L Child Care Center - Child care centers allowed, subject to a Type II procedure. - Child care centers are permitted in order to provide service for those employees working or residents living anywhere on the Property, subject to provisions in Chapter 20.840 VMC, Child Care Centers. L Commercial Eating/Drinking Establishments - Provided they are located within an industrial building and consume no more than 10 percent of the building’s total gross square footage. L Artisan Small Scale Manufacturing P Industrial Warehouse/Freight Movement (as ancillary use) - Permitted as limited use provided all activities, except outdoor storage of materials, are wholly contained within building(s). L Warehouse/Freight Movement (as primary use): • Permitted as limited use provided all activities, except outdoor storage of materials, are wholly contained within building(s). • Limited to 50,000 sf aggregate cap for any new construction after January 1, 2021. The City and developer may renegotiate this limit as part of the Town Center Master Plan Amendment. • Building 4 in the northeast portion of the Existing Building, has 24 to 35 foot ceilings and is designed as a large bay warehouse. This 130,000 sf area shall be allowed to continue as a preexisting nonconforming use for warehouse/freight movement. L Wireless Communication Facilities - Subject to requirements in Chapter 20.890 VMC, Wireless Telecommunications Facilities. L EXHIBIT C-1 – Town Center Amendment Specific Uses [reserved for future use] [Reserved for Future Use] EXHIBIT D – Supplemental Development Standards The following standards supplement the requirements of the City of Vancouver, Title 20, Land Use and Development Code. To the extent there is a conflict between the Development Standards outlined in the Restated DA and this Exhibit D, and VMC Title 20, the provisions of this Restated DA and Exhibit D shall control.
CIVIC. EPISTEMOLOGIES has a Facebook page23 and a Twitter account24 where every news and events published on the website are automatically posted for a wider dissemination.
CIVIC. Where an employee is required to attend because he either has been elected or appointed to a board, or where the employee is involved with Arctic Rangers, he shall be granted special leave up to a maximum of days per year, less any monies received by the employee for that attendance or involvement [except where Arctic Rangers are required to use their own vehicles, in case the employee shall pay all monies received, less twenty ($20) per day for vehicle usage, to the Hamlet] but the employee's pay shall not be reduced below Hamlet of Coral Harbour Collective Agreement expiry: March Birth or Adoption One (1) day special leave with pay shall be granted to a male employee who becomes a father or a grandfather and to a female employee who becomes a grandmother. An employee shall be granted special leave with pay up to a of one (1) day on the occasion of the adoption of a child.
CIVIC. All Land Uses are per standards of Beaufort County Zoning and Development Standards Ordinance and as amended per Section IV(b) of this development agreement.
CIVIC. CITY USE OF FACILITY The Hattiesburg Convention Commission agrees to complimentary usage of the East Sixth Street USO Club & Museum by the City of Hattiesburg as is reasonable and available for conduct of public forums, governmental meetings, scholastic programming, or civic programming of interest to a broad constituency. Availability of said complimentary usage will be based upon existing events and Museum usage patterns.
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CIVIC. PORTAL AUTHOR -- tools and services which enable governments, community groups, businesses and schools to plug into the portal to heighten current services, information and transaction capabilities as well as animate communications with constituents/citizen base CIVIC PORTAL CONTEXT MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK -- It is essential that users are able to gain easy access to the complex world of public sector content and services. This component of the project will leverage existing enabling technology developed with previous support and investment from CANARIE (TAD `95) to facilitate context-based access, search and navigation to Internet content by citizens, businesses, community organizations and schools.

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  • Other Business Activities During the Term, Employee will not, without the prior written consent of the Company, directly or indirectly engage in any other business activities or pursuits whatsoever, except activities in connection with any charitable or civic activities, personal investments and serving as an executor, trustee or in other similar fiduciary capacity; provided, however, that such activities do not interfere with his performance of his responsibilities and obligations pursuant to this Agreement.

  • Other Activities Your services pursuant to this Agreement shall not be deemed to be exclusive, and you may render similar services and act as an underwriter, distributor or dealer for other investment companies in the offering of their shares.

  • Other Businesses Each Member and Manager may engage in any business whatsoever, including a business that is competitive with the business of the Company, and the other Members shall have no interest in such businesses and no claims on account of such businesses, whether such claims arise under the doctrine of “corporate opportunity,” an alleged fiduciary obligation owed to the Company or its members, or otherwise. Without limiting the preceding sentence, the Members acknowledge that the Manager and/or its affiliates intend to sponsor, manage, invest in, and otherwise be associated with other entities and business investing in the same assets classe(es) as the Company, some of which could be competitive with the Company. No Member shall have any claim against the Manager or its affiliates on account of such other entities or businesses.

  • New Businesses Borrower shall not, and shall not permit any Company to, engage in any type of business except the types of businesses in which they are presently engaged and any other reasonably related business.

  • Partnerships and Joint Ventures No Loan Party shall become a general partner in any general or limited partnership or a joint venturer in any joint venture.

  • Other Related Activities (a) The Administrator and Affiliates thereof shall have the right to engage in the following activities (subject to compliance with laws and intellectual property rights of third parties) in exchange for the payment of an annual royalty of $10.00 per annum:

  • Other Business Ventures The Executive agrees that, so long as he is employed by the Company, he will not own, directly or indirectly, any controlling or substantial stock or other beneficial interest in any business enterprise which is engaged in, or competitive with, any business engaged in by the Company. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Executive may own, directly or indirectly, up to 5% of the outstanding capital stock of any business having a class of capital stock which is traded on any national stock exchange or in the over-the-counter market.

  • Business Activities The Company will not, and will not permit any of its Restricted Subsidiaries to, engage in any business other than Permitted Businesses, except to such extent as would not be material to the Company and its Restricted Subsidiaries taken as a whole.

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